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Morning Musings

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“Flare of the Leg!”

Walk Time 65 Mins

Yesterday Suze and l spent an entire day in the garden, l was attending to weeding, hot composting spin, normal composting spin and shredding whilst Suze attended to planting out the 50 or so ‘plantlings’ – it was a hard day but thankfully the weather was kinder and warmer.

The planting out of the beans and courgettes etc was initially set up for the weekend of 11th and 12th April, but the UK experienced a sudden drop in temperature and polar weather fronts moved in to many parts of the country. This far south mostly we avoided the real icy drops, but in comparison to the previous week it was cold – so we delayed the planting out till the weekend just gone.

Last week l also took a break out from the gardening – l couldn’t actually do anything except water the seeds l had planted, and l decided to leave the compost to its own devices for a full seven days. The previous week l had been turning almost daily the hot compost pile. Last week also l didn’t create nor publish any gardening posts, although there will be a few this week – an update, a mini series wrap up and the start to the new composting series.

IMG_5269 (2)

This morning at 6.55am looking out across the fields towards the sea.

IMG_5219 (2)

Additionally, last week was an odd week as well in so far Suze went ‘Lockdown Limbo Bat Shit Crazy on me for a few days and it was a scary time. She is now fine and started to come good by Saturday – but we did have a sit down talk and l had to read her part of the riot act as we have quite a bit of restriction to still come with a bare minimum of another three weeks!  But even then that was no guarantee  on many counts – so basically “Get your shit together!!” was the order of the day!

IMG_5211 (2)

This morning’s destination [Badger’s Copse [small wooded area top left]

This pulled her out of her ‘depressed mode’ and she started to come ‘good’ and become more positive. Thank the stars!!

We are very, very lucky where we are in so far as confinement and lock down. We have both sea and beautiful countryside walks within 10 minutes walking distance of where we live and the truth is really about 8 minutes!

Suze conceded to missing her family, missing Scrappy and missing the freedom to do as she so wished.But also her lack of sleep was really causing her a lot of problems.

IMG_5215 (2)

Quite unassuming as you near it …

I said l understood how she felt and agreed that this lockdown was way easier on me on account that l wasn’t that social, didn’t need interaction daily and also wasn’t working in an office with other people. But she needed to be grateful that she did have her health and her family were within communications ease because of the way our lives are today.  “Can you imagine this happening during the era of Dial Up Internet??”  However … l have said that l am here for her and we will get through this together as we have so many other obstacles as a couple … but to try and be mindful of others feelings when she is blowing her corks!

The sleep problem is a big one and whilst she could take sleeping tablets she doesn’t wish to get hooked on them – but she slept well last night on account of being out in the garden combined with her longer morning walk … l suggested that in order to ensure her a much healthier nights sleep, that her daily discipline and routines would have to include walking, being outside, endless wild and abandoned sexual activity and basically just to keep herself as stimulated mentally and physically as she could so as to knacker her out daily …. she agreed on all counts and gave me a Suze one eyebrow arched glare for some of the others!

IMG_5218 (2)

I mean .. what’s magical about this?? It’s an oversized bush … right??

Well can’t blame a guy for being an optimist can you? Sex is excellent for burning up calories!

However that all aside … she seems to be back on track which is just as well as we are now officially on our fourth week with potentially another three weeks possibly maybe and probably. With schools maybe never returning … and the over 70’s potentially being under lockdown for a further year.

My mother is NOT a big swearer – she used to swear like a pig farmer when younger [something she denies] but upon hearing that she swore ‘Not Flucking bloody likely!!” She is 80 this year in June and is very healthy. When l consider my father died in October 2018 at 80 – but he never looked after himself properly – whereas my mother does. I think she might see 100 –  she is a hypochondriac – [has been all her life – although when l was living at home as a youngster in the 60’s – 80’s she subjected me to munchausen by proxy]. But she is most assuredly not wishing to be restricted any further!

IMG_5225 (2)

So this little path takes us into the eerie Badger’s Copse?

Anyways – l digressed. I was in bed early last night on account of being seriously tired myself [even without wild abandoned sex proving Suze’s theory – mm, may need to research this!] and by 12.15am l was switching my light off and l awoke at 6.30am with a mission! To get up and basically walk – shower, shave and shit afterwards!

I achieved this and was out of bed and dressed by 6.40am – it was a BBBBBBBBeautiful day with blue skies and a strong sun, yes a slight wind, but nothing a few layers couldn’t beat! I was achy as hell when l slipped between the covers last night, but decided that like with drinking and the hair of the dog, what l would experience in the morning was the flare of the leg! I would get up and walk off my aches and pain, cramps and creaks!!

This morning’s walk was to head towards a nice little off the beaten track wood that Scrappy and l used to walk a lot – a nice straight trek through the countryside to what is sometimes referred to as Badger’s Copse! What l truly love about the ‘Copse’ is that it has some really lovely relaxing trees. Scrappy used to love this little copse because of all the nooks and crannies, but also it has a certain fantastical magical element to it. [I have added a sauna filter to the photographs inside the copse]

Just through here ….

IMG_5226 (2)

IMG_5245 (2)

You can just chill out and relax in here … whilst the world outside carries on … you are almost in a different world by yourself here!

IMG_5244 (2)

Look to the outskirts of the Copse and see the day or alternatively look into the Copse itself and see … so walk with me for a while.

IMG_5241 (2)

IMG_5240 (2)

IMG_5239 (2)

IMG_5236 (2)

IMG_5232 (2)

IMG_5228 (2)

And when done, you leave through here ….

IMG_5252 (2)

…………….. I know right? How magical is that? It sets you up for the day. Afterwards l walked back home, showered and blah blah … started my day! As l say to Suze, we are very, very lucky here.

I have a busy week ahead of me and with the new drive of daily discipline and routines l need to be getting to bed earlier and getting up earlier to fit everything into a meagre 24 hour day. Huh! Who would have thought that in a world of loose time, l am now struggling to find enough hours in a given day?!

Catch you tomorrow – have a lovely day wherever you are in this crazy world of ours!

Thanks for reading.


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36 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. I’m so glad you were able to get some gardening done.

    Wow, I hadn’t thought older people would be expected to stay at home for another year. That’s tragic!

    1. Hey Astrid – it’s very worrying … l mean sure there are a lot of very old at heart 70+ year olds, who will not be so bothered by this, but then 70 isn’t old and that’s a hell of a restriction.

  2. A very positive start of the week!
    I’m glad fir both of you!
    Nature and gardening always help 😉
    Magical place Rory! The pictures seems really from a fantasy 😊😉
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Hey Ribana, many thanks – yes it is very quiet, it is about 300 foot long and 75 feet wide and no one ever walks it because of all the rabbit and badger holes and dogs off lead raiding said holes, but it’s a nice memory walk.

      I have another planned tomorrow and if l can get up early enough will take that one 🙂

  3. Ooohhh sunshine! How awesome!! Your photos are beautiful – how peaceful! And you have the sea right there? Ohhh the smell must be amazing too! You are very lucky.

    I’m glad to hear things going so well! Have an incredible day!

    Ps… lol on your mother swearing 🤬… I only do that when I drive and since there’s no one on the roads I don’t swear anymore lol 😄✌️

  4. I think that copse contains some Dryads. Very magical!!✨💫
    Thank you for showing us! Natural magic is uplifting any time, but early mornings have their own magic too.

    1. Oh it is indeed a magical copse, l am often surprised that walkers ignore its beauty and not just dog walkers. It might be that most walkers head to the bigger one to the right.

        1. Maybe so, that’s very true – l have seen things in there and my sight at times feels much stronger – but l am always renewed after being in there 🙂

            1. Your eyes are not deceiving you, if you look at the images again, as you enter the woods [even with my sauna filter overlay] Look at image 6 and find the feline man face – that copse is filled with shadows and figures – l have been there at various times of the day, l’ll NOT go in after 6 pm ………….

  5. I love the way you compose these posts, Rory! The text, the pictures, the music, all intertwined. Beautifully done, indeed! Thank you again, for sharing!

  6. Hey Rory, you guys are really lucky to live where you do. It’s beautiful. I am happy things have been sorted out between you and Suze. All the best my friend.

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