Feel Swell, Sea Swell

Feel Swell, Sea Swell

I keep having these strange dreams,
… making me feel at times things are not as they seem?
I am no longer certain of what is even real,
… although l am sure the culprit is the ganja oatmeal!
I think l just need to continue to read my book,
Feel Swell, Sea Swell Gobbledygook!
A Beginner’s Guide to Prompts…
…. And Intriguing Response!

The Voyages of The Lady Weleful

Pirate Captain’s Log ….


Homeward Bound Amaywellbe!

Day 42 – 26th April 

In recent times, it must be said,
… l have woken up most morning’s feeling dead!
It would be great if l was feeling something other…
… than nothing special and even better if l could uncover,
What it is, that’s making me feel so unwell,
… and awarding me with the headache from hell!
That thumps and bumps and humps my brain,
Every minute of the damn day and gifts me pain!

Day 45 – 29th April

It got so bad, l requested to see the Doc,
Admittedly he ain’t no Spock,
But anything was way better than nothing see?
One look at me,
… and he said … ‘It be scurvy!”
“You’ve got vitamin deficiency!
But no worries …
…. I will sort you out with some E, B and C!

Day 48 – 02nd May

I am starting to see odd things,
… am terrified now of what the nights bring!
Never mind simple but hectic frustrations,
…. I am being awarded with crazy hallucinations!
The doc he gave me some strange guidelines,
… some herbs, a sauce and a bizarre dinner wine!
He said to not leave the cabin, l am confined!
… and to most assuredly not fall behind ..
With my medications …
… and to stick with the allocated ration!

Day 49 – 03rd May

It is all so very odd and not at all quaint,
… that my life is now upside down and that l feel faint,
As often as l do these days, and if l must be candid…
… which l feel l must, l also feel somewhat stranded!
Wonder do l too, if it was wise for me to express,
… my condition to the doctor, my strangeness?
Perhaps l might have been safer under my quilt…
Allowing these strange ways to die off and simply wilt!

Day 51 – 05th May

According to my nautical charts and maps, l am pretty sure..
… we are nearing land, meaning we can moor!
On this part of the globe, it’ll be the island of Fiji!
When here last l bought a contraption called a squeegee!
According to the inventor it was ideal for windows and screens,
… whatever that means?
It’ll do me good to step foot on land again,
… am so tiring of this lockdown constrain,

Day 57 – 11th May

Ahoy land ho, ahoy land ahead, finally l hear the good news,
…. Twas feeling somewhat lonely, confused and unamused,
The sauces, wines and herbs are making me feel nauseous,
… and that damn infuriating doctor is fast becoming obnoxious!
I have had to remind him on more than one occasion,
That as Captain of the Weleful, l could arrange for him some serious abrasion!
… Yes of course l am forever grateful that he assisted when l was tagged,
By this cursed fever that nearly had me dead and bagged!
… However, what ailed me has now abated!
Vanished, disappeared gone and thoroughly dissipated!
So too should he,
…. Before he is fed to the fishes of the sea!

Day 61 – 15th May …. To Be Continued

© Rory Matier 2020

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  1. Brilliantly done. I like the sea log. Reads like the voyages of starship, at sea!
    Thanks for including my prompt.

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