Nifty Lockdown Hacks Anyone?

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Nifty Lockdown Hacks Anyone?

Suze is struggling a little bit with the Lockdown and is seeming to be in a kind of Limbo – it is a little disorientating for me if honest … l have of course raised this as a topic in the last week and made mention to it in previous questions and other series …. but despite working from home and having that organisation element to her day she is finding her discipline is struggling and waning a little bit with the social side and this is unbalancing her more than she ever thought it would.

With the unbalancing issues she finds that her head is all over the place – she has so much to do with all this so called extra time and YET ….mmm??

So we were discussing just prior to my post what motivational hacks or discipline reminders is everyone applying to make their personal time more productive?

I don’t really have this problem, as l write down absolutely everything and have wall planners and schedules so l pretty much know what l am doing each and every day – or in the case with my writing – l have such a wide variety of topics to write about, that l can pick and choose reflectively based upon my actual mood of the day.

So how are you keeping yourself busy, disciplined and socially active and more importantly – how are you reminding yourself to perform these tasks? 

Do you have any Fun Lockdown Hacks?

Let’s see if we can make ourselves a fun list …

Here’s some ideas from me …



Create a wall planner or a weekly schedule for things you want to do and make it as colourful as you wish so it serves a fun aspect as well.



Create a fun social activity wall planner – showing who you phoned and what day and how long you were on call with them – be this landline, mobile, Whatsapp, Skype or whatever platform.



Create a Pot of Work – find yourself a jar – then write down all the jobs you want to do, need to do, would like to do and so on,  on bits of paper. Fold them up, and drop them into the jar. Each day, shake the jar up, pick out a piece of paper and that’s your task for the day.

So what fun hacks have you got for making Lockdown Limbo not so painful?

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15 thoughts on “Nifty Lockdown Hacks Anyone?

  1. I am even busier than before the lockdown. So if you have someone to homeschool, then my input can be helpful, otherwise I’m afraid I haven’t any hacks, fun or otherwise. 😉😊

  2. A lot of people are doing online courses to learn a new language.
    There are kinds of courses available too.

    Create a lockdown cookbook

    Write actual paper & ink letters to friends & family.

    I’m blogging my days which as you know are quite busy

    Have a virtual dance party with friends/family

    Dress up in outrageously silly clothes and walk around your neighborhood to give everyone a smile.


  3. I had been spring cleaning and organizing – also making sure I’m in order for return… any busy work I can find to occupy

    If she’s missing the social connection – FaceTime or Skype or whatever else … I sometimes play games on my phone or on a game system to connect with my peeps (like my brother and nephew)

    Movies are always awesome… I prefer comedies cause it helps the mood… you laugh – maybe pick a movie of the day together or each one pick a movie every other day?

    Walks are always calming

    Maybe make a dinner and set it up like a favorite restaurant – pretend … no one says grown ups can’t pretend lol

    If you are looking to connect together more… there is a thing called 36 questions…

    Coloring is soothing too if you have those things… they have adult coloring books

    What does she love?

    Maybe cooking together could be fun?

    What is something you always remember her to love doing? (Other than shopping if she was a shopper – then I can’t help you lol)

    Exercise together?

    Snuggling or sex? Doesn’t always have to be sex, can just be close if that’s a thing?

    I have an app on my phone that every single day it gives me a question… today’s question is… “what’s the most creative thing you have done recently?” Lol … I made crazy recipes with what I had left before shopping – some went over nicely, some did not lol

    It’s just a fun little app of questions everyday… what makes a good friend? What are you exploring? That sorta thing.

    Walking to explore new places nearby ? Maybe notice things you didn’t slow down and take the time to really notice before?

    I also like to use music in several ways … my friends and I share music sometimes cause it’s nice to find new stuff or remember the old… it can be fun – like name that tune sometimes. There is also a fun music app we have called “song pop” – if she loves music she will love it!! I play that with my family ❤️ my brother and sister, some friends etc

    Try to find something to draw her attention off of this. I have to do that myself too.

    Hope she finds something to ease her spirit a little ✌️

    Also… staying away from the news and possibly social media – although for some.. social media right now is needed – I just can’t handle it myself.

    The news only adds panic to me, so I stay away other than what absolutely needed to know.

    Does she write? As in have a blog or a journal? That is also helpful if she is that type.

    Painting? That can be calming also. Takes your mind away ✌️

    Hope some of this helps ✌️

    1. Hey Good morning Omatra, l think it must just be morning in your part of the world judging on a comment you made earlier this week 🙂

      This is an excellent list and one l shall going through slowly and adding to the list and awarding you a huge credit with thanks 🙂

      1. I have 2 of these apps … but I can only currently find one of them on the App Store… the other one is gone…

        It will ask you 1 question everyday… you answer simply and then in 1 year or over the years – it shows you your answer from 1 year ago – it’s really cool – you will like it…

        The one I still see on the App Store is called…
        “Question Diary” should be free

        The other one is not on the US App Store anymore but maybe yours? That one is called ..

        Hope it helps ✌️

          1. You are very welcome – hope it helps …

            That song game “song pop” is awesome too… you can even pick the genre you know the best… is like a name that tune game – I have so much fun playing that with my people!!

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