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E30 – W18

The garden – Sunday 03/05/20 @ 11am in dire need of weeding! 

The Rhubarb and the Horseradish are doing very well … now. Had to move them around a bit due to the neighbour’s tree.

Some things are proving very slow to take off like the beans, others are ‘slowly catching up’ … but the weather has been a little tricky.

Garden seeded, weeded and watered and set up ready for the approaching season start @ 6pm.

Whilst l don’t deny that there can be found some real pleasure in gardening- be this vegetable or ornamental – l have many personalities present when l am actively involved in green and brown fingered gardening. For those not aware of my term brown fingering’ which sounds a little debauched and quite seedy at best … l prefer the backend [just as debauched sounding in truth!] of gardening over that of the front end  [mm, moving on!] … in layman terms … l am more of a composter than a grower. I personally glean more satisfaction from dealing with the ‘shitty end products’ than l do the green fingered side to the garden which is the growing.

I think there is some real skill in gardening alongside other traits and behaviour types – for gardening you do need to be as well as have the ability to exercise patience. In some respects l think l am a very patient person, but am l? Am l patient or do l have a stronger endurance level for repetition? Am l patient or tolerant? I think that creating and making and fine tuning compost as an example is a real craft over that of a skill – but of course that is hyper reflective upon interpretation.

I am a great composter but a lousy gardener … l said it takes many personalities to want to take part in this activity, many philosophies too. I think today’s persistent gardeners both good and bad are thinkers and philosophers alike – you have to be l feel both of these in addition to being a pragmatist, idealist and realist, a fatalist too!

These then make you a cynic, an optimist and a pessimist to boot! You have to be practical, logical and rational and at other times almost ruthless and business like and not forgetting prudent and sensible! It will help as said if you are patient and have great stamina and a stout endurance for repetition! I have some of these qualities when gardening but not all, but when composting l have these and more!

Percy/Percette whichever became quite flustered with me yesterday as these two feeders were empty [ish] and the woodies kept on flying low over my head and landing on the tree and taking off again.

Eventually this Percy landed right next to me when l was weeding the garlic as if to say “Oy Where’s Ma Seed Matey??” Upon refilling, the woody decided l was no danger and started eating, literally only a few feet above where l was kneeling!

Yesterday whilst gardening – or l should say weeding for copious lengths of time l was going through a reality checklist of the advantages and disadvantages of gardening … a fun and truthful listing that many of my gardening readers can all too well relate to!






A great outdoor activity for passing some time…

A horrible adventure outdoors that wastes half the day sometimes if NOT more!!

Fun and frolics to be had!

Hard work and downright dirty with no frolics what so ever!!


Garlic, Kale and Radish – pre-weeding and after.




Terrific for mental health, mindfulness and well being!

Oh do feck off Mr Bloody Positive Pants!

A great exerciser – hard work, workout, physical and official pusher aside of anxiety!

See above comment!!

Great to be in the sunny weather!

It’s pissing down, l am covered in mud and who knows what else, l am cold, wet and miserable! Our weather is so unpredictable!

Soil is a marvelous ingredient for mental health and beating depression!

Soil is like bloody sticky shit when it’s wet, it gets underneath my fingernails and do you have a problem with reading?

See above comments!


The salad bed and the carrot bed pre-weeding and after. Initially the salad bed was the celery bed, but those seeds simply didn’t take. The salad slips were an order from later January that arrived worse for wear and so l planted them here to see if they would recover – some have – some are still under review!




Gardening is an awesome workout for the entire body!

Are you insane!!? I am bending down, on my knees and not in a good way, breaking my back and groany and creaky all day … the next day l am dead on my feet and filled with aches and pains!

Filled with a great deal of satisfaction!

Seriously?/ The damn weather is taking its sweet merry time to sort itself out, sunny, wet, windy, cold, freezing tits off time, warm, wet!! What Satisfaction??


Kohl Rabi [Left], Purple Sprouting [Right], Fennel [4 corner strips] and centre mixed flowers pre-weeding and after.




Gardening saves time and money!!

Saves time!!? I have been out here for ages!! Saves money …. ??? When? Twenty years after l am dead and buried!?

Soil is a marvelous ingredient for mental health and beating depression!

Feck off! I think l am actually allergic to the soil and l swear l have a chest infection developing!


IMG_5862 (2)

Slowly all the other beds were weeded and watered again and then covered up. Here we have a very busy bed … Turnip, Giant Mustard,  Chives, Sorrel, Leek and Beetroot. When you see a messier top layer to a bed – this is older compost in comparison to 2020 compost.




Gardening saves you money!!

Well actually smarty pants – sure if you have the perfect garden to begin with … BUT many don’t and therefore gardening can start out costly!

Growing your own food for the table is so rewarding!

Have you not heard of shops? Green grocers, supermarkets …. ??


IMG_5865 (2)

Salad bed D = Beetroot, Marigold, Chives and spinach.




Gardening is an exciting challenge!!

Oh yeah!! Silly me, l forgot … snails, slugs, pests and blights, soil not fertile enough, too fertile, overly fertiles, PH is wrong, diseases, rats,  smells, vermin … shall l continue?

You will become self-sufficient!!

………. and spend all day and all of my weekends trying to fit in all the other aspects of my life! For what? Some worm infested crops??


IMG_5868 (2)

Salad bed C = Wild Rocket, Radish, Nasturtum and Chard.




At one with nature!

Have a TV for that can watch documentaries!!

Become environmental!

I can save the planet in other ways without being on my knees breaking my back telling snails to slug off!!


IMG_5869 (2)

Salad Beds A & B = Radish, Pak Choi, Spinach, Rocket and Spring Onion




Be in control for the disposing of your wastes!

Oh right, so you mean composting yeah?? Whatever – you need to get out more!

Tasty produce for the table and your consumption!

Provided we actually yield a crop you mean??


IMG_5871 (2)

Salad Troughs – Pak Choi and Spinach

I compiled this list mentally whilst weeding and being a disgruntled gardener … l am a happy composter but at times a very vexed vegetable gardener!! Of course there is and are some lovely benefits to reap from gardening … but l think at times you have to create a serious reality check list and remind yourself why you are doing the things you are doing??

Yesterday l was in the garden from roughly 11am – 6pm so seven hours … l had other things to do and l wanted to do and l didn’t really get everything done. So yeah, gardening is fun … BUT at times it’s simply not!

I am not depressed, but sometimes l do get a little down with gardening, l think that with last week emotionally, that proved to be a bit of a strain, but more pressing and depressing than that are plants l ordered long before lockdown – Late January/Late February time which should be here are not, there is no guaranteed dates on any of them and no one many a time to talk to about the order’s status.

IMG_5826 (2)

The Patio Garden is still quite empty due to many of the pre-ordered plants not turning up. A solitary Tiny Tim Tomato plant of an pre-ordered six turned up on Friday. The others are due …..soon!

But you make plans in the gardening strategy for these things and then they don’t turn up, making you wonder if they ever will. More annoyingly is only parts of the order turning up and sometimes when it does, it’s badly damaged through bad handling!

The pear and plum trees are looking good and the garden is very green … BUT the neighbours tree is a bit of a problem!

IMG_5874 (2)

So the three gardens have been switched around and now renamed as one garden called “The Trimmed Shady!” [Basic Layout]

Also over the last week, we have seen just how much the next door neighbour’s tree is going to take away from us this year and it is quite significant – sure we managed to settle upon an agreement for cutting BUT that was literally a few days before lockdown and now it is in full growth! But three of the proposed gardens like The Bug Hotel, The Retreat and The Shady have all had to be moved around because even with the plants that require shaded areas – the tree takes too much away – even the shade!

Next year, not trying to be a true pessimist, l might not be here in this garden or indeed have a garden of my own anymore … so l guess l had hoped for a bit more from 2020 – but hey that’s life!

Ava Update – She is doing remarkably well now – no blight on any of the new growth and her fourth branch is now just starting to leaf up too! Excellent news.

Plants in the greenhouse are coming along very nicely. French bean seedlings to marrow and cucumber, potatoes, spinach and cucamelons.

Anyway – here is a small updater for you all from yesterday … hope you enjoy the garden photos and l’ll catch you next time! 

IMG_5883 (2)

First true crop harvest of the season …. wild rocket.

Thanks for reading!


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14 thoughts on “366 Days of Gardening! E30 – W18

  1. Wild Rocket or arugula is what I’m giving to Sven. He is a snooty booty though and doesnt like to eat his greens☹

    Great news about Ava🥑 I’m rooting for her😉 (😂very punny)

    All of your great plans for the garden and The Tree and late/missing deliveries are messing it all up!! Very frustrating! I’m sorry it’s taking your gardening joy down so many notches. Hopefully things will get back on track🤞

    And hey! It’s nice that the Percy was hanging out and DIDN’T drop a little splat upon your head.😂💌💌

    1. Percy was really funny, l was working the carrot bed and he he swooped in so low, l felt the breeze of his wings on the top of my head. He then landed behind the curly bush and still not content l had seen him, he then landed literally right beside me … got to laugh, l do so love the personality and cockiness of them.. they are so socially greparious it’s a real charmer.

      So is Sven more of a meat eater then?

      1. He likes his bugs and he loves berries, but he NEEDS greens for health. He’s just like every other living being in this crazy house… picky! But with personality😉😂

        1. Can you not disguise the greens to look like something else like a praying mantis – would Sven fall for that??

          Like some mums do with their baby food … Brrrrrr here’s the praying mantis brrrrrrrrr 🙂

          1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I half bury the bugs and the berries in the greens. He has horrible aim so he misses and gets greens by mistake a lot. Sometimes he just drops them outside the bowl and goes back to the berries.
            I just pick the greens up & put them back in the bowl.
            Sven has perfected The Stare. He uses The Stare to let me know he’s very much displeased with my service.😂

  2. Really happy to find this. Thank you. It’s also good to know I’m not the only one with snarky commentary in my head. I keep trying to grow a garden but the most bizarre things keep happening and have happened to thwart my efforts since I can remember. Maybe this year…
    =) ♥.

    1. Hey Niki – ha ha l know right! Gardening is ……….lovely when it’s going right …. but when things go wrong and continue to you have to question your sanity.

      The other thing is gardening does actually suck at times and l think a lot of people who don’t garden look at you when you say that .. and think you are joking ……………. err ….. no!!

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