Oh – You Are There Alright!

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What do you see # 24. 6 April 2020

Sadje of Keep It Alive

you are here


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Oh – You Are There Alright!

I am not too sure if it is Stir Crazy or Stirred or just plain Ker-azy!
But l am there, well of sorts, apparently …
I disagree and said so…
… in the only way l know…
Ha ha ho ho and hee hee too!
…. And of course a fu fu, fu fudge you!
They said … and by the way have you noticed,
…. How it is always a they and or a them that said?
That l needed to spend time by myself for a while?
…. I am always by myself l said … it’s my actual style!
It’s me anyway, no one else inside my head
But they said …
Oh, you are there alright!
So so so and more so there despite,
… the fact that you shouldn’t be
Yet you are so there it’s quite scary!
What could l say, l mean that which hasn’t already been said?
The only thing l could say was ‘Are you in my head?’
Or am l not talking to myself but actually talking to you …
…. Too?
Am l here, or are you there,
I ask the space beneath my hair?
But it’s rather shy and remains quiet…
…. Which is funny considering the riot!
That’s normally ongoing inside the vaulted space!
When ideas and observations ricochet behind my face!
But the voices answered with a neon glow…
…. Surely you of all the voices should actually know,
So, the question l am to ask is this and l do so in cheer!
Am l actually there, or are you there or are we both here?
Mm, interestingly enough the voices were somewhat amiss
… whilst they pondered upon this!
Finally, after what seemed like ages and ages upon ages,
They [yes always a they] answered in stages!
It is as you suspected

we fear!

We are there,

but you –

well you are here!

© Rory Matier 2020

A Guy Called Bloke Banner Well You Prompted Me JPEG

4 thoughts on “Oh – You Are There Alright!

  1. Absolutely amazing Rory. I love it. It could be our mantra during these days.
    Thank you so much for participating in the challenge.

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