Dear Blog – A Typical Village …. Don’t Think So!

A Typical Village …. Don’t Think So!

Right okay, so what does typical look like anyway?


Of late l have found myself pondering a lot … maybe you have to … looking at life, the world and things and then looking at typical things … but stopping  at that for a moment, what is Typical to one may not be Typical to another.I mean l say at the top in title here to this mini-series in Dear Blog … A Typical Village … but what is a typical village in the first place?  I mean the description of typical by the dictionary is …

‘having the distinctive qualities of a particular type of person or thing.’
“a typical day”

Do you know how hard it is to find an image to use which is suitable for village and yet falls in line with the term typical? Well for the record unless you have performed that search .. you probably don’t … but for my typical village image l chose Green window and Green door which always reminds me of that song by Shakin’ Stevens…

But there’s nothing too typical in this … it’s a bit like today’s weather … we were forecast rain and as much as l dislike the rain, we need it for the likes of the water butt fill ups and alas typical to English weather we didn’t get what we thought we might .. a classic case so far of over expectation and under delivery … but what is typical in some respects is that is quite typical to British government policy!

What wasn’t typical and was unprecedented was the Queen’s speech last night. I am not a royalist, never have been, but l think whoever drafted the Queen’s speech did an excellent job of writing that to include what it included. However typically it will fall on many deaf ears l believe … the message, her message wasn’t wasted on me … but then l am not taunting myself to the world at large by breaking the lockdown policy.

I don’t like my freedom being restricted anymore than most and l will cover this again soon, but by staying in we are trying to help not just the NHS, but help us as a population, as a society of peoples who in turn do help the NHS who should the needs arise help us in our time of need.


Over the weekend just gone l have been very busy, truth is both Suze and l were extremely busy in the garden. On Saturday l was very busy with the composting … and it is during this time that you attend to world thoughts.

It is NOT just the current world thoughts l have contemplated … but long before C19 was a thing l was contemplating whilst composting – admittedly however – whilst toiling the soils with the compost as l have done the last few weeks l have been giving C19 a lot of thought. 

You watch the world, you watch people and their societies, you watch the imbecility of said peoples and shake your head often in disbelief – why are people like this? You move on to a different part of the world and the thoughts within …. composting is great therapy and superb for philosophical thought in this regard.

So here we are – as in Suze and l in the UK, day 15 of the Lockdown. Ours started l think a little late considering all the warning shots we received across our bows from Europe, on the 23rd March. Well admittedly that and this isn’t typical, but it is fast becoming the new norm, so perhaps this too will become new typical and therefore the new typical for Village? Although there is nothing very typical about our village, l mean it’s called a village but it is a large village way bigger than say a hamlet!

But our village is filled with a lot of arrogance and pomposity and greed and selfishness and those who seemingly believe they are above the law and above everyone else. We only rent here but many live here and many more still have second homes here – sadly as judgemental as this reads – that explains a lot – many of the wealthy are arrogant.


That aside both of us were very busy for both days of the weekend and we are certainly feeling it now – very achy indeed. I caught a bit too much sun yesterday and became an old man very quickly by going inside to do something and then falling asleep for half an hour [that’s so not typical in my world!] and awaking to QWERTY on my forehead and dribble on my <,>.?/~#@’ keys!

Then to spend the evening spaced out! Suze took a fall on Saturday whilst deheading flowers and was achy as hell that night, but yesterday she was extremely productive and achy with seedling transplanting whilst l planted out various starter salad seeds as we embark on our journey of planting the garden for season 4 2020.

We are lucky where we are to have a large garden and as such space and the freedom to be able to take an hours worth of exercise in not just the garden which is big enough for that, but also the countryside which is just outside our door or take a jaunt in the woods or down by the sea … not everyone has that. So whilst l am annoyed at minority flouting the rules … there is a large part of me that can understand it all too well especially for those living in apartments or those who have children and of course it perhaps didn’t help that the weekend was very very warm!

I think what this lockdown will do is increase domestic violence, mental health problems,  increased ‘cabin fever’ and may even lead to suicides … all very dramatic writing – but not if you think about it.

Not everyone breaking the lockdown is that guilty – but of course there is always going to be an element that deliberately think they are better than everyone else … Suze and l know about that here in our village especially, we have a lot of that idiocy living around us.

Here are some images of Suze and l over the last few days …. of Typical Village!


The Bad Hair Day – Don’t you DARE take a picture of all of me – Casual Working from Home Fluffy Pixie Boot style! [Today]


The What are you Thinking of Stupid Long Sock Look Style!


The What are you Thinking of Stupid Look Unknowing to be being videoed style!

The I Am Now Going For My Lockdown 1 Hour Exercise Walk Style!


The Power Positive Banana Look Style!

IMG_4456 (2)

The Sunday Village Gardening Style Look!

Also over the weekend … Suze discovered that she has Adult Onset ADD which when added to my own Actual Adult ODD makes us quite the pair l can tell you!! More on that next episode of ‘Typical Untypical Lockdown Village Life!’

So on that note, l will take my leave of you all now 15 days into Lockdown

Thanks for reading – Catch you soon

A Guy Called Bloke Feature Dear Blog JPEG

Dear Blog ……

13 thoughts on “Dear Blog – A Typical Village …. Don’t Think So!

  1. You two are too funny! A “typical” funny couple in a typical arrogant village 🤪
    I hope Suze is ok!
    Both of you stay safe and sane 😉💪🏻

  2. Both of your styles make me smile! Please tell Suze I Love her pixie boots! They look so cozy comfy. When your feet are happy the rest of you often follows along ☺️ I listened to the
    Queen’s message, it was an incredibly beautiful moment of hope and leadership. I hope that many around the world listened to it closely. There is much truth in your words above. Both of you take care ☺️ and enjoy the garden 🌿☺️

    1. Yes, they are comfy, l have a pair too, but l only wear them at night – but they are great indoor boots hence why Suze prefers to wear them all day when at home 🙂

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