What buying decisions do you undertake when looking to purchase a new eBook?

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I am struggling a little at present … with lots of things … not just one thing … my mind is buzzing and is constantly placing a demand upon my time to balance and …. juggle more …things! I have perhaps twenty ideas dancing around in my brain every minute. Many years ago l could remember all of those for hours and when l would get home, l would spend two hours writing down all my mental notelets  … these days l have to carry a notebook around with me at all times to remember all of the ideas.

However that said … twenty years ago, l only had ten ideas a minute in my head, now twenty years later it’s twenty – it’s a lot you know?  So l look for ways of making my life easier – l colour code and l schedule and l use images and brands and distinct words that trigger my memory and allow me to conjure up large parts of content – of course this is only great as long as l remember to carry my notebook … what has this got to do with buying an eBook?

The similarities between my cluttered mind  requiring organising and buying an eBook are basically down to decisions based upon actualities, triggers and stimulants.

Those three topics alone are the principles to whether a person buys something – the actualities are why the book [in this case] is being purchased, the triggers are all about what is enticing the purchase to go from a maybe to a definite assuredly and stimulants are the aspects that excite the buyer and convince them to go with the decision. Of course there are many different eBook buyer types ….

What buyer type are you?

Decisive – Indecisive – Reticent – Hesitant – Pondering – Thoughtful – Undecided?

What buying decisions do you undertake when looking to purchase a new eBook? Are you influenced by any of the following and if so – which ones and why?

Positioning – from author rank to location on sales site?

Price – how much are you willing or do you expect to pay for an eBook or do you not buy eBooks and if so – why this option?

Description of the book content?

Book Title – does this influence you at all?

Cover – does it matter if the cover looks cheap, or if it is coloured or bland?

Reviews – do you read or even leave reviews? Do you read the reviews others have left? Are you influenced by these?

Do you look for collections, or sets or are you happy with one offs?

Does the length of a book bother you? Are you looking for short or long content?

Author – Do you need to know the author or are you happy to go with unknowns?

Recommendations – if someone you know has suggested a book, do you follow that up?

Needs met – do you only buy books to meet your needs or books that feed and fuel your desires?

A few more than the usual – but if you can address as many of these as you are able and or wish to, that would be great – thanks for reading.

Let me know below … Thanks, Rory

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21 thoughts on “What buying decisions do you undertake when looking to purchase a new eBook?

  1. I refuse to buy ebooks – you can’t lend them on, you can’t re-sell them at a yard sale, they are money down the drain. Any book that you might want to re-read or keep for reference should be bought in paper version, pop culture books, murder mysteries etc that are read once and never again can be borrowed from the library in either ebook form or paper form. Yeah, I know I am a grouch and grinch or a scrooge or just a kill-joy. I still buy the occasional paper book tho – whatever is memorable for me – or books for my granddaughters.

    1. Hey Grace, l don’t think l would agree with you on this …. “Yeah, I know I am a grouch and grinch or a scrooge or just a kill-joy.” I would simply state you are speaking realistically – can never argue with that 🙂

      Thanks for your comment though, very helpful 🙂

  2. Ebooks are cool to have where ever you are… but I am still partial to actual books? Lol… I like to have it in my hand … although sometimes if the writing is really tiny – I do wish to pinch and expand so I can read better but whatever lol

    I do prefer actual books 📚… the ones I love – like movies I will read again. Or just wanna save for whatever reason.

    And if from library – I just love actual books – you don’t have that same ??? Something with ebooks … I like the experience of actual books

    I would be a thoughtful book picker lol … has to spark my interest – so I think about what I want first

    I like historical anything, autobiographies, biographies, anything with science, anything that has a good story to share or tell. I like human emotion stories, books on learning

    Whatever … I only do ebooks occasionally not usually or typically… but usually mostly normal regular books.

    I like classic ✌️ first gen! Lol

    Last book I read was Angela’s Ashes … what I pick depends on my mood at the time or my interests

      1. Good afternoon! 🌞 hope your day is well and you feeling better.

        Yeah well, keep in mind I can little more old school than most. Lol ✌️ but you are very welcome

  3. I much prefer ‘actual’ books – the look, the feel, even the smell of the paper (if it’s a new one). Opening a pristine purchase which no one else has read yet… But they are so expensive here… and ebooks can go with you anywhere, and you can buy more… and support indie authors. I love reading books but people with whom I’ve made a connection. I could go on…

  4. I borrow most books. When I buy, regular books are ordered from my favorite indie bookstore.

    Ebooks are bought because I ‘know’ the author. All of my recent ebook purchases have been to support Blog Buddies or friends of friends.

    I do leave reviews after I’ve read the book.

    I used to devour several books a week. I haven’t had the focus to read since before the C19 caca foodie. A horrible case of Readers Block.

  5. Reading through your comments on this post, it seems the e-book isn’t wildly popular. I was in the popular opinion crowd myself once. Then age and arthritis hit the scene and I’ve never looked back. I’ll still buy the occasional ‘real’ book, but give me an e-book first. I can actually hold the tablet or Kindle long enough to actually read the book, and it’s so much easier to store my ‘library’ too. I have two, nearly full to bursting, floor to ceiling sized bookcases and many more books lying around on any available surface that are gathering dust, that it’s a pleasure to have a book stored tidily away in the memory banks. Just a perspective from the ‘other side’.

    Here’s my answers to your great questions: http://sparksfromacombustiblemind.com/2020/04/05/what-am-i-reading/

    1. Hey Melanie … l am slowly coming to terms with the acceptance and pleasure of eBooks over physical hard copy books.

      Suze is oft surprised at my transformation .. however l cannot deny the logistics to eBooks – they make life easier and because of their accessibility they make reading easier.

      I am sometimes surprised that digital bloggers like we are .. there are so few that actually like eBooks and favour hard copies??

  6. Thanks for the shout-outs! This post didn’t hit my reader ~ I saw it at Melanie’s and came running back. Grrr! I will C&P to answer now 🙂

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