‘We only have one shot at this life thang!’

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‘We only have one shot at this life thang!’

After Yesterdays

In the last couple of weeks l have seen a lot of questions concerning the presence of C19 – indeed l have asked a few myself – one of which was this … Life After…This? and l know recently my friend Fandango has asked this too … Fandango’s Provocative Question #63    which l shall be addressing this weekend as it is a thought provoking question indeed. But there are other questions not yet asked, and one of them l think is this question…. 

“After Yesterdays?’

Once C19 has passed and whatever shape our lives take in the world as we’ll come to know it or what could be classed by many who appreciated life as we had it before now as ‘After Yesterday’s”  –

How are you going to be as an individual?

Sure, sure we can ask is there life after C19, what will life be like, will it change the world and l can not contest any of those questions .. but l think the more pressing one is ‘How will this have changed you personally and your individual perspective on life?’

Will you return to your life as you once were or will you be using this time as a time of reflection … what happens if during this time and you say to yourself ‘ “We only have one shot at this life thang!” ….. and l intend to change my life, my lifestyle, my choices and decisions, l am going to change and stop being the person l used to be! I am going to change my job, my relationships, my friendships, my, my …..!

Who will you be after C19 Lockdown?


Will your old life still be your new life or …. ?

Let me know your views, observations and comments below – cheers Rory

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Fandango’s question is …

When we finally get through this COVID-19 pandemic at some point in the future, do you think the world is going to change from what is was like before anyone ever heard of coronavirus? Or will things quickly return to “business as usual”?

22 thoughts on “‘We only have one shot at this life thang!’

  1. I don’t think we’ll get back to where we were that soon because, as I understand it, there will be more waves of the virus. We will have to practice our distancing and other habits and such even after we somewhat return to work. People will be getting sick and dying regardless and perhaps there will be areas of periodic quarantine. Things like the business handshake may be gone forever ~ why is it necessary anyway?

    1. Hey Paula, that is indeed an excellent answer – but how will this change you? You are already experiencing changes/restrictions during the isolation lockdown .. but what in the afterdays of when lockdown is lifted, will this have changed you?

      1. Not sure. Maybe not. It’s hard to tell right now since it’s the early days still. I feel the same a month in, but in 6 months… who knows?

  2. Once this has passed, if my husband and I are both still alive and well, the only change in our lives will be – we will once again be able to have food delivered – food delivery is no longer available – no times available. Other than that – we have lived in isolation for years now – going out only for groceries and medical appointments and often we can go months without a medical appointment (thankfully) – so our lives will continue on – go nowhere, speak and interact with no one. Same old, same old. As for the rest of the world? They will have learned nothing!

  3. I don’t see much changing for me. This whole situation hasn’t brought about any great epiphany around how I should be living my life.

  4. I hope… but I think the xenophobia and capitalistic B.S. will continue, to our detriment.

    I’m going to do THE BIGGEST Happy Dance when I finally wave bye bye to that Yellow Bus… very exciting. But me personally… SSDD. I don’t do much now. I’m not overly concerned about the virus. My basic outlook is that ANYTHING could happen at ANYTIME, so have fun and enjoy each moment. Not in a risk-taking, adrenaline junkie way, but as a basic philosophy. I will be the same old ME.💃🏼

    1. An interesting response Angie, although l had expected this from you in truth considering the way you have answered all questions like this 🙂

      Keeping positive 🙂

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. I’m answering through the Reader, so I know the comment will be passed along. I did want to thank you Rory for using my Saturday “sour” slogan for the Hello this morning! I tried to respond on the post itself and no dice (I don’t think anyway). *sigh*

    Now to answer your intriguing questions:

    How are you going to be as an individual? I’m going to be just fine. Mental health wise I suspect I’ll be a bit worse for wear, and I hope they have treatments in place to help those like me deal with that stuff.

    Who will you be after C19 Lockdown? The same person I was before C19 Lockdown. So far (knock wood) the powers that be in Utah haven’t mandated that on anyone (save the very high risk or infected). Most (surprisingly) have used their common sense and stayed in their homes (or personal spaces) without the law telling them they HAVE to.

    Will your old life still be your new life or …. ? I don’t see much in my life changing. Unless I completely lose it due to mental stress. Obviously that would change my life in ways I don’t care to imagine.

  6. As far as my own self… I be the same … I will still have responsibilities, and still be a mom… I always enjoy my life, I always tell people how important they are to me and always say I love you. Might be a little bumpy coming back from this, financially and how to resocialize, but ya know life happens so you roll with it and try to laugh along the way.

    And I think some are just dying to have their life back… some will have no problem getting right back to life… others will be cautious because none of us are gonna easily forget this or how it went down – that is always gonna be in our minds. Would we be prepared for the next one?

    Hopefully we prepare better and learn where we were not prepared – and fix that.

    I also hope all this unity with the whole world – I don’t wanna lose that when it’s over. I wanna keep that – I like that ❤️ so hoping for that!

    So yeah – some go right back to life – some will be more cautious – and many gonna have financial issues when this is over …

    So just a rebuild stage? Hopefully become more prepared and never forget what we just went through.


    1. Hey Omatra – l think this is a very wise response – one of the many l have seen equally as one of the few l have seen … l am oft surprised at some people’s responses to this pandemic – but you are right – for many it will be ‘business as usual and this whole pandemic is just one long annoyance’ whilst others will acknowledge the rebuild aspect and just how much it changed and has changed and will continue to change our lives – thanks for commenting 🙂

  7. I think many will see the need for change but too many at the top will want the money to roll again. They will want the old world back. Because of that I fear the Hurd immunity approach will be adopted too soon, things like schools reopened far too soon.

    1. Yes l worry about that too … that they will try and push normality back into place and not learn a damn thing and yet … we put these people into power deliberately or reluctantly, it’s down to the people to start speaking and being heard.

    1. Hey Savio, thank you for taking the time to respond to the questions … an interesting perspective and one l will sit back down with and reread 🙂

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