The Life of Box of Life?

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The Life of Box of Life?

Or is it …. The Life Box and Box of Life?

It’s funny isn’t it, how sometimes not everything is as it seems? I mean am l asking about the Box of Life or the Life Box? So, working to that premise l ask the following question after a small introduction … l will award nothing further – your answers are based purely upon your interpretation of the information l am to supply.

Your box is made of an indestructible totally unbreakable material – it measures 25 inches across [left to right], 25 inches deep [front to back] and 50 inches tall [bottom to top]. It can withstand anything you throw at it – any weather condition – it could withstand nuclear explosion if needs be – it can withstand being dropped from a great height, dropped into the deepest ocean, frozen solid, blown up, shot at, run over, rammed, electrocution and frazzled – it doesn’t matter what happens to it – whilst you are alive and the holder to the special key – no one can gain access to your life of box of life!

You can store anything you want in there except you. It cannot support your life or your body. Once it is closed it is closed until you open it again with your specialised key.

It serves as both a safe for security of valuables as well as a time capsule to your life. You can access it at any time whilst you are alive …..

Now what will you store in your box?

Let me know below in the comments section.

Thanks Rory

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25 thoughts on “The Life of Box of Life?

    1. Ha ha – Interesting and yet …. “You can store anything you want in there except you. It cannot support your life or your body.” But your suggestion is like a new type of kink 🙂

  1. Books, solar powered music player (radio, CD, electronic?), paper & pens/pencils, pictures…

    I’m assuming I dont need basic life essentials. So that’s it. Really, everything I NEED is already stored inside my head.
    It’s finding it in there that’s sometimes difficult😉

  2. Some stuff which hold memories. Old family picture albums, digital storage devices of photos. This is what comes to mind. Is this box able to support life for people other than me?

  3. I think I’d choose to store kindness, respect, the truth, decency and integrity as they’re all rather than rocking horse poo. I’d delightedly release them with abandon to anyone who would use them and not trample them into the dirt

              1. Mm, you are very polite – Suze tells me that my anger levels are building towards certain groups of people Britchy – if l was to say l wish them all sterility – Suze would see that as me being passive and acceptable … sadly mine involves metaphorical spiky clubs … mm,

    1. Aha l am not surprised by your answer Britchy – you are very close to understanding what the box is all about, nicely done – honourably done too 🙂

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