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I still have my tomorrows…

Walk Time 30 Mins

IMG_4641 (2)

Unidentified pink flower …. anyone?

I have taken to walking in the mornings earlier than normal, by this l mean before the time l was walking Scrappy or in truth, Scrappy’s memory which was around the 8.30am time. Now l am walking between 7-7.30am. By this time Suze is already out on her own morning walk – normally she is gone by around 6.30-6.45am – l don’t tend to join her for that walk as it is a ‘power Nordic walk’ as in pole walking and my body cannot take the jarring impact of that style or speed of exercise. We take a walk in the evening as a couple.

IMG_4681 (2)

Natural Tree Art

So in the mornings l take a stroll around my neighbourhood and these are usually camera strolls, a more relaxed walking style that doesn’t cause injury to my right knee which really needs a replacement cap from an injury of well over thirty years ago now and it is weaker, way weaker than it was as little as five years ago when it was already weakened. I have a long faded scar across the knee, a gentle ragged reminder of days in my youth when l was just becoming a man and grief decided to aggressively impact into my life.

IMG_4643 (2)

I love trees, l love the beauty of the trees found in their branches and boughs it is an art that is oft overlooked by walkers who never seemingly ‘look up’.

My shoulder could not take the impact of the poles, my eyes are sore because l am allergic to my own compost [why am l surprised?], l have daily headaches through a brain constantly over thinking and analysing everything … and the list of aches and strains goes on … to the observer l look healthy and fit and yet the truth is a little more damning … but hey l DO have my health as opposed to many across the globe that do not – so for that l am thankful … l am tired, weary and fatigued, but at least l still have my tomorrows.

But l am in need of regular routined exercise … plenty of time for that l say to my self … when l am feeling less painful l say, when …..

IMG_4651 (2)

The bluebells are just starting to take off, in the next few days the floors will be awash with flower and the beautiful scent. But there are lots of flowers mixed in here – some native others carried in by birds like anemones, primroses, campions, ferns, sages, foxgloves … we see them all here through the seasons.

Each walk l take, l set off into the sunshine and thank my environment for everything l have around me – the seas shore, the woods, the walks, the countryside and a rural village which has where l live an average age of 70 as opposed to the lower village demograph of 45 – so life where l rent is much easier, and more quiet because of the pandemic keeping the elderly inside more.

I have my tomorrows and l am thankful, l currently have the time to further improve my health and not just pretend that the gardening is a great form of exercise … it is an outdoor activity that can be hard work, but it is more of a workout exercise style and not a routined discipline routine – there is a difference.

IMG_4665 (2)

I have watched this log slowly deteriorate in the last nearly four years.  I call it a philosophy log.

But on these walks these strolls, l can think about life, my life and l can think about differences of opinion and the way things are viewed by society. One of those things was a post l read the other day somewhere about ‘Why are people overreacting to the death rates of Covid – 19?’

Which l found interesting reading. It quoted various death tolls from around the world caused by car acidents, snake bites, flus, cancer, diseases – the lists went on and on … and it ended by saying  COVID – 19 was NOTHING extraordinary and people should wake up and just get on with life – that the world could afford to lose more people – that death was always acceptable!

So WHY is everyone panicking??

It’s true – death claims the lives of millions of people every year – in the UK alone we lose just over half a million people annually! If we here in Britain had not of locked down the UK and continued to do nothing – Covid-19 had the potential for wiping out ‘unchecked’ a further half million people which would have sat on our existing annual death toll, never mind what the American forecast was which for Covid-19 alone was looking at well over 2 million which are startling figures..

IMG_4667 (2)

Natural Tree Art

The reason Covid – 19 is more alarming is because of its ‘potential unchecked damage it could deliver to the world in today’s world with all of our advanced medical technology and learnings and more worryingly – the speed of that damage. That’s is why Covid-19 is being treated with the respect and fear it deserves …. but death is death and we shouldn’t be comparing death … death means no more tomorrows for someone and a lot of grief for the morrows of those left behind from the one’s lost. Why is the world pannicked? Because they should be … all clear thinking individuals should be.

The other thing is the more personal aspect of Covid-19 – in so far as people die alone – yes l know we are each alone when we die … but many a time people are around you if you are dying by another form as opposed to your own hands … but families, siblings and lovers are not allowed to be with their loved ones in hospitals and many a time not even at the graveside … this is a very humbling and sobering thought alone l feel …

Today l took a stroll around the woods sometimes called ‘Bluebell Woods’ and for good reason … in normal times a very busy wood, filled with dogs and walkers and hikers and horse riders and children and parents enjoying nature …. and as l gently strolled, l came to ask myself  how lovely the world would be if things were this quiet? I was the ONLY person in the entire wood this Easter Sunday … l was alone with the birds all singing and chirping and tweeting and twittering about the day ahead. I was alone with the squirrels and the rabbits … l was alone and l loved it!

IMG_4645 (2)

Trust me … there is a squirrel eyeballing me in the middle of this image!! We held stares for a full minute before he gave me a busy tailed salute and scuttered up the tree!

But it made me wonder, how if we as a global society and governed societies could slow the world down like this out of organised panic reaction, what we could do if we were not threatened by a pandemic? Where is all this money coming from? Governments scream they have no money, no budgets for this, that and the other. I am not naive … l know the world economy is going to feel this when the world awakens again … but it does make you think.

When you are strolling you think a lot, l know l do …. in addition to thinking about the world strifes and how weary l feel. I think about my blog and everything l have to do and all the reading and writing l am behind with, l think about my community and how they are coping and my online friends too many to list here and if they are all okay with their worries and stresses – away from families, away from partners and husbands and children, away from life and away from normalcy however that is defined by each person. I think about them all.

IMG_4663 (2)

Beautiful Spring blossoms

Then l think back to the garden and how this country typically is NOT raining again, and the huge water butts l have that are now having to be filled and left to sit with tap water – just so l can water the seeds, plants and seedlings … yet two months ago we were non-stop rains and had been for months and no extra water butts. But also three months ago, the UK was just leaving Europe and three months ago l was panic stricken over Australia and the huge losses of life, humans and animals, flora and fauna … and now this.

IMG_4668 (2)

But then as you walk through the wood on an Easter Sunday with the sun just breaking through the top foliage you realise the reason you are walking is to de-stress, reboot, re-energise and bring life back into perspective and that sadly the best you can do is do whatever you can to stabilise your day, take deep breaths and get on with it.

IMG_4669 (2)

Best do that then … thanks for reading.


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23 thoughts on “Morning Musings

    1. What magical woods! I love walking through woods or along the ocean shore, anywhere in nature. I think when the yellow bus reenters my life I will either go up to the mountains or down to the beach. Before all the tourist flock back.
      Introspection is a good thing, but in magical woods, I’d want to just open all my senses and experience…turn the thinking off.

      Thank you for sharing your magical woods! I’m glad the squirrel didn’t decide to fight😉💌

      1. Hey Grandma, l envy those who are able to switch off their thinking … not a thing for me. The last time it happened l was in a mental hospital under the inducement of some heavy drugs – it’s great when it’s your choice, not so when it’s not.

        I can never switch off even when l sleep. So l come into the woods for nature and she fuels me along 🙂

      1. Whenever I see I squirrel, I am wary of it as I remembering your posts when you were attracted by one! 🐿

  1. What a beautiful walk you had! Lots of thoughts!
    People are panicking for this virus because I guess is so easy to get it and so uncontrolled…
    The fact that people are dying alone and the family cannot be by their side it scares me too…but I guess it happens even without this virus situation…
    Sunday we had our walk into the park too and I’ve noticed that nature is doing so good without people…everything looks much better and birds and squirrels are enjoying it…lovely to watch them 😉
    Stay safe Rory!

  2. This is definitely a magical woods. My favorite is the philosophy log. It is such a sad time with people becoming sick and dying alone. Lovely pictures of your walk. Take care and stay healthy 🌿🌱💕

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