Dear Blog – Another Typical Village Week …

Another Typical Village Week …

“l mean you can’t say no to the monkey can you?”


Disclaimer – this post mentions the C word – well actually lots of C words!

This is a Dear Blog post over just that of a diary entry by the way … the TLDR entry note is this …. it’s a long post! What? What is TLDR?

Too Long Didn’t Read!

Yesterday was a stressful day, this morning is fidgetty – but yesterday l spent a good portion laughing like a crazy cartoon or something at the overall surrealness of the world right now, you know?

Most mornings of late l awaken to the world deader than l was before turning out the light the night before, or l should say the light out in the same morning that l awaken to each day! It’s like last night, l finally turned off the light at 2.03am and then l was rudely awakened this morning at 6.59am by some chirpy chirpy cheeky cheepy radiohost trying to tell me that the last song played was just awesome … which is great l guess had l actually been awake at the time the last song was playing – but l wasn’t. But that song was Rehab … which let’s be honest is indeed a great song!

By the time my eyes had adjusted to the gloom in my room on account of the blind still being down – l couldn’t tell if it was sunny outside or grey and overcast but l had Before You Go playing at 7.05am which don’t get me wrong is a nice song, but all it served was to make me feel even more dead than l was already feeling! The previous Rehab would have been a way better song to awaken to admittedly, bit more bounce!

I reckon that this Cvirus shebang is draining the whole world like a Dementor – just sapping the very motivation out of people! I am not without enthusiasm and zest rind, well maybe the rind is now a grind….

In the 80’s l was a people trainer and a challenge motivator, back then of course l was younger and in my early thirties with my life ahead of me … not some burned out husk of a guy in his mid fifties wondering if he should bother even getting out of bed? l have to find my MOJO every morning so as to kick start the day!

I mean l do …. but some mornings are harder than other mornings – like this morning and going through my ritual of ‘are you not just awake, but actually alive?’

Seeing as l am here typing, l think it is safe to say l am of course alive, but achy? Dang, don’t talk to me about achy because l am achy all over! Cannot just be the couple of hours l did in the garden yesterday – but then Suze reminded me of the previous day and l suddenly remember ‘oh yeah, that!’

So l am not lying here convincing myself l have caught a dose of the C, ha ha funny how THE C word used to mean so many things – from clap to grunt and hunt and beyond! Yet now it is associated only with a number and a virus! C it will go down in history as the C to not be seen or should l write Ceen?

What was the THAT l hear you ask? THAT that was Tuesday night when l asked three of my neighbours for their garden wastes and they said yes, so l hauled ass on a total of 14 heavy garden waste bags with their clippings from the lawn, trees and bushes and so on for the start to my second compost heap for 2020. We are going to need to gather as much as we can, especially now with and in light to not just growing all year, but really trying to keep vegetables in home store for a good period of time and the only way to achieve that is to acquire momentum and plenty of great compost!

In total l walked just over two miles on account of one of the neighbours being in the next street and a fair distance away not just from the house, but way away from my back garden. From the front of my house to the back garden and return is already 350 feet or thereabouts. But carrying heavy garden wastes and many of which the bags had broken handles is tough work as you just don’t have the ability to carry ‘overshoulderboulderholder’ style, which hinders you further! BUT, it was worth it in my eyes – l just forgot l would ache the next day and if not then, then today for sure! Today l ache.

Yesterday l didn’t, l spent two hours in the garden making the seven raised beds ready for this weekend, digging them over and relaying some fresher compost and working with my chipper for 35 minutes shredding down some of the buddleia branches that came in from the neighbours garden waste … l can use these shreddings as the brown side to the compost as l had 12 bags of green lawn!

At 7.11am l grabbed the iPad whilst One Direction – Story of my Life – a pretty nothing much song really was playing,  – l am becoming more acquainted with this device and it is very handy – l have had it for a year unused and literally only in the last four weeks have l started using it, BUT l am still not 100% familiar with everything it does, for instance l did not know it had a Siri function – l had spent 25 minutes late last night in bed trying to watch Season 8 of The Walking Dead on Amazon Prime on the iPad, but the damn thing was not making my life easier and l was using the C word a lot then “Oh yes you really are a bloody Covid 19 device aren’t you? All l want to do is watch a bloody episode, but now you have signed me out and l have to use this stupid ‘l am not a bot’ sign in bull!!”

I get very frustrated with digital technology and l AM not a guru with it … most times l want to launch the iPad into the air and watch gleefully as it spirals out of control and smahes on the ground, where upon l will dance over to it and stomp on it laughing like a crazed hyena …… instead l exercise the remnants of my patience and realise it is NOT the iPad at fault but my own inadequacies with technology!

But it is useful to have by the bedside for reading as well as when l am trying to watch season 8 again – l saw half of the season, and then fell behind, but l figured why not use the iPad which l am doing, but dang it is very irksome at times! But it’s good to have so l can read my blog, well not my blog but other blogs, but it’s not connected to WordPress so l read but can’t comment which is at times just more efficient, the iPad is a constant companion now, and l tend to always have it with me when either in bed reading or on the toilet reading … currently l am reading l think it is 8 books in various formats and on various platforms.

One is on the Kindle which is about making your millions as an Amazon seller in the current climate …. another C word there! A couple are on the Kindle app on my desktop about making business work online.

Various books are scattered around in physical hard copy [another C word there!] But on the iPad l am reading Fiona’s Fling by Anna Fondant aka our very own naughty minded Paula of Light Motifs II and the mini-series [not a book, but a blog series] Angie of King Ben’s Grandma “The Adventures Of King Ben & Zeus, The Big Dumb Dog” – yes of course they are blatant plugs! I am reading lots of other blog posts as well. So if your blog suddenly has a surge of likes from me, it is likely that is as the result of late night bed reading!

Suze and l are having a conversation whilst l am lying in bed wondering if l am alive and she is getting ready for work, whilst trying to view my blog to see if the Hello published okay and on time [which it did by the way] – normally l am up and about, but at 7.21 Shut Up and Dance is now playing in the background …

…. and l am starting to get my dancy feet on and MOJO kicking in and waking up, and remembering l am alive, but at the same time l was complaining about the nonsense of the iPad last night, earlier this morning and l was holding the iPad in my hand and cussing and swearing about it when suddenly l heard “I am sorry can you repeat that please?” I was like WHAT DA F!!?

Suze laughed and said l had turned Siri on!! Siri? Who the Fu….? But Suze cut me off, hurried over and turned Siri off, I was about to say blimey l must not be dead if l can still turn unknown women on when l was made aware that Siri was my damn iPad which for the record spoke to me in a very non Siri voice more like a Sir voice!

But then at 7.24am, this came on and l decided to get up … l mean you can’t say no to the monkey can you?

……………… so now l am up and deciding what to do with the day … l mean l could have told you about the day l had yesterday and the so called power outages that turned out to be fake news … but why bother? I just did! But l have other stuff to tell you, but not today  ..  but here, check out the birds in the garden this morning! A right little gathering!

So on that note, l will take my leave of you all now 11 days into Lockdown

Thanks for reading – Catch you soon

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Dear Blog ……

9 thoughts on “Dear Blog – Another Typical Village Week …

  1. I’m a MAC head but I won’t use Siri. iPad’s rock, I pre-ordered the very first one and claimed bragging rights over all my techie friends. It’s been a battle dragging my husband over to the light, but he’s made it now and he is all Apple now too. I love Shut Up and Dance, thanks for that (I’m bopping in my chair as I type this on my iPad LOL)

    1. Hey Grace, apparently l had accidentally turned this Siri thing on and Suze very quickly turned it off.

      i think the biggest problem with my iPad is it’s the mini and maybe too small for me, but apart from the desktop l can stand large techy stuff at all, l mean l don’t have a modern phone, but it is small – l prefer some tech just not to be seen and clunky to boot.

      Glad you enjoyed the music 🙂

  2. The way the tree is trimmed, the Percys look like they’re perched on a heart😍 It’s good to see them, and their friend? Subjects? Irritating cousins?

    We don’t do Apple, we are android users. With the way things get broken here at Casa Cuckoo, we get cheap ‘Fire’ tablets from Amazon. We have 3 of them now, one is a cracked screen cast off of Ben’s. You can change Siri or Alexa’s voice to masculine or feminine and change the language and accent too. It would be in the ‘settings’ of the tablet.

    1. The Percys and the Blackbirds have been in the garden all day which is ncie to see … but a lot of birds are now visiting again – it’a real joy to look out thw indow and see the lawns with birds 🙂

    1. So WP, is giving you some gip today – not good. Got your email, thank you – l was trying to reach you the other day, now l can 🙂

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