So Near and So Far, So …….. A Muse ‘ n!

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So Near and So Far, So …….. A Muse ‘ n!

Received an email the other day asking why l do not write Creative long content fiction stories and why do l always respond to prompts in a rhyming poetry form? Okay, that’s a fair question … l shall try to furnish an answer and at the same time ask a question in this series.

I can create fictional, imaginative , realistic and thoughtful rhyming poetry and yet l struggle with creative long content fiction. I can write storytelling or tall story fiction as long as it is based on 85% to 95% fact … and l can write reality or actuality and l love topical articles.

As soon as l get a handle on my head l will be starting to write my real life stories again but currently l am having a huge problem with concentration – and it is a massively painful issue for me

In all honesty – I don’t think l have a long content creative fiction Muse in my brain … or alternatively it only visits once in a while – when it does it may stay for a while and then it buggers off again. I know when it’s visiting l can write both my real stories and creative fiction with ease but as l have gotten older and more so since my brain started thrashing and crashing around inside my head and creating non-stop new ideas – l have struggled with that particular Muse.

But l have always struggled with creating  something from nothing when it comes to imaginative content writing and was the same at school – if l did l was always writing horror pulp stories all of which were pretty damn grim and gore filled!

The Grumblies as an example [currently awaiting the start of Season 2] is something l struggle with and yet if l was to write The Grumblies into poetry alone l could do that all day everyday.

Most of the time these days l tend to answer prompts with rhyming poetry over written fiction because it’s easier and there is way more flow, but also and importantly writing poetry is quicker and requires less concentration than writing short taled from scratch fiction stories or flash fiction which is popular with a great many fiction bloggers.

My mind in recent months has been an absolute nightmare – constantly jumping from one stone to the next and it’s seriously hard for me to pin down my mind on one project without another one popping into my head. Hence why l have so many features, series, one offs, prompt games and scattered irregulars in the blog.

My blog is a perfectly fine example of how busy my brain is day to day currently. I have schedulers on the wall and on my desktop filled with diversity. I have perhaps 1000 ideas currently for things l want to write and whereas l used to be able keep my focus pinned down l struggle with that. I create four posts a day and the truth is l could create ten posts a day for several months before l started to drain my brain to a satisfactory level of coping.  But l am trying train my brain to working between  3 – 4 posts daily only as well as endeavouring to try and sustain a happy balance with my series.

But both diversity and eclectism make my life very hard and l am too busy for some Muses to stop by for a while l think, so they steer clear until my brain slows down.

All the other Muses are fine but l also struggle with having enough Time in each day to write what l want and need to personally to sate my brain as well as try to respond to community prompts which l thoroughly enjoy as well as reading favourite blog content and not forgetting that l also have physical demands on my days which makes it harder at times just to focus on one area.

I am not short of creative thoughts or creative or imaginative input – l am short of Time and Concentrated Focus and l think a permanent Creative Long Content or Flash Fiction Muse which is why my Creative Rhyming Poetry Muse is my best buddy at present! I hope that answers the question …. if not and you are still seeking a response then here is the TLDR response…

Why l do not write Creative long content fiction stories and why do l always respond to prompts in a rhyming poetry form?

Because l enjoy it and l am seemingly pretty good with making the words flow and also l find rhyming poetry a hell of a lot of fun, challenging, rewarding and stimulating!

However that answered here is the 24 Hour Question [s] for the series:

Do you have to undertake a ritual in order to tease your Muse out of it hiding place?

Or are you constantly inspired and motivated to write generally?

Is it always easy for your Muse to knock stories out of your pen for you?

Let me know your views and comments below?

Thanks for reading – Rory

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21 thoughts on “So Near and So Far, So …….. A Muse ‘ n!

  1. Why would someone ask that? It’s weird to me. I assume people write what they write because they enjoy the form they chose. I wouldn’t dream of asking WHY aren’t they writing some other way. Odd…

    1. I’m with Paula. That’s bizarre for someone to ask that. Why would they care, and why would they think it’s any of their business?

    2. I get all sorts of emails strangely enough from all sorts of writers and readers alike … l think l am a magnet for them. My email door is always open. I recall years ago running forums and always receiving strange questions even then, so these days getting questions like this never bothers me.

      I am more bothered by those who email under a different guise and then when you answer you find out they are some scamster. 🙂

  2. I don’t think I have a muse! Like you , I find writing poems is easy. Fewer words and a better outcome. Fiction has never been my strong point but I do short stories. If I am not pushed for time, I can do a few posts, with or without the muse!

  3. My brain has been bouncy too. It has transformed into a magpie surrounded by shiny objects. Trying to write fiction is a good way to vapor-lock my brain. I think that Muse went away permanently after I graduated from High School. She wasn’t super dependable anyway.🤷🏼‍♀️

    My daily writing has been easy since it’s more of a daily recording of the hijinks and low blows. I keep a draft and add to it as the day progresses. The most creative things I’ve done recently have been for Ben. I think the Muses are avoiding me. It’s okay, I haven’t got time to properly listen to them anyway.

  4. I understand the disorganized brain feeling and having so much to say, Rory. When I first started blogging 5 years ago I could sit down and write a post in and publish it within a couple of hours. Over the last two or three years that has really changed. After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s I realized that it is part of the disease. For a while I was having problems with speaking as well. Writing and speaking have both improved since I was first diagnosed but writing is still a challenge. The problem is in organizing my thoughts then translating them into written words. Some times it just feels like the words are trapped in my head. In January this year I decided to write my “55 things” series to challenge myself just to keep on writing. Some times it takes me many hours over the course of many days to write a post but it is something I have to keep on doing.

    1. Hey Ruth – hope you are keeping well na dthe gardening season is starting to award you some joy and not so much back breaking chores 🙂

      I have seen a lot of your 55 Things and they are excellent and also a great training challenge .

      I am currently tryinto train my mind back into three posts a day, very difficult at times, because l am quite comfortable creating four. I just wish l could get my brain to settle for while on one subject.

      1. We are well, thank you. We have lots of seeds started and are most grateful for the hoop house because it is still to cold to set things out. I burned off the asparagus patch today as we hope t see it sprouting in a week or two. It is a busy time and I am thankful for that.

  5. No ritual, no muse here

    I just write whatever comes out.

    Everyone has their own style or way – nothing wrong with that. ✌️

  6. I played a Muse cd yesterday, does that count. My brain is all over the place. But I guess it always is. Climbing, running and my partner helped keep that in check. Currently nothing helping so it’s completely random.

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