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Drtanya@saltedcaramel  and l would like to wish everyone a truly beautiful Fun Day Friday! Remember, wear pink and blue sock, a kettle on your head and above everything .. stay completely and utterly loopy all day!!


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This week has been dedicated to the 1960’s … today we have dedicated tracks to  Kristian – Tales of the mind of Kristian  and tomorrow will be dedicated to  Betty of Guideline’s Web  but so far NO ONE has Sunday – so as it’s the last day of the week and the 60’s Tribute who is going to grab it??

Let me know your favourited songs and l will dedicate them to you this Sunday!

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Kristian – Tales of the mind of Kristian  and Master K has requested five songs from the 60’s – so without further ado – here we go!! Have a great Fun Day Friday Kristian.


1 – I close my eyes and count to ten – 1968

– Dusty Springfield

2 – Sweet Dreams – 1963

– Patsy Cline

3 – Stop Stop Stop – 1966

– The Hollies

4 – Music to watch girls by – 1967

– Andy Williams

5 – Where do you go to my lovely – 1969

– Peter Sarstedt



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Have a totally awesome day folks!

Be safe and healthy!


26 thoughts on “The Hello

    1. Good Morning to you, JB! And Happy May Day!! I hope you get to spend lots of time in your garden amongst the growing things!

      I’m off to dreamland… there’s a place I want to visit. Something I need to understand…

      Catch ya when the sun comes up over SoCal💌

  1. Morning Rory ☀️ Nice tunes 🎶. Kettle on your head…have you ever heard of Over The Graden Wall? 😊 it’s an animated series and the little brother wears a kettle upside down on his head. 🙃. Perhaps some Beatles before we’re done with the 60’s, if there’s room. Have a great Friday 😊

    1. Hey Suzanne, admittedly l hadn’t heard of that series, the kettle on head reminds me a little of Saucepanman in the Magic Faraway Tree. Then Sunday and the Beatles are yours – have a lovely Friday also 🙂

      1. Look up the song “potatoes and molasses” on YouTube. Pretty catchy and silly. Thank you and thank you 😊

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