Share Your World 4-27-2020

Share Your World

27th April 2020

Prompted by Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mind

Thanks for the questions Melanie  🙂


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Do guns protect people or kill people? 

Or both?

Guns never kill people, not by themselves – they only kill, maim or injure because of some one else’s intent to harm another or protect their defence. Guns don’t kill people – people kill people. Guns only protect people because people want to feel safer against seen/unseen foes and that safe feeling is secured by the weight of a gun in their hands and the bullets in the chamber.

It’s strange Suze and l were having a conversation of a similar nature only this morning about Eggs. We received a lockdown curbside collection yesterday and our free range eggs were subbed for caged hen eggs. Both of us are opposed to caged or battery produced eggs which is why we don’t buy them. Yet, here we are with eggs that we wouldn’t normally buy.

Eggs are like rocking horse shit at present in orders from the shops, so when we discovered what our free range eggs had been subbed with we were in a dilemna do we use the battery eggs or not?

Suze was against and l was opposed, however the reality is this … an egg is an egg, given the choice we would NOT have bought this particular egg but we didn’t select our food products – also unless you have seen the egg drop from a chicken you own – we have no way of knowing if even the supposed branded free range eggs we do buy from the shops are indeed free range but we entrust to labelling.

So if an egg is an egg, the egg isn’t the problem it’s the way the egg was produced through farming method. A chicken somewhere dropped the egg to be consumed … it is only the intent and thoughts of people and their beliefs that prevent the egg being eaten isn’t it?

Like guns will not kill a person, only a person armed with a gun and the intent to kill etc can, an egg is not a bad egg it’s only made bad by those opposed to the egg’s production method.


Is it more important to be respected or liked?

Mm, l guess given the option … l think the safer would be to be liked over being respected … plus from my experience – it is usually LIKE that comes first and then through experience the respect follows ……….. or not. But principally l think it is better to like first.

Like when brand shopping – you like something first, get used to it, use it more, like it more and then learn to respect it for x, y and z or not if it breaks apart in the first time window!

However, it also depends upon each individual it is ‘nice’ to be liked but is it imperative to be liked to live your life or is it only nice to be liked in the eyes of others or society?

From an Aspergian point of view – it is unimportant if people like me and the same with respect me. Why should people do either if they don’t know me? Let people decide what they want … l think the true answer is l would prefer people to be honest with me and not judge me as opposed to liking or respecting what they don’t know about me.

Respect is earned through what you do and how you carry yourself off as a human being and liked is also earned through your actual behaviour towards others.


Is having a big ego a negative or  positive trait?

I think it is how you handle your ego that is the difference – are you balanced with it? When your ego is forced on others then that is a negative behaviour – but say if you use it for good as in enthuse, motivate and inspire others – then that is a positive behaviour. I am sometimes still said to be egotistical and l don’t believe l am – l do consider myself to be adaptable and l think that is healthy as opposed to unhealthy.

Long before l was identified and recognised to be sitting under the spectrum with my Aspergers l was considered eccentric and egotistical and once more l am neither l am just me. The very mention of the word ‘ego’ in today’s world seemingly is viewed with hostility and it shouldn’t be.

In the 80’s and 90’s having an ego allowed things to get done, progress and l oft wonder these days when did everything become so anti-ego? When did our society’s become so programmed to not think for themselves?

A Big ego therefore in my eyes needs balancing and is neither good or bad.


Depending on your point of view, is death a new beginning? 

There is never going to be a happy medium of an answer – it is either a no as in against and don’t believe or a yes as in l believe – therefore it can only ever be personal and reflective to an individual’s belief core.

“Is death a new beginning or is life a new ending?”

Rory Matier


“To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”

J.K. Rowling


“It is said that your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. That is true, it’s called Life.”

Terry Pratchett


“Even death has a heart.”

Markus Zusak,



It’s tough right now to count the blessings we have.   Being grateful for being confined to our homes and having reality skewed out of kilter for some is depressing.   So if there is something positive or uplifting or something you’re grateful for that you’d like to share (pictures, memes, images, thoughts) please!  Do share!  Thanks! 

Life could be worse – but it’s not, l am not dead – l am gratful for that!


Full Cheese Grated = Grateful!

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7 thoughts on “Share Your World 4-27-2020

  1. Grateful too! I spent time in misery and it never got better. So i threw misery aside and tried smiling despite the clouded sun. Its not toxic to have hope. ☀️ peace… J

  2. Thank you sincerely for Sharing Your World, Rory!! Very thoughtful answers, you, my friend, are a deep thinker! I’m grateful to know you! Good luck with those eggs….it’s true that free range and caged are different chicken statuses, but the hen fruit is hen fruit. Even if it’s because the chicken (hen) was forced to lay (which I assume is the caged option?) I think they taste the same, but it’s good to have boundaries about what stance one is going to take on such an issue. Best of luck with it. I enjoyed reading all your answers though.

  3. OH! Forgot to mention: I really really enjoyed the cute images (the chicken with the AK-47? 😆 ) and memes you shared. Thanks! 😀

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