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“Definitions of Normality and Perspectives!”

Walk Time 35 Mins

IMG_5312 (2)

Life is always a matter of perspective – one might look at this tree and see a silhouette at dusk and another might see a shadow at dawn – whilst l see a beautiful tree telling me its story!

I was out the door this morning at 6.55am and back inside at 7.30am. 

Despite going to bed very early [12.05am] and chilling out with an episode of The Walking Dead series 9 and switching off my lights at 12.55am and waking up at 5.45am …. l was sluggish this morning and didn’t get out of bed till 6.15am. I didn’t feel very well and was somewhat groggy. My intended 90 minute walk had to be put off and l took a lesser one today on account of a really sore stomach.

Regular readers to my blog will know l have stomach disorders which can at times hinder me enormously physically – l still do things of course – l try not to let them stop me dead in my tracks and trust me they really do try.

IMG_5270 (2)

6.58am Looking at the start of my walk – walking across the field and taking the left slope by the hedge.

IMG_5272 (2)

As l slowly walk down the field by the hedges … a beautiful hazy shot looking out across the field towards the golf course and the sea with the sun still rising into the sky.

IMG_5273 (2)

I have had gastrointestinal problems since 1997 and whilst back then which is now 23 years ago, the problems were slight, by 2004 the problems became more alarming and by 2010 significantly and medically perilous. One of my biggest enemies is actually food itself which is why l am on an at times horribly bland diet and other times l hate eating because l don’t know how my intestines are going to react to just the basics!

Now ten years later my health which has greatly improved on paper in those years and distinctly so since 2014 isn’t fabulous yet or still?? I am oft astonished given how much l have given up on account of it being bad for the body and introduced all that is supposedly good for the body – how remarkably unhealthy l actually feel at times!

IMG_5277 (2)

The pathway is a little more overgrown in some places …

IMG_5282 (2)

But it winds its way around large horse fields.

At 5.45am this morning the sun hadn’t risen – although it was ‘rising’ according to the iPad – it achieved that at 5.49am. As l lay in my bed peering at my blind and being too lazy to roll over and ease it up a bit to see what type of day it was. Once more my iPad came to the rescue and l read it was going to be sunny but windy! l had to think on where l was actually going to walk especially if my stomach was going to be troublesome today.

I decided to take the Reverse Bayview! Sounds way more glamorous than it was, but it was still a good walk all the same … a nice short 35 minutes front door to front door round trip, that allowed me to stretch my legs, build up my crumbling kneecaps and restore some much needed energies into my day even with a groaning stomach.

IMG_5284 (2)

It’s sometimes hard to believe just how much countryside we do have and that there are little walks that are scattered everywhere you look … this little gem is literally on the outskirts of the stable fenceline.

IMG_5285 (2)

But l guess it is how you look at it … your definition or perspective?

IMG_5288 (2)

About how things are captured … and interpreted.

IMG_5290 (2)

Some might just view an ordinary Footpath as a walk through points A & B …

IMG_5306 (2)

…. getting through it as quickly as possible and many a time, just missing … things.

IMG_5291 (2)

Only ever looking through life and not at life …

IMG_5294 (2)

But never truly seeing the wood for the trees …

IMG_5296 (2)

… and never realising that there is always more than one way to look at something.

IMG_5298 (2)

Suze was up marginally earlier than me and was shocked to see me up and about and asked if l wanted to join her on a Nordic pole march which l declined but only on account of the fact that she starts work at 7.45am and in order for her to get walked, showered and breakfasted she would be walking at a speed my stomach wasn’t allowing for. But we have a walk planned for this evening at 5pm and will probably head up to the cliff.

I found myself on the walk not really thinking about that much except for my health and how it is always seemingly the unintentionals and the unintended events that can change your perspective or simply your day. Like this morning, l had every intention of going somewhere else for my walk, but a small glitch blip changed the course of the day … l was somewhat unwell before bed last night – but thought that it would improve with sleep … obviously not!

IMG_5300 (2)

Always just seeing life as a blur and never appreciating the inner beauty right in front of their eyes.

Like yesterday as another example of sorts … l don’t often see many people now, and not so many delivery drivers, the occasional one and once every two to four days the postman delivers and we have a small chat. Like this morning l got some plant slips delivered and l was like … what are these?? They were things l had ordered in January for delivery late March. Oh well better late than never.

I digressed there, but yesterday l was out the front doing some soil/compost transfer front to back garden work and a delivery turned up for Suze. Something she had ordered first week of last month and l had a small conversation with the driver. A chap l have come to know over the last few years and l often ask him how he is, his family, work and if he ‘is’ alright. His answer however was slightly different from the last time we spoke which was just under three weeks ago …

IMG_5305 (2)

“There is nothing so beautiful, lovable and moving as the English countryside.”


IMG_5314 (2)

I long for the countryside. That’s where I get my calm and tranquillity – from being able to come and find a spot of green.

Emilia Clarke

“You were originally one of a few in this village who would ask how l was and not just now, but long before this struck. However what l have noticed is that as this has gone on for longer and lockdown is extended, more and more people are starting to truly appreciate the underdog professions. I am no longer just a non person who delivers, but a person who is considered essential to life and living it!  This Coronavirus has made me stop and think and look at life very differently, but more impressively – it has made a lot of people start to appreciate life more.”

I agreed with him, that these events are making more and more people slowly start to look at and examine their lives and is THIS what they truly want from it? That people are going to really look at every aspect of their life once this is ‘finally over’ and that alone as a statement will never be true again … it’s only the foolish and or the naive or the overly optimistic and or shallowheads who seemingly believe the world is just going to return to how it was.

More and more people are realising that yesterday’s way of life and living is now long gone and it will never return and this changes people’s perspectives on everything, working together, being together and socialising together and of all the changes that one will impact everything.

IMG_5319 (2)

What’s normal anyway if not but differing perspectives?

But something else and that is what Neal [delivery driver was saying] and that people ARE finally starting to appreciate other people, community spirit and communities and neighbours again. That they are now looking at all the ‘what were once classed as ‘ “Inconsequential People!” as people again.

That whilst sure,  we DO have the Internet and that we can work our lives around digitally and electronically and in cyber orientation – but just how important the essential people are still … that for way too many years they have been trodden underfoot and undervalued and YET if not for those people – postal workers, delivery drivers, nurses, care workers, people services people, utility workers, shop assistants, waiters and counter staff, warehouse workers  – and the list continues … that THESE people are people too … and if not for them – the world would come to a standstill!

What l have noticed in Britain alone in the last twenty years is the increased rise of the fat cat, the greedy, the selfish, the arrogant, the ignorant, the ‘the world owes me everything’ and that list also goes on … BUT if not for the underdogs  – those that are behind the scenes – would our societies have survived this C-19 Global Pandemic with the current worldwide shitty attitude that people have towards other people?

IMG_5320 (2)

Homeward bound…

So sure ‘Life needs to continue’ but LIFE doesn’t need to return to the so called ‘normal life’ we used to have does it? It shouldn’t do anyway …. for all those who wanted to have normal defined – then go ahead – define this.

IMG_5312 (2)

Such a truly beautiful tree taken at a slightly different angle and not in full morning shadows.

Catch you tomorrow – have a lovely day wherever you are in this crazy world of ours!

Thanks for reading.


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22 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. Great walk Rory! Even more grater since you were not feeling well! Sometimes I think nature helps in lots of ways!
    I hope people will be better after this because this planet needs it!

    1. Hey Ribana, today has been tricky, normally l can kick these stomach pains in the first four hours of waking, this time it has continued. I was going to garden, but that can wait .. walking was good but it did knacker me a little.

      I agree, l hope people will be better too – they actually owe it to both themselves and the planet.

  2. The conversation you had with Neal is pretty much like the conversation we had this morning with our Uber driver. Lovely walk, once again I say, you are so lucky. (Pretty music BTW)

    1. Hey Grace, Uber Drivers – these are Taxi drivers yes? Also highly undervalued people in yesterday’s world – it’s a service that people took advantage of and never thought twice about.

      Glad you liked the walk, hope you and hubby are keeping well 🙂

      1. Uber and Lyft drivers are people who use their own cars to provide rides like a taxi service. You use an app to request a ride and you are charged by distance unlike metered cabs (taxis) where you are charged by time. Uber UK lost it’s license to operate in London but it still operates in other parts of the UK.

  3. Sorry to read that your tummy is grumpy. I know GI issues too and they can DEMAND your attention. I hope it eases.
    Another Gorgeous walk! It looks like you’re spoiled for choice. You could spend months never taking the same walk. Nature changes with the hours and the seasons.
    It’s good that people are starting to recognize and appreciate the underdog professions. I wonder if the change in perspective will last? My cynicism says that many will try to go back to the unreachable past. That’s exactly how we got into this mess…politicians trying to bring back the 50s.

    Hope you’re feeling better!💌

    1. Wow, l am seriously impressed with your mention to the 50’s Grandma 🙂 That is exactly where the American Dream commenced and where it was born and yet in the same breath started to die. By the time the middle 80’s arrived – the crashes and reality of realisation then started to move in.

      Awesome comment.

      But yes l too fear many will try and resume life as it was not willing to accept that it really has gone.

      1. I guess my goofiness hides my sharp intellect well😉😂😂 I was just thinking as I typed that comment out, about how you’ve been playing 50s music… we’re on the same wavelength 🤔💃🏼✨🌠

  4. Thanks for another beautiful walk and the lovely music, Rory! Sorry to hear your tummy was acting up. Do hope it has improved by now! Wishing you well, Dear!

  5. Thanks for sharing your walk with us and thoughts. This is absolutely spot on that out appreciation for people around us has increased. May be we are being humanized again.
    Lovely pictures.

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