You Give Me Fever!!


You Give Me Fever!!!!

Completely random and completely out of any sync or schedule …. but you know what??  That’s the way life rolls at times … right??

The days are rolling as one …. broken merely with nights …. but the days are one …. no it’s not cabin fever! But it’s fever all the same!!

Sometimes you just have to be a little bit daring ….

… how daring are you? More importantly are you willing to share a moment of your life – right now … a bit of the Lockdown Limbo, Deranged Days, The Moments of Madness, The Restricted Randomness ….

It’s Flaky Freaky Flipped Fever!

Everybody has a variation of fever ……

……… what’s yours??

Here’s mine and Suze’s for today …. it’s just Ker – Azy!

Let’s all see your little slices of Ker-azy!

Suze’s new work style look – full on yogi hippie!

My sexy full gardening gear style!

So NOW your turn – what are you willing to share on today’s You Give Me Fever Ker-azy Day! Share some music, images, jokes, humour, you, a picture of the pets, your feet, your hands, the outside day –  anything … just anything –  let’s break the monotony of the Madness! Life’s too short for all this … let’s live a little!


22 thoughts on “You Give Me Fever!!

  1. Peggy Lee, always! And she was so stunning – almost bumped into her once in the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria, only her two burly body guards kept her safe from my goggled eyed trip and stumble. You and Suze look like you’re having fun –

  2. Spin the wheel, pic a day over the past 3 weeks…🤣🤣 I’ll see what happens today. It’s only 9:30AM here… plenty of time for Wicked Wackiness and Peggy Lee style Fe-ver!💃🏼

  3. I’ve definitely got cabin fever! It was so strange to spend easter alone! I certainly didn’t like it. I’m too lazy to find a link but, what about the song, Saturday night fever? I love that one!

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