I Am Ok …. Thanks for asking!

I Am Ok …. Thanks for asking!

#4 – 01/05/2020

Welcome to ‘I Am Ok … Thanks for asking!


Did you read – These will give readers the low down to the series …. but principally this series is just asking the smallest of questions ….

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I Am Ok …. Thanks for asking! #4 – 01/05/2020

which is …

… So, how are you all doing this week then?

Let me know below or if you wish, please feel free to drop me an email here aguycalledbloke63@gmail.com if you just want to chat, vent or moan and need a listening ear. It’s perfectly fine.

In the previous three episodes l have asked specific people how they were doing and lots of other people have answered as well … so from this point onwards l am not going to do that. I am going to ask you all at once how are you doing?‘ 

As to me, well l am ok, thanks for asking. It’s been a tough emotional week here in the Guy Called Bloke household and l am none too sure what the future is – l just know, there will be one.


“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on.”

Robert Frost.


How are you all doing?

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10 thoughts on “I Am Ok …. Thanks for asking!

  1. Doing well Rory. It is the month of Ramadan, fasting for Muslims. It brings its own routines and life changes.

    1. Yes l can imagine, l remember it from my days in Malaysia although l think it was called something else Hari Raya perhaps … the gardeners used to tell me about it.

  2. doing well..lots of muscular aches and pains from doing yard work, making and installing an outdoor porch awning and too many loads of laundry to even attempt remembering. Fasting isn’t helping at all..makes me dizzy at times but for a good purpose.

  3. I am doing amazingly well. It still surprises me. My Zen gets knocked around on some days, but it’s still steady and strong.

    I’d like to share it with everyone in my WP crew, if I could just figure out how.🤔

    My sleep is crap, but that’s nothing new. But my blood pressure is down and I lost the extra 14 pounds I had picked up. The only thing that could make things better at Casa Cuckoo would be the return of the Little Yellow School Bus, and that will come… 💃🏼💌

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