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When l realised that my shoulder was recovering last year, l knew that as soon as l was able to, l would be back out in the garden prepping up for this year 2020 and what would be known as Season 4. That preparation started with the compost repair last August and the rebuild started in earnest when l began to use my new compost system which was installed in October of last year.

I also made the decision at that time to grow vegetables all year round for 2020 and not stop the cycle in September which Suze and l had been doing previously.  This decision then meant that many things had to be taken into consideration differently to a garden that was only producing for six months of the year. Normally we would plant out [about now [April and run vegetables till later September].

So last August l slowly started to build a list of what l would need and what l had and what l didn’t. What needed repair or replacing and what magical ingredients l was going to need to produce a super compost?

I now have the super compost and l have my garden ready for planting out, which the first early stages will commence this weekend coming. I have to constantly and continually think of the garden as a 12 month operation that will furnish quality produce for the table and not just a six month activity where we hope to grow some veg.

That takes considerable planning anyway …


………. however what l didn’t plan on, was!

The current climate and the events which have unfolded before my eyes over the last few weeks alone … l wasn’t prepared for that initially … however in the last four weeks l have made myself more prepared. I ordered more seeds, and a few other bits of kit to ensure the garden is able to perform … and despite even all of that – l most assuredly WAS NOT prepared for the last two weeks – but no one else was either!

No one was prepared for some of the following headlines …


The Guardian view on empty supermarket shelves: panic is not the problem


Tesco restricts online shoppers to 80 items each …


A food crisis looms as coronavirus forces farms to stay idle and countries hoard supplies


Feed the Nation’: Britain urged to take up work in the fields as coronavirus threatens fruit and veg supplies

Coronavirus: Will jugglers and clowns harvest fruit and vegetables?


Supermarkets ask shoppers to be ‘considerate’ and stop stockpiling


Nicole Richie suggests people grow their own food during coronavirus pandemic: ‘Everyone can do it’


But, not one to be deterred, in the last week, l have managed to buy the last few things which should carry me through safely into the end of the year. I mean EVEN if we do treat some of this news above as ‘Fake News’ of which there is an abundance of in recent times – still l cannot help but think  and wonder –  there is never smoke without a fire somewhere is there?

I have some plants on pre-order  [bought first week of January] and they are due for delivery this week – l was checking the website this afternoon whilst creating this post to be met with this …. NEVER seen before by me on this site which is a Gardening Site!!




It wasn’t just stockpiling on food that became an issue in the last days before major lockdown either. Buyers were stockpiling on seeds and gardening kits – gardening has fast become one of the top UK sellers in trends with the arrival of the pandemic … many people had the same viewpoint – food shortages, stockpilers, panic, panic, panic! I read an article the other day about garden nurseries  suffering as well ..

£200m of plants ‘will be destroyed’ due to garden centre closures

This is to be expected during a lockdown, when people are forced to social distance, when traffic footfall for commercial enterprises is not just greatly reduced but stopped and restricted … things will perish, things will die and gradually things will cease to be considered dare l say it but … normal or the usual. So even with the potential of fake news there are still problems afoot that no one can deny … it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to configure that somewhere … there is going to be a seriously bad problem with the production of food for the tables.

There are many reasons to grow your own, there are many reasons to produce vegetables for your table from whatever space you have available in whatever capacity you can … because none of us know truly – what’s around the corner. What restrictions there are and will be, and even if stuff is there – how long do we have to wait or queue to see it and will it still be there when we are?

Then there is the burning question …. who wants to be in the supermarkets or the grocers now anyway … seriously, really, who?

In the next episode l am going to cover Gardening Gardens for Victory and even if you don’t have a traditional or conventional garden space, there are many ways you can grow something even at home in small spaces.  If anything Covid – 19 should make us really examine how and what we consume and then look closely at what we can do to help ourselves more.

Additionally, l will be starting a new series this year – a sub series if you will out of 366 Days of Gardening … called A – Z Gardening Compendium where l am hoping to further encourage some of my own gardener followers to share their experiences and tips concerning growing our own and together we can make a comprehensive guide that will cover all levels of gardening to help novice gardeners.

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Anyway, until then,

Catch you in part 4

Thanks for reading – Rory

16 thoughts on “366 Days of Gardening! E25 – W13 [3]

  1. My husband was in our local farm store today to pick up some “essentials” he said seed supplies looked low. I think a lot of people are planning on gardening this year.
    About three weeks ago I realized I was low on lye for soap making so I ordered some. They originally estimated that I would have it in like five days. A few days later I got an email that said that business had increased so much that they expected that it would be two weeks before I would have it. about 5 days later I received another email that explained that they were working as fast as they could to get orders shipped but they had went from usually having 2000 orders a day to 25,000 orders a day. One of the products that they sell is hand sanitizer so I am sure that a lot of the orders were for that. I did eventually get my lye but it took 2 weeks instead of 5 days.

    1. Hey Ruth, l know it’s been crazy with a capital K these last few weeks! People are just thinking ‘l know we’ll plant some vegetables!’ Sure they can do that and if people took to it seriously and earnestly life could be easier but they’ll get frustrated and give up and then the panics will start all over again.

      1. I suspect you are correct. Another thing that people here are buying is chicks. Apparently a lot of people have suddenly decided to begin raising chickens. I’m afraid that could also end in disaster.

        1. Oh good grief, that sounds terribly unsettling. I used to do Chicken Rescue and what many probably don’t know, although l can tell you do Ruth -s that chickens can be like dogs and puppies – people take them on board thinking you can just leave them to their own devices 🙁

  2. I’ve read some of those stories. The UK government was really short sighted and unprepared. Not that our government is any better, but our country is huge and we produce a lot of food. Even my state produces a lot of food.
    Older Daughter is still waiting for some seeds that she ordered to arrive and she’s planning on starting everything during the 8 days she took off from work. Yes, yes…there will be pictures😂

    1. Excellent – in a nutshell or even a buttshell our country screwed up – big time! The handling of this is now the legacies our countries have to live with.

  3. So true sir. The UK grows only 61% of its own food requirement. We do have to all do our bit. Certainly going to try and problem is the growing season in our area. Don’t have a greenhouse and temporary ones have just been annually destroyed by the winds. Tried a cold frame but that ended up smashed as it headed towards Belgium in one storm. Thinking about the conservatory but that’s not heated. But certainly will try something this winter.

  4. Second attempt. This is so true. Couldn’t agree more since this is a new world and a country only producing 61% of its own food needs is not going to fly. We all need to do our own bit. Certainly going for it here. Problem is the short growing season. I don’t have a greenhouse and other attempts have been destroyed in the winds. Maybe the conservatory is the answer but it’s Not heated and gets super cold in winter.

    1. Mm, could you maybe put up some kind of protective covering in the conservatory Gary for winter – have it on the inside as opposed to the outside, like an indoor polytunnel?

  5. I really enjoyed reading your entry about gardening. My husband and I love plants but we have a very limited area in our apartment hence we stock ornamental and tropical plants inside our tiny place. If only we have a large area outside, we would definitely grow our own fruits and veggies. Thanks for following our blog as well. Cheers!

    1. Hey Aileen, many thanks for stopping by and commenting – here’s wishing you a lovely Saturday and weekend ahead.

      Yes, space is the final frontier as they say and it applies to gardening l feel too. I will be looking at options that those without space could potentially try which might help produce something albeit small as well.

      Do you have windowsills of more than 4″ wide?

      1. oh! you should check out our instagram page called theplant_kingdom and you will be amazed at how we managed to fit in all our plants inside our tiny apartment. And yes we do have a windowsill by the kitchen where we put in herbs in small terracota pots which looks so cute but later on when they died as it was so hot here in Australia last summer, we changed it with cactus and succulents. 🙂

        1. I will have a looksee …. strangely enough only this last week l discovered l had an instagram account that a friend set up for me in 2009 and no one told me, so l have the joys of discovering that this year too … l will check out your page 🙂

            1. I think it’s just this … there’s nothing on it yet, l literally discovered it by accident – but it may be younger than l think it is in so far as 2015 set up .. l have yet to sit down and work with it 🙂


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