Homeward Bound Amaywellbe!

Homeward Bound Amaywellbe!

Oh l do miss the windmills of my wood land,
It’s been too long since l was last there and …
… l need to get back to those shores,
Work my hands once more on the chores,
I apprenticed with as a young man,
…. Before these wars began!
Before we had to set sail and raid,
Under the guise of freebooters just to trade!
l am now under new orders to homebound sail,
… we just need to get there and not fall foul to gale!

I will get home, l will once more look upon the beauty of my shores!


The Voyages of The Lady Weleful

Pirate Captain’s Log ….


Feel Swell, Sea Swell

Day 61 – 15th May

We left the knowledgeable Doc in Fiji,
He was quite relieved and not upset apparently!
.. the crew managed to persuade him,
It was a case of stay ashore or swim,
… back to the island involuntarily…
From the ship!
Because afloat it’s all too easy to slip!
Fall over, make mistakes and crash into things…
… and without water wings…
Drowning or consumed by the teeth of the sea,
Is a very strong possibility!

Day 66 – 20th May

The crew are restless, they need to get home,
… there’s only so much blue sea and foam,
One can take, in truth it’s been too many days at sea
… of course l tell them, that’s the beauty of piracy!
But they don’t care, they want something more,
… Buccaneers when not busy are so easy to bore!
I need to scour my maps for somewhere to drop chain ‘n’anchor,
So the lads can let off some steam and vapour!
…. Of course, I can sympathise all too well,
Wasn’t long back l felt quite ill and drained to hell!

Day 67 – 21st May

Luckily for us we are in the seas of plenty,
… small islands are literally twenty a penny,
But additionally, as chances would have it…
…. A galleon of considerable size has been spotted!
Oh the crew are beside themselves with pleasure and glee!
I do so love to see them looking happy!
Nothing pleases them more than to inflict bloodied injury…
Death, mayhem and of course enjoy a spot of debauchery!
The marauder’s role is to take the absolute delight,
In dangerous living and blood thirsty fights!
With their guns they do so shoot, their blades slice and dice,
Slash, behead, disfigure and all other things not nice!

The enemy is looking to run…
…. That’ll not do and that’s no fun!
I know why it’s because we have them outgunned!
…. Our task here however is not to be outdone!
They may have speed, but we have the power,
I order the cannon to arc fire, pump and shower…
…. Them with heated lead!
The fight is over before it’s begun, their ship is dead!
Doomed they were from the start,
With nowhere to take cover they soon lost heart!
Green captains are unused to piracy and battle noise..
… and are better served keeping to convoys!

They surrendered, without even a whisper of argue or battle?
… l let my blood thirsty corsairs loose to take care of that rabble!
Their victim’s lifeless bodies were hoisted overboard into the cold deep!
… where they could spend their forever’s in a regretful sleep!

Soon the looting began,
Nothing was spared by any man!
Plundered chests, bottles and kegs,
Sheep and goats, herbs and aromatic nutmegs,
Printed scriptures, strange looking pipes too,
… that one could smoke a pungent leaf through!
Lamps and lanterns, slabs of salted meats and rump,
Something called a computer, switches and a pump!
Soon we were done and filled to our brim,
…. I fired a volley upon the galleon and sang a hymn,
Watching as she sank beneath the waves,
… sliding towards her unmarked grave!

Day 71 – 25th May

This late night we have dropped anchor…
 …. and now oar our craft to shore.
Towards an island we have never set afoot on before,
But we need desperate water supplies and so much more!
Tis a strange isle it must be said,
… Darkened sanded beaches hidden within an inlet,
Although can see tropical growth and a lush lagoon too,
…. nearing the shallows l can see acres of hedged bamboo!
In the gloom we can also see bloomed figures,
But as we get closer, they too get bigger and bigger!!

Oh no, this simply cannot be,
…. My eyes are lying this can’t be what l see
We must get away – this cannot be happening!?
Those flowers are hideous and fast fashioning…
…. Into something else hidden beneath a hood!
This is so so not good!
Dragged from the boats by this wooden topped lot,
… too damn quick to loosen off a distress shot!
Subjected to hostile pushing and shoving ….
…. And being directed towards a …. Oh no, an oven!

To Be Continued Maybe …

© Rory Matier 2020

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