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A Guy Called Bloke Sleep Day

Paula of Light Motifs II  and l would like to wish one and all, yes that’s right folks – everyone a totally chill pill Sleep Day Sunday – be careful out there!


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I love the 50's

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Suzanne of Ellie894  who has requested some great songs from the master of the fifties ‘ Nat King Cole’ well righty-o mummy-o here we go!


Route 66 – Nat King Cole Trio – 1957

Make Her Mine – Nat King Cole – 1952

Too Young – Nat King Cole – 1952

The Very Thought Of You – Nat King Cole – 1958

A Cottage For Sale – Nat King Cole – 1957




I’m a musician at heart, I know I’m not really a singer. I couldn’t compete with real singers. But I sing because the public buys it.

Nat King Cole

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Have a totally awesome day folks!

Be safe and healthy!

26 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. Mm haven’t started sleeping for Sunday yet but now will get going on that task. Thanks for the reminder! Will put in extra 💤 ‘s just in case…

  2. Good morning Rory 😊
    It’s hard to imagine Nat thinking he wasn’t a singer, but he was right, musician at heart. You can hear it in every note. Thank you and have a beautiful day 😊🎶✨

      1. Wonderful! Time in the garden is a joy, joyful work. Raining here today. ☔️
        Best wishes with the beans 🌱and a lovely Sunday to you as well 😊

  3. Our carrot and termater seeds finally arrived, right after Daughter cancelled the order and requested a refund🤦‍♀️ Oh, Murphy and his jokes.
    Younger Daughter is going to try growing some veggies in containers at her house. Both daughters remember our ginormous garden of their youth and they’re both wanting to make their own.

    It’s because I talked to them about you and your garden that they were reminded. Your gardening “seed” has been planted all the way in SoCal. Well done JB!

    I hope your beans are/were cooperative and you don’t acquire any new injuries.

    Fantastic tunes! Nat was/is a King for sure. Thanks to Suzanne!🎶💃🏼 and now I’m going to try to follow Paula advice for the day😴💤

    1. There will be a gardening post update tomorrow .. l took a week out last week, and allowed things to grow on a bit – the cold snap we experienced put pay to plants going out. But Suze worked hard today on planting beans. I turned compost . and from next week will be catching up on the series .. glad that finally your seeds turned up – we are still waiting for plants and slips and things very annoying in truth considering some were ordered by me back in January. Rather annoyingly we bought some plants to replace the ones that didn’t turn up only to receive an email to say these too would be delayed.

      I wrote back and said then you should be advertising availability in three days and also requested a refund only to be advised that l had best check the news – did l NOT realise there was a global pandemic on???

      1. Companies have been fucking us over forever and we all just take it and say “Thank You”, because why raise a fuss, why get trapped in an endless loop of “customer service”… I think that now that people are on lockdown and scared, they’re getting angry. It’s about time, honestly. People need to stop accepting getting screwed over and businesses need to learn that without customers, they have nothing.

        1. Well that’s very true … l sent their response to me to both the Ombardsmen and the local paper of where they are based … be interesting to see who answers first 🙂

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