Do You Want To Know A Secret?

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Blogging Insights # 24 – A Word of Advice – Prompt by Tanya of Salted Caramel


Blogging Insights #24

Do You Want To Know A Secret?


What advice would you give someone launching their blog for the first time?

There’s lots of information out there on ‘how to blog’ but the first thing to truly work on as opposed to structure, layout and themes or whatever is who you want to be. The second thing is …. why you want to be that person? Once you understand that, the rest and everything else can be learned as you journey or it will fall into place as you discover more about your personal styles. 

Take time to discover your true voice and the true you – this might take you a while and if it does, don’t be alarmed. Your blog needs to evolve with you and needs to breathe as you do – your blog needs to become you and you need to become your blog and as your blog becomes your visual voice to an audience, this can take time to establish, be created and be heard properly.

Blogging is a journey – a really fun filled walk into the unknown and eventually you’ll see a light and that’ll NOT be end of the tunnel, but the beginning of all your adventures.

Whilst reading up on ‘blogging’ may award you some snippets ultimately who you are is going to shine or not through your craft – be this your written words, your poetry, your fiction, your art or your photography or whatever you have chosen to display to the world

Don’t try and be someone you are not – work to discover your inner blogger and continually work to be you and if needs be don’t worry about occasionally rebelling against tradition and conventionality and old school – sometimes that has to happen for your development.

Don’t be afraid to be different to strike a pose as they say … don’t just be different be unique – everyone can be different – so try to be totally ‘younique’.

It took me a long time to truly understand what and who l wanted to be and how and why l was going to deliver it to the readers in the way and style that l do now. The time it took me to a clearer path of understanding was just under two years … and l am still learning and still changing and still chasing.

Be regular to your craft, if you are once a week comfortably then do that religiously, if you are more frequent then do that – but whatever you do …. be consistent. Try to avoid large gaps of non-activity.

Finally, never stop learning … once you do, you’ll have lost your passion for Being Different.

What would you tell them to do that you were not able to do?

I wasn’t not able to anything …. l was totally new to blogging and discovered things by accident, exploration or just researching and or asking my readership. All l can advise here would be ‘to not be afraid to ask someone or the community for help’, this can easily be done by raising a question post.

What is something that YOU did but you would strongly tell a new blogger NOT to do?

I personally can’t think of anything l did that was considered taboo or inappropriate …. but each to their own and each writer, author or blogger will be writing to an audience that will either read or follow them and continue to read from them or they will not.

All l can reiterate is spend time finding your style … if you have chosen to write in a specific way, continue that style or evolve your blog to reflect the changes. You might be a short content or a long content writer, you might be a classic poet or a rhyming poet, you might be an established and published author or a newbie writer, a fiction writer, a photographer, a salesperson, a chef or an artist and the list goes on of who you might be……………. who you are isn’t down to anyone but you to define.

Don’t let conventionality or old school define you, let you and your learning experiences define your true style. If you think something is wrong for you personally or it makes you uncomfortable – my advice is simple – it probably is – don’t do it.

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Thanks for reading everyone and my thanks to Dr Tanya for the question.

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