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Do some people create confusion on purpose or is it just natural to them? 

Rory Matier


“Never hide things from hardcore thinkers. They get more aggravated, more provoked by confusion than the most painful truths.”

Criss Jami


The Perils of Apps!

Apps will destroy the world and society will all let it happen!

Pretty soon there will be an app that will ‘think’ for you – yes you alone, it will think for you, it will decide for you, it will make ultimate decisions for you and you will let it!

As so many people don’t like to read any more, this crazy app will look at the content and decide whether you need it, if not off it goes – discarded.

If however it decides you need this info, hell don’t worry at night when you are asleep, it will download the info into your lazy brain, and you will let it! And you will not even have to have seen it or let alone know you have digested it.

Wow fantastic huh?  

Rory Matier 2014


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11 thoughts on “Random Quotes 526#

    1. A lot of these dated Quotes comes from my Facebook Wall in a feature they have called ‘Memories’ or something.

      I remember making this entry at the time and saying to my Wall that all these crazy apps people are so keyed up for, will lead to perilousproblems in the future … l was laughed at.

        1. Actually worse are the idjuts that see a conspiracy around every corner – not all conspiracy theory practitioners are idjits but the imbecile ones scare me the most idiotic idjuts going .. what’s worse is occasionally they are voted into seriously high positions of power … mm let me think?

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