Theme Times – Top Lockdown Movies!! #2

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Disclaimer – Pandemic, Disaster, Outbreak and Did l Say Pandemic Orientated Theme Yet?


Top Lockdown Movies!! #1

Contagion, Shaun of the Dead, The Last Days, The Crazies, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Village of the Damned, Day of the Triffids, Blindness, I Am Legend, Outbreak, Carriers, Flu, Doomsday, 28 Weeks Later and 28 Days Later.

Top Lockdown Movies!! #2

Children of Men, World War Z, The Omega Man, The Andromeda Strain, The Stand, 12 Monkeys, Cabin Fever, Resident Evil 1 – 6, 93 Days and Cargo

What is it about Outbreak, Pandemic and Disaster Horror genres that people love? Well the answers may be varied  – ultimately it comes down the following reasons: being able to control your ‘own’ environment and therefore your survival, to remind ourselves that we ‘can’ survive if we work together, to get an idea of what to expect worse case scenario … maybe, possibly and probably, to try and understand ourselves better in so far as would we personally survive an end of the world scenario and what IS the worst that could happen? Obviously not zombies …………………………….. BUT! 

In part 1 we looked at 15 of my personal favourites and in part 2 we are going to continue that listing and here they are …. my next 15! The last and final 6 will be later on this week.

Theme Times – Top Lockdown Movies!! #2


16 – Children of Men – 2006

In 2027, 18 years of human infertility have left society on the verge of extinction. When one woman miraculously gets pregnant, Theo, a bureaucrat, must transport her to safety.

17 – World War Z – 2013

Gerry, a former United Nations employee, unexpectedly finds himself in a race against time as he investigates a threatening virus that turns humans into zombies.

18 – The Omega Man – 1971

Dr. Neville has to develop an antidote to a virus that has destroyed humankind in a biological war and left infected humans as zombie-like creatures while trying to survive attacks by the creatures.

19 – The Andromeda Strain – 1971

A satellite crashes near a tiny Arizona town. After everyone in the community dies within days, a few scientists are called upon to study and defeat the alien virus that accompanied the satellite.

20 – The Stand – 1994

A four-part miniseries tells the horror story of King’s “The Stand.” A supervirus that leaked from a lab kills most of the population in what appears to be The Plague (Part 1). The survivors share The Dreams (Part 2). Then they fight to stay alive as they break into groups of good and evil in The Betrayal (Part 3). The Stand (Part 4) between good and evil is the final episode.

21 – 12 Monkeys – 1995

James Cole, a convict, decides to volunteer for a mission, wherein he has to travel back in time to learn about the main reason behind the outbreak of a virulent holocaust.

22 – Cabin Fever – 2002

A group of school friends rent a cabin in the woods and kill an ailing man, whose disease spreads among them, forcing them to take drastic measures to survive.

23 – Resident Evil – 2002 – 2017

Alice and Rain, two members of an elite commando team, fight hordes of flesh-eating zombies controlled by an evil supercomputer in a genetic research facility.

24 – Resident Evil – 2002 – 2017

Alice wakes up to find that Raccoon city is infested with zombies and monsters. She tries her best to find a way out of the city before it is too late.

25 – Resident Evil – 2002 – 2017

Several years after the Raccoon City disaster caused by the T-virus, the survivors, including Alice, try their best to get justice and bring the owner of Umbrella Corporation, Albert Wesker, to task.

26 – Resident Evil – 2002 – 2017

Alice leads a group of survivors to Arcadia, a safe haven somewhere in Alaska. Once there, they learn that the place is being used as a trap to lure more survivors and infect them with the T-virus.

27 – Resident Evil – 2002 – 2017

When Alice learns that the Umbrella Corporation’s deadly virus is inching towards destroying the human race, she decides to hunt down the people responsible for unleashing the virus.

28 – Resident Evil – 2002 – 2017

Alice, a rogue warrior, joins forces with her allies and returns to Raccoon City to attack The Hive, who has plans on unleashing its final strike on the last remaining survivors of the apocalypse.

29 – 93 Days – 2016

When the deadliest infectious disease, Ebola, known to man arrives in Lagos, 21 million people are affected.

30 – Cargo – 2017

Stranded in rural Australia in the aftermath of a violent pandemic, an infected father desperately searches for a new home for his infant child and a means to protect her from his own changing nature.

So there we go folks – part #2 of the Top Lockdown movies – are there any here you have seen, liked, loved, hated, never seen … and what about your favourites? Maybe they’ll appear in #3…which by the way – what do you think will be in the last 6?

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13 thoughts on “Theme Times – Top Lockdown Movies!! #2

      1. I didn’t had the energy to watch it again. Another thing that I have noticed is that now I enjoy watching movies at home with subtitles on. I don’t get some of the dialogue in the theater! Getting old, I suppose 😄

  1. I haven’t seen 12 Monkeys, 93 Days or Cargo…
    I was thinking to tell you to add Children of Men, but you already did. Excellent movie!! And as I said before, we love Alice at Casa Cuckoo!!

  2. I have never seen Resident Evil. Not even played it. Must sort that out. I remember years ago watching a brill Ian Bannen epic about a pollution like plague thing. Called Doomwatch. Must track that down again.

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