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Going Wild With Rhubarbarians – The Sequel!

Well admittedly l wasn’t planning on writing a Quirky Garden Hacks post however, l have been out in the garden all day spinning the compost piles and working with half a ton of lawn clippings – will discuss this another time as l received an email last night about ‘How to compost‘.

But grass clippings have two main issues with them 1] Half a ton in a small space has a huge heat and 2] Half a ton of lawn clippings that have sat in a small space for four days and have built up a huge heat also have a lot of mold spores and so it was a masked turning today which absolutely knackers me – so today l am going to cover Rhubarb Pesticide!

Now l briefly covered this topic in “Quirky Garden Hacks -Quirky Garden Hacks!! – 3 – 8 – Going Wild With Rhubarbarians! “ As you can see if you scroll down the page of that post – so it’s not a new concept – but l thought l would cover it in a bit more detail as today Suze harvested our own Barbie plant and l have saved the leaves.

The leaves can be used to make a valuable and viable  organic pesticide which can be used to combat against leaf eating pests – it works by causing the heart to stop and or suffocating them when sprayed upon them.

Making the pesticide from rhubarb is an easy task ….

1] Collect up the leaves you wish to use

2] Boil the leaves you wish to use – 3 parts more water than leaves – for around 25 – 35 minutes and allow time for the liquid to cool.

3] Strain away the water from the leaves once cooled.

4] Add a tiny amount of organic as you can washing liquid [this works as adhesive]

5] Pour liquid content into a spray bottle.

6] Apply sprayed content onto plants.

The content produce will remain at full strength for 24 – 48 hours max and it is adviseable to not spray the pesticide onto food crops but best with ornamentals and non-edible crops.

Check out the following videos

Anyway, there we go, another garden hack for your quirky pleasure!

l’ll take my leave of you now

Thanks for reading everyone, till the next time …

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