I Am Ok …. Thanks for asking!

I Am Ok …. Thanks for asking!

#2 – 10/04/2020

Welcome to ‘I Am Ok … Thanks for asking!


Did you read – I Am Ok …. Thanks for asking! #1 – 01/04/2020

That will give readers the low down to the series …. but principally this series is just asking the smallest of questions ….

… So, how are you all doing this week then?

Let me know below or if you wish, please feel free to drop me an email here aguycalledbloke63@gmail.com if you just want to chat, vent or moan and need a listening ear. It’s perfectly fine.

It’s easy to broadly ask the audience how they are doing, but more personal when you ask individuals – so each week, l am going to ask five people how they are doing and what would be nice is if they too asked three people and so on – if we are having to live by social distancing – then let’s make the social network we have work for us just as efficiently. There is no pressure to respond,  or even ask anyone else…it’s your choice.


This week, l am asking the following:

Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mind

Emily Mae Hood of New York Family Adventures

Kritika of Undressed Thoughts

Grace of Broadway Matron

Barbara of Teleporting Weena

How are you doing?

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14 thoughts on “I Am Ok …. Thanks for asking!

  1. I am doing awesome. Cleaning my space, reading a lot, writing a lot, away from social media, working on health and thinking of sticking to a healthy diet as the craving for fast food is kind off subsiding because of being quarantined. 🙂
    Thank you for asking. And yeah the weather is getting hotter day by day.

  2. Doing well actually – but then I am used to all of this LOL Someone online mentioned that she was making masks and giving them away in her community. I commented that I had bought some via Etsy but had no idea if I would ever get them. This nice lady said she would send me two, and dang it, 2 days later (she sent them overnight mail) I received 4 masks. Basically the kindness of strangers, lovely, eh? When we went to the grocery store on Tuesday I had jerry-rigged some masks and boy did we look silly! Plus I could hardly breathe. I got a pineapple from the fruit-of-the-month club (a gift subscription I got for xmas) yesterday and right this very minute I have pineapple bread in the oven. There have been some blips with my husband’s health, non-virus related, and I read him the riot act about going about without his cane. I hope Suze is faring better with some time in the garden – (would Face Timing or something like that lift her mood a bit?)

    1. Hey – things sound way more positive than they did this time last week 🙂

      Yes, she does this facetime with her grandkids in Australia and l too had to read her the riot act of sorts and basically say that she had to communicate with as many people as she was able to. To go for small drives in the car as in take the longer route to the shop on the Saturday – just to basically remind her that yes this is bad, but there is stuff that can be done to ease off the cabin fever.

  3. Thanks for asking, Rory!
    We’re doing fine here. The mister goes to get groceries, and I stay home. That is normal for us at any time, anyway. I do the blogging – posting & reading – and read books, and do coloring. The weather has been nice, for the most part.
    Hope y’all are doing great, too. 🙂

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