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There are times in our lives, all our lives when the world simply does not make any sense. We share the ups, downs and losses – we see the good times, the bad times and the downright ugliest of life presented on a daily basis, but as they say apparently life goes on – and of course they are right, life just goes on …. and so too do we …


“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Leo Tolstoy


Change is a remarkable thing … and yet although people talk of change they never challenge the change proving that change is indeed a remarkable thing to those who take those steps …. But how many challenge that change and accept it without blinking?


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7 thoughts on “Random Quotes 527#

  1. Change is difficult and scary. I have found though that the change is never as hard as the fear makes it seem to be.
    Change for the better, I mean.
    Slipping into bad habits is too easy. Before you know it, you’ve gone miles down the wrong road and have to figure out how to get back, or close to.

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