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Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mindand l would like to wish you all a totally fabulous Sour Sassy Saturday! Stay safe, stay sane!


Season 10 – Series 6

90 Years of Music 1930 – 2020, 41 primary genres, 300+ sub genres, thousands of artists, millions of songs and billions of lyrics ….. now tell me … who do you want to hear from and when?

What quotes would like to hear – from what topics – let me know below!

Many thanks Rory


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Suzanne of All My Heart Sees

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

Mother Theresa


John Denver Hits from the 70’s – 90’s

Hey Suzanne, you wanted Time and John Denver – well l have granted you Time – now you can listen to John. Enjoy.


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Have a totally awesome day folks!

Be safe, sane and healthy!

22 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. Good Morning JB! Excellent quote and music to start a Sour Sassy Saturday! And a stellar guest as well. I’m glad it’s actually Saturday, since my brain seems to think it’s always Saturday… I’ll explain after daylight. And after coffee.
    How are you feeling today? Kicking the kootie? Keeping your mind busy?

    Sending hugs!!💌💌

      1. Yep. Cats fighting and using me & my bed as their arena. No treats for them today. Strictly kibble & water!
        Maybe I can doze before the Bounce?? 😂😂😂 oh ho ho… funny!!

  2. Today, to live a wonderful life. Thank you for sharing such a fabulous quote. Good Noon 🙂
    Have a joyful day 🙂 🙂

  3. Howdy Rory ☺️. 5:30 here, still waking up 🙃. Thank you for the beautiful starrry start to the day. Hope yours is off to a good one ☺️

          1. Thanks! I go out early in the morning to avoid running into many people. A few dog walkers are mostly that I see.

  4. Well I’ll TRY to post a comment ‘off the reader’ but I’m not holding my breath either way. Thanks Rory for the nod and the use of my silly Saturday slogan! 😀

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