The Teddy Bear Stories – Benny the Bear!

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Meet Benny the Bear – the pup who was a cat who became a bear!

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Benny with the Bear Clan!

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The Teddy Bear Stories – Benny the Bear!

The Teddy Bear Stories

Benny lives on the main shelf – he is a veteran Teddy Bear and one of the initial rescues. He has been with Henry and Mickey for about 11 years now. Currently he sits in front of Pussyfluff and JB aka Juinor Bear and not far from Mickey and Henry Bear.

Benny’s rescue wasn’t a huge rescue but it happened in 2009 whilst l was still living in Dunsby in Lincolnshire and not long before l moved to the caravan.

Now whilst Benny the Bear is indeed a bear, the reality gets a little more confusing especially when it comes to branding. You see Benny is actually a Jellycat Comforter. He is Jellycat 1253  officially known as Jellycat Pitter Patter Puppy Dog’. You can possibly see why l just call him Benny the Bear! Well you’ll NOT know why l refer to him as Benny but you can see why l shortened his name to more of a friendlier sounding name!

I always try where l can to learn a little about the bears, puppies, kittens, horses, tigers … or whatever animal l am rescuing and if l am able to … age them.

Benny [1253] l believe to be born around the 2006/7 mark so l am guessing that he is probably close to 13 or 14 now. I couldn’t age him back then any more than l can age him today, and it appears that he is no longer a manufactured cutie. But he has been with the bear clan here since 2009. In fact it is almost 11 years exactly. I was moving my belongings and furnishings in the first week of May 2009 to the caravan in Gedney Hill and it was as l was moving carloads that l noticed my next door neighbours had a couple of boxes out for the rubbish collection.

How l actually came to notice them truthfully and how Benny received his name was l fell over those boxes whilst walking with boxes of my own …. I was carrying too many boxes of books and could only just see over the top box in my arms. Anyone can tell you that books in boxes of a certain number are heavy loads to cart about and the last thing you need is to trip over unseen boxes!

But that’s what l did and it wasn’t just a stumble, but a huge fall flat onto the pile you are carrying fall with books skidding all over the road. Well l ‘threw a benny’ which is how my friend described my behaviour. I picked myself up and did some kind of small juddering foot stamp on the pavement, looking at three squashed boxes and fifty odd books scattered across the road!

“To throw a Benny” is a Northern term meaning ‘one of little patience’ or a ‘short reaction temper’. It also refers to a character from the British television series called Crossroads which aired between 1964 – 1988 and starred an actor by the name of Paul Henry who portrayed a short tempered character by the name of Benny Hawkins. Another term is to Act like a Benny!

I picked myself up that day and looked over at what had caused me to trip over and saw a box of old toys half spilled over the pavement and at the bottom of the box l saw a furry head with ears. Walking over l righted the box, collected all the toys and pulled out the ‘bear’, who was a pup who was a Jellycat and was a 1253.

“Well my old mate, you are someone else’s rubbish and a little treasure to me … l think l am going to call you Benny … Benny the Bear.”  With that, l placed Benny into the passenger seat of the car. Collected my books packed them up again and loaded them in and when we were ready to drive over to Gedney Hill – Benny the Bear joined us on that journey and met Henry and Mickey for the first time later that day and joined the Bear Clan.

That’s the story albeit short of how l came to rescue the pup who was a cat who became a bear!

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  1. Those Jellycats are cute!! I saw several I’d love to cuddle.

    Maybe Benny kinda scootched his box into your path, knowing you’d take him home??

    He looks very happy there on your shelf. Very happy!🧸😍💌

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