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Morning Musings

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“Hodge Podging and Higgledy-Piggledy!! ”

Walk Time 50 Mins

Last night l was in bed early – almost an hour before midnight which is starting to become my new norm. I slept through to just after 6am. This morning l woke up with roughly 25% discomfort and this too reflects upon where and how l will walk. Once more no steep climbs but a low climb and a good route would be fine.

I didn’t really know where l was going to walk this morning, but right at the last minute opted for a walk through the valley between the village and the golf course itself and swing back around  and use one of the lanes for the return leg. This would be a good mixture of gentle climb work and flat walking.

You can see the walk below – the first image shows the aerial view of the circuit, the second image outlines the circuit and the third is a slightly closer zoom in.  Many a time l walk the lane, but this time it would form part of the feature walk and not just a quick cut through. All in all it was 50 minutes out and around a mile and a half all told.

It’s a walk l used to do on a fairly regular basis with both Suze and Scrappy, and as l walked it this morning l tried to think back to the last time, we walked this route as a family? The answer was sad and rather astonishing. Scrappy’s ability to walk had seriously downsized with the arrival of her arthritis and very slowly and surely our family walks also started to fall back, so the last time we all did this walk was January 2018.

IMG_5564 (2)

Looking out across the field towards my walk this morning. Instead of taking the left down past the hedge, l will be taking the right fork.

IMG_5562 (2)

Taking the right fork and just keep walking forwards is the plan.

It’s a nice walk on a beautiful day, as it was this morning, although as l sit typing there are now more clouds in the skies than a couple of hours ago.

If anything, it is perhaps quite plain as a walk, it is more rolling landscape than pretty flowery woods and long grasses. You trade that in for sweeping shots and open air and thinking new business philosophies and thoughts through or l do and did. I needed a nice walk with little distraction but enough quiet to really relax with.

IMG_5505 (2)

Looking over the hedging towards the golf course and the sea – there is still a slight haze rising.

Last week l started on my major declutter in order to get to this week fresher and hopefully clearer headed. How have l fared? Well fairly good in truth … l had to tidy my office up which was starting to look like a data bomb had gone off in it. Piles of books, magazines, ideas and articles littered the shelves and the floor, and every available spare flat space …. now however it is tidier and less cluttered.

I thankfully don’t have to worry about taking time to sort through emails as l did that months ago and now have an excellent system with great filters working properly. My wall planner is a real backbone to me and is still working well albeit much more refined on account of the Excel Dashboard clean up – which is working very well too.

IMG_5510 (2)

It’s actually a nice simple walk – but a great trek for joggers, runners, horse riders and hikers alike because you can literally walk forwards on this trail right into Dover.

IMG_5513 (2)

From this same position, looking to my right and looking past the stacked straw bales on the left and continuing up that hedgeline to the top treeline beneath the sky which is Badger’s Copse.

IMG_5515 (2)

Whilst looking to my left and you can see the slight rise in the slope in the field as you look into the golf course with the sealine just visible.

The problems l was experiencing daily were to do with data overwhelm – we are just attacked and assaulted daily by marketing, advertising and promotions from outside influencers and it can all be a little damning in truth and l needed to offload that.

I spent the weekend sorting out my pc, taking old files out and destroying them or archiving favourited links in working files and it took me as an example almost 8 hours to one by one go through saved links to my favourites which l had been saving as ideas since from the start of this year. But l am not short of ideas for inspiration or creativity, l am however short of time and procedure. So, l needed to really spend quality time sorting all of my own data out, setting up filters and files and archive files and working files.

IMG_5519 (2)

Just entering the small field copse that is found at the end of the path l am on and looking behind me …

IMG_5520 (2)

You can see the definite sloping of the field, it’s just the right amount of gentle and hardly noticeable when you are walking.

IMG_5530 (2)

These small cut through dog walker copses are really very charming.

IMG_5534 (2)

Provided you drop down from the walk to the lane itself and not just carry on walking on the field tracks – you join this lane which is the very end of Oldstairs Road, Kingsdown. A long lane that starts from the horse stables and although it becomes another road just behind me it continues on for another couple of miles into St Margarets Bay and is very popular with the tourists.

I was astonished at exactly how long it took me … but l did manage to get some important emailing done with regards my business ideas and ultimately all of this ‘decluttering exercise’ was to do with this new business marketing and publishing concept. I have a few more emails to sort out, but in so far as data overwhelm, l have managed to dilute and filter for the time being and introduced some new strategies which will help me study and cope, and hopefully keep my concentration high.

IMG_5536 (2)

The lane itself is very quiet, l only passed three people on my entire walk, a cyclist, a dog walker right at the start in the brown field and behind me on this shot was a horse rider who was also walking her dog. Normally, this time of the day , this time of the year, l would have seen perhaps 20 people from the start of the walk to where l am at this point. But like Goldilock’s porridge, this walk was just right!

IMG_5539 (2)

IMG_5542 (2)

I introduced a new system which l have codenamed B.E.G or Business, Entertainment and Gardening and that is the new priority l have to follow in order to get everything done … the entertainment part is my blogging – but so too is a small part of the business and so too is part of the gardening as they are all interconnected with each other – but l found that parts of the overwhelm were seriously affecting my ability to garden and blog. I used to work to a system called the 3 8’s, but with the arrival of lockdown, that soon fell apart as a workable theory.

What l also discovered and of course it wasn’t just data overwhelm as the only culprit was the lockdown has impacted my working week as well, due to Suze now being home for an additional 4 days – this will obviously alter my routine as well as hers and whilst we do work in different parts of the house, it is still a change to the routine. Life is about change and these are indeed changing times .. which calls for more changing times literally to change times! So new routines and schedules have had to be looked at which were not being addressed before.

IMG_5549 (2)

I cut back through Bayview retreat and l could see that in the few days since l had last walked through here the Keck [Cows Parsley] was in full bloom!

The horses looked very comfortable indeed in the morning sun.

IMG_5553 (2)

We have all altered what we do, whether we are aware of that or not, each and every single one of us has and have changed our routines and schedules – introvert, ambivert and extrovert alike …. all of us are changing with this lockdown – physically, mentally, emotionally or personally – all of us knowingly and unwittingly are changing.

This week l have plans to again catch up on my blog reading, but start the new gardening series and write in the series The Teddy Bear Stories and Stories and Tales and a few of the other regulars that are behind by a couple of weeks and they fell behind because of the changing times malarkey.

So far l am very pleased with the decluttering strategy, it has worked in theory, now l have to make it work in practice.

IMG_5558 (2)

………….. back to where l started the walk!

Last week was a hard week on so many levels personally and business wise. 

This morning’s walk was highly pleasant but also richly enterprising because whilst l took photographs most of them were not specifically detailed – they were as previously said ‘sweeping and thoughtful only’ which allowed me to think very clearly indeed and ready for a brand new week!

Thanks for reading.


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      1. They are especially meaningful as travel for the foreseeable future is gone. My hope is to make a trip in 2022 or 2023. Most of my relatives are from Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England. It is lovely. Do you serve teas? My grandma served one at 10 am and another in the afternoon, everyday for 50+ years. Cheers! 🌊💙

  1. Wow!! Love the photos! My favorites are that little path way that goes under the trees … but I also loved the shot when looks out towards the sea – what beautiful English country side! My mind also shoots to history lol … but beautiful photos ✌️

  2. Nice pictures. Decluttering is such a good way to free up space, virtual and physical. I love doing it.

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