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The Dunce Cap or hat if you wish was not always symbolic to making someone stand in the corner due to them being referred to as a Dunce! Nope, it was actually invented by John Duns Scotus a Scottish philosopher who actually believed that the wearing of a pointed hat made your intelligence travel to the top of your head!
Okay … now we all know that TP aka Toilet Paper is in short supply – but there is NO need to panic  – no way! There is an alternative resource your can turn your bottom towards … corn cobs! Yes indeed, early American settlers and the Mayans were rather partial to this delic’arsy!
The Statue of Liberty used to be a fully functional Lighthouse between the years of 1886 – 1901 and ships that were 24 miles away at the time could see the lights at the statues base!
If you really want to understand ‘unkindness’ make it a point to talk to a flock of ravens about the subject! Why? Because a flock of ravens isn’t called a flock – it’s called an Unkindness!
OK probably actually means not okay at all, or even falsely okay, otherside it is mostly common talk for fake words – it’s not actually a real word! Maybe it just means ‘All correct’ like  ‘orl – korrect’. Martin Van Buren used it a lot when campaigning and basically it stuck … OK?

Didja Know

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Catch you next time, thanks for reading!

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11 thoughts on “Didja Kno

  1. I was thinking Unkindness? I thought it was a “Murder”, but that’s crows. Ravens & Crows are different.

    I didn’t know about the Dunce cap, or OK. 🤔 Cool! More random facts💃🏼

    Did YOU know that OK is the official postal abbreviation for the state of Oklahoma??

  2. “a pointed hat made your intelligence travel to the top of your head!”….ahahaha…this is good!
    Corn cobs instead of TP? Oh my….🤪🤪

    1. I know, right?

      It’s good to know that once you eat the corn off the cobb … there is ANOTHER use!! Obviously don’t get the two mixed up, as in DON’T use before!

      Ha ha ha 🙂

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