Are You Actually Wearing That …… Out?

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Are You Actually Wearing That …… Out?

Today l am wearing my frilly knickers, spinning nipple tassles and my spotty sneakers and ….. no, l am not wearing those things at all. I am wearing blue twill denim jeans, a black fake leather belt, a grey zombie flesh eaters organic cotton tee shirt and a light dark blue zip fronted hoody and black indoor fabric sneakers … did l need to be THAT detailed? Of course not … l just was because l could be!

Yesterday l was wearing a combination of three outfits on accounts of flipping compost at lunch time, so l varied between smart casual and grunge casual to just grunge. But l have almost always worn a combination of fashion at home .. for me my days are not really that different from pre lockdown days and will not vary that much in post lockdown days.

Suze on the other hand has gone from wearing smart casual for work Monday to Thursday when at the office in pre-lockdown days to flopsy hippy casual lockdown fashion whilst working from home.

Today she was meeting a friend yada yada yes yes socially distanced social excursion out and they were to combine that meet up with a shopping trip as well. The weather is beautiful and despite it being a Bank Holiday Monday which is rubbish as opposed to it currently being a Friday so it is a Bank Holiday Friday. [just another day in truth]….

….. she decided to dress up out of grunge hippy flopsy and the first thing she yelled out was the discomfort of her bra [which trust me is ANOTHER post soon – so look out for Gravity Lifters!’ One thing l do know a lot about is boobs! But she was meeting a lady from work and didn’t think it right for the whole world to be on nipple alert because of her going braless….

But she looked like a different person on account of the fact that she was dressed up …. but it does beg the question also about how people are dressing down during lockdown for working from home as opposed to how they would normally dress if attending their actual employment environment. 

Years ago in management in fashion, advertising or retail l always had to be suited and booted and that also meant wearing a tie and properly laced up shiny shoes – these days even most of the managers don’t wear ties in retail and usually that is reserved only for the likes of Bank Managers and city workers.

Fashion is always changing …. but currently with our present situation and the actual scale of our unprecedented times during the pandemic many observations are being made from industry and employers alike that truth be told perhaps more people should just work from home full time?  This will change the way people dress for work … but with the social distancing and the introduction of new routines and behaviours the way people dress socially will also change … so today’s questions are these?

Has the lockdown altered your day to day dress code and after lockdown will you instantly revert to old fashion you or new fashion you?

What will your future fashion or dress code style be and consist of?

Will you even bother to dress up to go out post lockdown?

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18 thoughts on “Are You Actually Wearing That …… Out?

  1. Dress up? 🤣🤣🤣 I wear shoes when I go out in public, does that count? I wear clothes without stains or holes and my “good” hoodie if its it’s cold.

    I wore full “Office” clothes when I worked. Skirts, slacks, blouses, pantyhose, heels… I even wore makeup and did my hair😲 It was silly because we NEVER saw the public, but that was the office dress code.

    I never felt more “professional” in office clothes than in grubbies. I like to wear something funky if I go to a concert or something, but comfort first.

    I live in a sports bra these days. Gotta keep the gravity & children affected girls firmly strapped down or they’re likely to cause injury. Couldn’t wear sports bras with office clothes cuz they cause “uni-boob” and it’s not an attractive look. Okay under a t-shirt, not so much with a blouse.🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. I think there hasn’t been much of a change in how I dress. Remember that I am a stay at home mom/ wife/ grandma!

  3. Around here it’s pretty much business as usual (Farming) so no the way the way we dress hasn’t changed. Durable, comfortable and convenient (pockets) clothing is what I wear. I do think as businesses reopen people will be expected to return to whatever standard the companies require but it will probably now include a mask or some type of face covering.

  4. Well for work… depending on the job… at the school I was polished… same with the funeral home in a darker way lol …

    No one sees me anymore… or didn’t … I was dressing to the funeral home pushing limits lol… with business jobs you need polish… but if no one is ever seeing me… yeah I’m gonna push it.

    So I was doing it up all hot and sexy lol cause it made me feel good… and I didn’t have to worry about being hit on or anything… I could feel good, look good and be happy!!!

    If I did that normally … ugh 😑 it be all bad … so I tone it down if people be seeing me… I will have to tone back down ☹️ booo 👎 I have loved rockin it without anyone seeing ❤️

    I don’t do heels 👠 (I’m tall-ish… I think average but whatever … but with heels I tower… I do not like to tower lol

    My shoes during lockdown are either sandals, tennis shoes or thigh high boots 😄 (only boots for work and snakes lol) is

    On days that I don’t work… it’s summer here now and I am in the country – so bathing suit 👙 or cut offs and tank tops or half shirts 🥰 the less the better! Is tooo hot 🥵🔥☀️ but is what I would wear normally when not working

    When lock down is done, for work, I will have to tone down again ☹️… hate that!! But I hate being hit on more so ya know- you make a choice ✌️

    When it was my job, like at the golf course – because was a job that you just get hit on regardless… it didn’t bother me – was the job… I could wear anything I wanted and I had this bet with my boss … when it went over 100 degrees… I was allowed to wear my bikini to work lol – fricken best job ever!!! I miss it!! I could do anything I wanted ❤️ and being hit on – I was protected by “work” – has a lot of fun and no crap.

    I have to conform now lol 😒✌️

    I have loved lockdown on these terms ❤️ completely!!!

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