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E26 – W14

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We have been exceedingly lucky with the weather the last few days … it has been sunny, sunny and sunny – even when it was supposed to rain which was yesterday the rain we received was well … not really rain … l could have made more of an impact wetting myself! It would have been great to have had some decent rains to fill the water butts up or just put some much needed water into the new butts, the old butts any butts – but no, we received a half hours worth of rain that didn’t even make the ground wet?? I kid you not how can the skies open up for 30 minutes and drop water and YET, the ground remains dry?

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Suze and l started on and in the garden last Saturday.

l turned the compost and today l returned the compost – l am in the process of working two compost piles – the existing one and a new summer one and l have to work the new one every two – three  of days as l am hot composting it – but also in this weather l must turn the working compost pile once every four days – so it tends to get a bit complicated at times and not great when you start to lose track of time!

This week l have a few 366 Garden posts planned in – ‘Project Garden Updates’, a new mini-series on Composting for Beginners and finishing off the The Reasons Behind Survival Gardening   1 – 3 [3.2].

With the sunny weather l have been in the garden since Saturday with the exception of Monday on account of it being ‘wet’ and quite pleased with the results so far.

The garden for this season is split up into six smaller sections to make planting and managing and maintenance much easier – so l have the The Retreat, The Bug Hotel, The Patio, The Main Beds, The Shady and the Front Back. Currently l have been working on sowing seeds and Suze has been working with the seedlings that were sown at the start of March and these were transplanted into slightly bigger pots ready for garden transfer this weekend.

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I am a little disappointed with some of the environmental bio-pots l used as these are quite simply not cut out for the job at hand. Now whether this is poor quality product or sadly as far as environmental goes they are ‘shit’ [that’s my professional term] l don’t know. I do know that many that were planted into these bio-pots had to be destroyed because the roots could not penetrate the bottom as they were supposed to and so the growth was greatly reduced.

I was too eager at the start of last month to plant out and should have curbed my own enthusiasm – but we all live and learn and l’ll not make that mistake next year.

Some plants did remarkably well to be planted early such as the runner and French beans, the peppers – sweet and hot and cucumbers, marrows, aubergines and courgettes. Many of these were originally planted into bio-pots but had to be transferred to plastic pots last weekend and since that move have performed much much better which is slightly perplexing given the natural bio-pots should have been able to handle the task at hand and yet failed!

So now l am left with bio-pots that can only be planted into and inserted into the ground once l have removed their bottoms which is not right as they should be weak enough to allow the root system to pass through naturally. Worse than that l had to purchase new plastic seedling pots to transfer all our plantlings to – which is a little defeatest if you think about it … but hey at least with plastic – it lasts and l did pay a bit more for environmental pots.

With the sun and spring now here properly the flowers need no further encouragement to bloom and say hello – and l am super pleased at the amount of birds we are having visit daily. We always have the Percy’s but it is courting season and so there is a sky filled with Percys and Purcettes! But l am seeing a lot of robins, sparrows, wrens, blackbirds, starlings, tits and chaffs and the list just goes on visit and help themselves to the food resources the garden has to offer … it makes the gardening days really nice. It is a joy to be outside.

Everything is just so wonderfully vibrant and green and in the case of the sky – so so very blue! As my mother used to say … ‘enough blue to make a pair of sailor’s pants!’

However, l have now started to sow the seeds to the beds and the containers as well as draw up my landscape plans, finalise the bedding mixes and soils and start to relax into the joys of vegetable gardening …. but l’ll write about that in the next update.

NB: Here’s the latest on Ava and her new growth spurts.

Above Today 07th April in comparison to last episode’s 27th March Below

Anyway, until next time,

Thanks for reading – Rory

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6 thoughts on “366 Days of Gardening! E26 – W14

  1. Yay Ava!🌱🥑 Your garden looks very inviting! So does your weather!!
    We’ve got grey skies and rain, rain, rain…very unusual for this time of year.
    Daughter is very upset that the carrot & tomato seeds still haven’t arrived.

    1. Yes l can imagine the upset however – l am guessing mail delivery for certain products are much slower than normal. I am currently awaiting new seed for the birds which is now nearly a week overdue.

    1. Hey Tanya, yes l totally agree the poopies are awesome this year, we made a very deliberate move last year to plat out more and then natural winds did the rest with seed scattering 🙂

    1. Hey Gary excellent, l think currently we have to play it by ear, the seasons are changing and so must we – will look forwards to hearing how they fare 🙂

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