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Hey everyone! Lisa of Lismore Paper and l would like to wish each and everyone of you a totally Awesome Saucesome Summer Sundae Sunday!  Trust me when l say this …. but that is a hell of a mouthful!


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This week has been dedicated to the 1960’s … today we have dedicated tracks to Sundae Sunday  Suzanne of Ellie894  who would love to hear some tracks from The Bugs! Yeah!! Oh no, l don’t mean bugs, l mean The Insects! Mm, that’s not right …. let me think … oh yeah! The Beatles!!  Have yourself a totally fantastic Sunday Suzanne! Keep smiling – it’s free! 

Next week we will be dedicating the morning tracks to Angie of King Ben’s Grandma  , Omatra7 of Learning Life  and  Gary of Bereaved Single Dad  who created the Forbidden Gathering’s Playlist! The week after that will be dedicated to The 70’s – so get your thinking caps on folks and let’s be hearing your dedications!

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Suzanne of Ellie894


1 – I Want To Hold Your Hand

– 1964

– The Beatles

2 – Hey Jude

– 1968

– The Beatles

3 – Ticket To Ride

– 1965

– The Beatles

4 – Love Me Do

– 1963

– The Beatles

5 – Can’t Buy Me Love

– 1964

– The Beatles



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Have a totally awesome day folks!



16 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. Excellent tunes from/for an excellent guest star!✨🎶💃🏼
    I hope you have a super summer sundae Sunday with awesomesauce and a cherry on top!💌

  2. Howdy! 🤠 Lisa’s Sunday greeting is wonderful! Thank you for the bugs,
    Rory 🐞🎶 pretty awesome. Have a beautiful day 😊

  3. Thank you, Rory! We all enjoyed the music and I was inspired to check out the various Beatles documentary videos! Hope you have had a great weekend and wishing you a wonderful week ahead. 😊

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