Rurbits, Furbits and Squzzlies Furry Comradery!!!

Rurbits, Furbits and Squzzlies Furry Comradery!!!

Don’t be calling me a Wabbit,
It’s a mightily bad and nasty habit!
How many times have l said this?
Yet still you dismiss …
… me like l am an imbecile,
Which is quite unforgivable
In no shape whimsical!
But from you – hopelessly typical!

It matters not to you, just how awful,
…. you make me feel with your pointless waffle!
Your bombastic emotion…
Which stirs and forces uncontrolled commotion!
From my daily hop and roll and toil..
…oh no, as long as you are not taken off the boil,
or fall foul to foil …
…. and turmoil!

Warrens to rabbit holes and ditches
…. let’s not make your life filled with glitches!
Golly jeepers we can’t have you feeling indignant!
Matters not if we chant, for you it’s simply we can’t!
No – Furbits like you, warriors of the open plain,
… are not designed to fall victim to campaigns,
From frumps such as us!
… who are we Wabbits to make such a fuss?

Furbits and Wabbits and Squzzlies too,
… excepting that it is actually Rurbits as part of the crew!
In the Woodland News today …
…. l did so read l have to say!
That a gathering is now to be called a Furry Soiree!
… so stick that into your pot and pourri!
No longer are we Wabbits alone,
… You can no longer use that shifty tone!

We do so now have the rights to boycott,
… should we wish to, we also could stop!
Referring to you as Furbits and simply call you Hares!
So there!
What do you think to that?
…. how would that be if we slapped…
That onto your afternoon?
Bet you’d not be over the moon!

Yet, we don’t … because we ex Wabbits,
… are not into the nasty habits,
Of being rude to camera shine star …
Furbits who seemingly forget just how far..
… we Rurbits have come into the world of satin!
We are not imaginary, we are  now Easter Pattern!
Tell us do please, when was the last time,
…. you found victory on celebrated showtime?

I mean, even the squzzlies are behind such matters,
…. we Rurbits have waistcoated and mad hatters!
What do the squzzlies have as a treat?
… just peanuted butters in lidded jars that they eat!
But we ex Wabbits, Rurbits as we are to be known,
… well we have days named after us and iced scones!
We have shiny glittery foiled Eggs that are Chocolated too,
So, no , we Rurbits are not into the habit of trying to out do!

No need to salute us, or bow your head in respect,
… we Rurbits do not expect,
Such things – BUT – be done with the eye rolls,
… and your horrible in house Hare jokes, you trolls!
… Your dreadful comments abour flea ridden Wabbits
And your down right horrible Furbit habits,
Just treat us all with friendship and equality…
Rurbits, Furbits and Squzzlies furry comradery!!!

© Rory Matier 2020

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This nonsensical Easter albeit belated Poem is the prompt response to the following prompters and many thanks to each and every one of you – Sadje, Di and Fandango too.

What do you see # 25 – 13 April 2020

Sadje of Keep it Alive



Take Seven: 17th April

Di of Pensitivity 101

Awful, camera, emotion, eye, flea, foil, force, frump, hop, imaginary, jar, lid, like, matt, satin, shift. shine, star, stir, treat, victory.



Fandango of This, That and The Other

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21 thoughts on “Rurbits, Furbits and Squzzlies Furry Comradery!!!

    1. Wow, I think you’ve outdone yourself with this post, Rory! 29 prompt words…a whole week’s worth of Di’s 3TC words and eight FOWC with Fandango prompt words used seamlessly in one post. 👍

  1. What a wonderful poem. You’re wabbits are quite cheery and peppy.
    Thanks for including my prompt in your poem.

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