Making Another Year More Not Less!

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Making Another Year More Not Less!

I know right? What on earth does that mean as a question? “Making Another Year More Not Less!”

Well l would say it is very much open to your personal interpretation of time used or used time … however – if you found yourself with just one year left to do anything you so desired – what would you do?

This is not a question aimed at you having won the lottery  and you have x amount of cash to do with as you will – that’s an easy answer to deliver  – no.  This is ‘you have 12 months, another year, 365 days’ and you are aware that is all you have … what are you going to do with those days, months and a given year to make them count?

Let me know your views and comments below?

Thanks for reading – Rory

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18 thoughts on “Making Another Year More Not Less!

  1. Makes no difference to me, although I’d probably be glad to have an out from having to stick around ’til old age.

  2. I would spend every day with my family – my husband, my kids, grandkids, sisters, dad, nieces and nephews and catch up with a few old friends. It wouldn’t matter what we did just spending time together.

  3. Well… that would depend on if I’m gonna die or the whole world I’d gonna end.

    My answer would be different.

    If it’s just me that’s gonna end, I would make sure my affairs are in order. Create a video or written memoir for each of my cherished ones, then spend time laughing and just being with them. Kinda like what I do now.

    If the whole world was gonna end, I would grab my crew and travel, travel, travel to all the places we all want to see. Do all the things we want to do…together.

  4. 🙂 Rory, when I read your blog post, the old saying, “Live each day as though it is your last,” popped into my head.

    Nice brain-teaser, my friend!

    1. Hey Renard – very true 🙂

      Although some readers haven’t seen the brain tease aspect and you are right there is one, in consideration to how we are as a world right now.

  5. Difficult to answer for sure because theory is different from reality. But I guess I will do what I am doing now.

  6. I would go through all my stuff and get rid of the non-essentials, so my family wouldn’t be stuck with the burden. And then, give all my “treasures” to whom I would otherwise leave as an inheritance – which is what I’ve been striving to do for the past ten years! 😄

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