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Sox [socks] I have sox!!

When l was young l would get sox for my birthdays and think WTF?? Sox!! Now as my 50th fast approaches my mother sends me sox and l am like the youngster of yesteryear but with more excitement ‘ I HAVE SOX, SOX, SOX, THANK THE STARS, I HAVE SOX!!!’

I have socks again:)

May 2013


One can never have enough socks

J. K. Rowling

But socks – you know, you just gotta have socks! 

Rory Matier


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10 thoughts on “Random Quotes 528#

    1. Socks are brilliant, maybe not as a youngster and admittedly l am completely socked out now – but for my 50th l was pleased as punch to be receiving socks 🙂

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