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End of Series 1 – Game 8 Results

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The nature of this game for the writer is to Create and Flash Fictionalise a story of no more than 300 words on a snippet of eavesdropped conversation that l provide.

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The last Games ‘snippet’ back story …

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“Do you have to keep pulling at it like that – there in the doorway for everyone to see??”

This snippet is from 1989 in Dover, Kent, ironically, not that far from where l sit typing today about an incident 31 years ago!  I was living in Dover and l had a ‘girlfriend’ or really l guess it would be easier to say a friend with benefits and l was just coming down the stairs from her home when l saw in the doorway a naked man!? He was involved in what l initially thought was some kind of ‘waving’ from his mid drfit …..

I recognised him from his haircut which was short back and sides, and knew him to be a ‘Josh’, who lived two floors above my own friend and was a squaddie who l also knew to be home on leave.

“Josh what are you doing??!” I said to his back once l had hit the landing.

Josh turned around, and l saw his enormous manhood throbbing in his hand and l was left a little speechless, which trust ME doesn’t often happen! I gathered my thoughts together and repeated my question to Josh who had turned back and continued to hand job himself! “Do you have to keep pulling at it like that – there in the doorway for everyone to see??” I asked him.

He turned around once more and answered, “I am not pulling it for everyone to see just her!” With that comment his girlfriend poked her head around the doorway from street level and said hello, before sinking to her knees!

“You are joking? Seriously, do you two have no shame?” I asked laughing

Before she was otherwised engaged she simply answered … “If you were me, you’d probably do the same! So don’t act all coy Mr Friends with Benefits!”

I left the two of them on the doorstep and walked away giggling to myself …. “Yeah probably!”

Ah the eighties, they were the days!!!


So there we have it!

No one participated in this particular snippet. No there are no results to share. This was also the last game for Series 1. Series 2 will commence in the Autumn. My thanks to everyone who took part.

The Things People Say Everyday Folks JPEG

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  1. I’m sorry I missed that prompt, but there were extenuating circumstances (i.e. the whole dental debacle from hell). I would have been pleased to write something for that and look forward to Autumn and a re-start of this really fun game! Thanks Rory! <3 (SMH….doing it right in the doorway and starkers to boot. Hope he had a nice booty to look at …. ❓

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