Scavenger Fiction Hunt

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Scavenger Fiction Hunt

Season 1 – Game 3 – 23rd April  2020

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Welcome to Scavenger Fiction Hunt  …. so what is it?

Who doesn’t like a scavenger hunt?

I remember the days as a child when my parents would hide small Easter eggs in the garden and my sister and l used to have to hunt them down with a set of clues my Mother had drawn up  … “Thirty steps this way …”

So our game here is a little like that …. but of course with a twist – and that twist happens to be this is a Fiction Writing Prompt.

Each game l provide you with 8 clues – you either know or have to scavenge for on the Internet – each game is different to the previous game – no two are alike …. once you have gathered all your clues up – l would like for you to create a story or tale working all the clues into it under the guide of the awarded Prompt.

500 Words Maximum

Today’s Prompt is …

Oh how l miss this from yesterday …..

The 8 clues l would like you to find and scavenge for use in  your story are…

A Strange News Story from the 1980’s!

The name of a scary Clown

Three American Car Brands from the 50’s

A 1940’s Jazz Singer ….

An early form of Air Travel…

A Famous quote from the early 70’s…

Use The word Petrichor

“Which means “a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather

4 Words beginning with the letters “Ph”

So there we go Folks – these are the 8 clues l would like for you to use and scavenge out from our world and then use them to create your story using the prompt  …

“Oh how l miss this from yesterday …..”

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If you would like to take part – please remember to link back to this post and also if you can drop me a link to your post in the comments section that would be appreciated.

Sometimes WP links don’t appear on my feed.

Have fun scavenging the world today!

Thanks, Rory

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This Game Awards Happy Points 10 PNG  to all participants!

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    1. If you are talking Happy Points, you are not doing badly currently – you have 71 points to add to your 144 🙂

      If you are NOT talking Happy Pooints – what are you talking about ? 🙂

  1. I’ve got Happy Points? How the hell did I get happy points? (and how do you think up these ‘games’ ‘challenges’ – whatevers? They seem so complicated, I don’t even understand some of them LOL)

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