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Didja Know

Series 1 – Episode 5

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Eye, eye, aye? All parts of our body grow as we age and yet ……….. our eyeballs do not? Our eyes are already adult when we are mere babes!
“Intergluteal cleft ….. ring any bells, rattle any balls, ‘crack’ any smiles?!” My, my, my butt that’s a nice Intergluteal cleft you have!” What is it?  “Butt Crack!”


One potato, two potato, three potato , four! 

I know what you’re thinking … oh my just look at the Intergluteal cleft on that … but this fact isn’t about your Butt, My Butt, the sweet  potato Butt or a Monkey’s Butt! No, it’s way simpler than that … did you know that Mr Potato Head was the first toy to be advertised on TV?


I know!! I was also astonished!


Be warned Snails have Teeth and they know how to use them too! How many teeth …………. well l will tell you …. up to 14000!



Code for Ok? Or just K? Or maybe just a strange little face called Morse!

Didja Know

Question Fun Emoji


Catch you next time, thanks for reading!

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    1. 52 ye grief that’s a lot! I remember last year removing close to 300 from that centre mound in the garden … they would hide during the day and emerge at night!! Swines that they are ..

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