C19? Nothing …. till it’s personal to you….

C19? Nothing …. till it’s personal to you….

Disclaimer – This post is a topical post on the subject of C19 which is my abbreviation for Covid-19.

Part 1 of 2

You know the last week especially, l have been in deep thought about a lot of questions concerning the pandemic our world is currently gripped by. I have gone through a lot of emotions too … l have read countless documents, news stories – factual and fake alike, fantasy and conspiracy, judgemental and aggressive – the world is filled with such things now.

Today when l look at the world l see things l didn’t see – although l did suspect – as little as two months ago, but most assuredly definitely a month ago. I have seen a world of so called civilised societies turn arse over tit in panic. I have seen and read things l didn’t think l would be learning about in my lifetime – but then l didn’t truly expect some of the fantasy tales of sci-fi to become real amost overnight! In fact they bypassed realism to surrealism except they are reality!

Did not think l would ever see that.

Never thought perhaps stupidly l would ever see civilised society turn on themselves the way they have in recent times and weeks – didn’t think l would see intelligent peoples become tribal and feral almost overnight?  But that’s life l guess … when the shit hits the fan you really start to see the true colours of people’s personalities as well as their agenda’s and beliefs, their fears and phobias.

It reminds me in a small way to the time that l worked as a profiler  – l worked for a well established recruiter’s firm as a headhunter in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

My job was to study the words people used to write their CV’s and Resumes with and then l would match their profiles with our client list. Then my job was to headhunt the new recruit for the client. I know it sounds easy, any recruiter worth their salt can do that right?

Well actually, no they can’t – you see my job was to study actual words first and then the people not the other way around. Once l understood the words used l could then build a profile of the people needed for the client. With people’s words you can see right down to the core of who they are as individuals and you can see inside their personality without even meeting them.

The words they used, the style of presentation and the way they wrote at that time – remember it was the time of the later 80’s/90’s handwritten, typed and early computer only. Why use that word?’ Is this your normal word or a superlative deliberately used to capture attention?’ Have you written the CV/Resume in your language or the language of someone else?

I saw the people clearly through their words. You can see a person’s actions and their thoughts through the way they write.

You see, l have always had this gift with words – good job, seeing as l use so damn many of them to say the simplest of things – but the devil is ALWAYS in the detail. People sometimes don’t think twice about the personal words they use and when they are using them – so that sometimes people like me can see the message they are not writing and the one that isn’t visible.

When l read blogs here l have to remember to tell myself to switch off that side to me so l can just read the content rather than specifically reading the person who wrote it.

With everything going on at present with the Virus and the panic of people – it can make my reading a little hard at times. It’s like, l have quite a few empaths follow me and for those who don’t understand an empath – these people can feel a lot – sometimes they are just overwhelmed with sensitivities and emotions – some walk away and some switch off, some just act differently. It can be strange and draining at the same time as much as it can be fascinating and intriguing.

Some people hear voices, others see dead people, some sense things and others like me have words speak to them all day and all the time and  they tell them stories of the people they have come from – the real people inside!


Did you see Fandango’s question the other day?

When we finally get through this COVID-19 pandemic at some point in the future, do you think the world is going to change from what is was like before anyone ever heard of coronavirus? Or will things quickly return to “business as usual”?

I have had this question of his bouncing around in my head for five days and in addition to that l have had my own questions bouncing around from ‘We only have one shot at this life thang!’ 

How are you going to be as an individual?

Who will you be after C19 Lockdown?

Will your old life still be your new life or …. ?

I will answer these questions in Part 2 … but other things worth noting … I don’t buy into the whole conspiracy angle with regards this pandemic. l have no tolerance nor patience for disinformation or misinformation about how this is some strange bio-weapon, or something to do with 5G, a population controller blah blah – shit happens, now we have to deal with it. You want to look for a blame  – fine look at the world and its peoples …. look at the fact that you can’t keep fucking with the planet’s fauna and flora and climate.

Sure it would have been helpful if a global alert had been quicker and no cover ups … but then in my opinion the UK should have locked down quicker and we were not short of notifications to do so! The biggest problem with the attribution of blame is where do you stop once you have started laying it? We can all shout this did this and that did that – but seriously what good is this doing … now, as in right now?

This isn’t a pissing competition this is a cluster shit storm that we need to try and survive and then work towards creating a better future with what we have left.

If you haven’t seen that question of Fandango’s pop along and read it, then read the comments below – it is truly fascinating reading … but so too is this .. written by him the day after his posed question … and it had the most profound effect on me – and that then stayed with me all of last week. 

Tale Weaver — Confinement

I used to take a lot of things for granted. Like running out to the grocery store a few times a week. Or going out to a restaurant for a meal. Or having our adult kids stop by for a visit. Or going to see a movie on Tuesday afternoons when we could get half-priced tickets.

I used to not have to wear a face mask and put on disposable latex gloves on those rare occasions when I do have to go to the grocery store to pick up a few critical items like milk, eggs, butter, and Ben & Jerry’s Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream ice cream. And I would get toilet paper if they’d ever get any in stock.

I used to be able to walk our dog and let her frolic with other dogs while I chatted with their owners. But now we have to keep our distance and our dog doesn’t understand why she can’t sniff other dogs’ butts.

Our entire San Francisco Bay area has been under “house arrest” since mid-March and the stay-at-home order had been extended through early May. Although I have my doubts that these stay-at-home restrictions will open up even then.

This is the closest thing I can think of to being in solitary confinement. Well, solitary with my wife, but confinement nonetheless.

See you in Part 2.

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20 thoughts on “C19? Nothing …. till it’s personal to you….

  1. Not to sound full of myself, but I feel like I need to be more “out there”, accessible, available… I’m amazed at how well I’m doing. Three weeks of no yellow bus and I’m still good. I’ve had one person take me up on my offer of help, and I’m hoping if any others need something I can give, they’ll let me know.
    Life is strange…

  2. Hello Rory,
    I don’t think your alone with the way you are thinking and pondering all that is going on in our world.
    I’m not one to point fingers and claim the blame game, but … This C19 was detected months prior to the proverbial shit hitting the fan. My question has always been, WHY not take this seriously when it first surfaced?
    As you may recall, I haven’t much trust in our (Please excuse the phrase) “Dick Head of a President” – I listen to him spew daily and it sickens me to death. Talk about analyzing “Words.”
    I’m an introvert by nature, I have anxiety, depression, etc… This lockdown is frightening no matter how we slice and dice it. Not having trust in the powers that be makes it 10x’s more frightening.
    I have tried desperately to stay calm. I try to think with optimism, but… I’m with you. Is this a test? How will this world be if/when this C19 ends?
    Being the second highest rating state to have C19, my nerves have started unraveling.
    Passing makeshift hospitals on my way to the supermarket once a week is truly unnerving.
    And, yet… I am glued to listening to the news daily and picking apart as to what to believe and what not to believe.
    I just keep praying for the ones I love and know are safe and remain healthy. I keep following guidelines in order to not get this C19.
    I truly found your post of great interest and all your points quite valid with concen.
    God Bless You, Rory.

    1. Hey Beckie, you are quite right the WHO first became aware of what was then an epidemic of a new strain of pneumonia at the end of December last year in China in the city of Wuhan. So yes, this has been around for a while … now we are well over 1.2 million confirmed cases and 70,000 deaths give or take a few either way. It’s now present in more than 200 countries around the world.

      Here in the UK, our PM is now in intensive care and our death toll is above 5000, in the states the death toll is considerably higher.

      We all have reason to be frightened and yet l am oft astonished at those who say they are not concerned … which is then where l would say ‘ Really? Well what would you more concerned?’ I believe that this bravado that many show is either false or foolish and if this disease made itself more personal to people instead of ‘oh why are we taking this so seriously’ people would listen… Britchy crafted a post the other day concerning front line workers and it was spot on …. people have got to start taking stock of this and the people still trying to help the societies and how much they are doing … but people don’t see this, the minorities are selfish.

      It’s sad.

      1. Unfortunately, my roommate is not taking this all too seriously. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH THIS PISSES ME OFF!
        I heard the news of your PM Johnson being placed in ICU this morning… Terribly sad.
        The people on the frontlines deserve our utmost respect. So many of them are getting ill too. One doctor in NYC died a week and a half ago, he was only 36 years-old.
        C19 is not discriminatory, it’s real and it’s hitting all home fronts.
        Stay safe my friend.

        1. Exactly, but not just our medical teams and their teams, but even shopkeepers, delivery drivers, postal workers anyone who is still helping people is at risk.

          1. Oh, my gosh… definitely all the essential workers putting their necks on the line as well.
            When I visit my supermarket, I always express to the cashier to stay safe and make sure they wash the day off as soon as they arrive home.
            So many people are so vulnerable at this unusual time, I certainly hope they all care for themselves properly and remain healthy.

  3. Even if I wish people and nations to change after this I’m afraid things will quickly return to “business as usual”.
    Blaming I think is for weak people and unfortunately all countries around the world proved how weak they are…
    It is incredible to live such a situation and see how the “people” up there manage it…such a shame…
    The thing that is worrying is that there are people that are in needs and nobody cares…not even in this circumstances…they just go on panic buying and stocking food and toilet paper while others cannot even have 1l of milk…

      1. Also here but they’ve found another way….they go all family and each member has their portion…so instead of 3 packs of eggs, one family will get minimum 15…it’s incredible 😖🤦‍♀️

  4. I think a lot of us are trying as best we can to “zen our way” through this thing and it’s new and scary to all of us. There’s no vaccine for it yet, no proven drug cocktail that can cure it, and a lot of misinformation being spewed by conspiracy theorists, snake oil salesman, and, in America, by Trump and his minions. We’d better get our act together before we’re either all dead or all crazy!

  5. A few thing we have known for years and this has exposed is that a) our nations leadership is just not up to it, b) you need to pay for proper services c) we have so many good people d) dimbats are out there e) capitalism will put money first and people’s safety second. Now is the time to have a collective look at ourselves and make the changes together.

  6. Feral indeed – fighting over a bloody toilet roll! I would arrive early at our local supermarket at the start of all this, to see many men I wouldn’t normally see coming out with armfuls of toilet rolls. It brings out the hunter/gatherer instinct I think.

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