I Am Ok …. Thanks for asking!

I Am Ok …. Thanks for asking!

#1 – 01/04/2020


Welcome to ‘I Am Ok … Thanks for asking!


We are living in strange times, don’t you think?

I mean, NONE l should imagine saw this Coronavirus on the horizon  … l certainly didn’t. But it is here, and whether we like it or not, will probably be here for some time to come and it will over time, become part our new ‘ordinary’ …

During these past few weeks, something l have noticed is how worried many people are about it – don’t get me wrong, l too am very concerned, l think it is healthy to be aware of the issues this causes not just humanity – but closer to home – communities. Closer to that still – our community here in WordPress. I have found myself dropping both emails and comments to friends and readers alike to make sure they are okay because of their quiet.

I notice people’s absences pretty quickly here, they stop commenting, they stop visiting and sure it might just be one of those ‘blogging’  things – but say if it’s NOT?  I tend to at that point start a small proceedure to try and figure out if they are ok … most of the time, they are.

This last week to ten days, l have noticed a drop in writers blogging, l have noticed the creep up in anxiety with some writers. I have noticed through emailing my friends that many are very worried.

Again, very understandable – l learned today that the UK might experience blackouts and power outages because of Covid 19 and that if this starts to happen we should expect it as the norm?

I have seen and read comments on my own blog as well as comments on other blogs and so l figured that this small weekly ‘series’ might just make it easier on others to know that as a community we do care about each other and that sometimes it’s the smallest and simplest things that can ‘make someone’s day waaaay better!’ I make a note to email my friends and ask how they are doing .. most of the time people come back with the comment or email which basically says “I am ok, thanks for asking!”

It’s not just here online either, it’s something l ask the few people l see occasionally, the postal service, the delivery drivers, the neighbours … did you know that many a time, when l ask the postal workers and the delivery drivers how they are – they look shocked? One of the chaps the other day said “I am ok, thanks for asking. You are the only one today who has and l genuinely appreciate it!”

We all appreciate being asked how we are occasionally – you know? Because sometimes no one else does ask and that is what this small series is about – it’s me just asking how are you – are you ok? Is there anything l can do to brighten your day? I can’t do much – maybe it’s enough just asking how you are.

Years ago, when l was sadly going through a very serious breakdown l was assigned ‘Link Buddies’ – they were supposed to be there for me to see how l was doing, ask how l was doing … most of them were pointless – l had six l think before the seventh – the latter being Tom. Tom was different to the others he wasn’t in my face – he would just ring once a week and say “Hey Rory, how are you doing, is there anything l can do to make your day brighter?’

Such a small question and yet – it made the biggest difference to my day knowing that someone cared enough to ask me how l was doing? It helped enormously with my wellbeing and mindfulness.

So, how are you all?

Let me know below or if you wish, please feel free to drop me an email here aguycalledbloke63@gmail.com if you just want to chat, vent or moan and need a listening ear. It’s perfectly fine.

However, it’s easy to broadly ask the audience how they are doing, but more personal when you ask individuals – so each week, l am going to ask three people how they are doing and what would be nice is if they too asked three people and so on – if we are having to live by social distancing – then let’s make the social network we have work for us just as efficiently. There is no pressure to respond,  or even ask anyone else…it’s your choice.


This week, l am asking the following:

Suzi Tench of My Colourful Life

Suze of Suziland Too or Obsolete Childhood

Betty of Guideline’s Web

How are you doing?

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37 thoughts on “I Am Ok …. Thanks for asking!

  1. I’m surviving. I’m reading, taking Daisy out for walks around the garden – on a lead of course. She watched ‘Logan’s Run’ as a puppy and is forever trying to escape! I am trying to make the effort to cook for myself rather than just eat oatmeal for every meal ( I like it and it’s easy!)
    I’m trying very hard to avoid news media because it stresses the crap out of me. One son and ‘im indoors are stuck in NY for the duration.
    One son is about 100 miles away and my daughter and grandson are in Oregon. With my dad and other family on your side of the Atlantic I’m feeling very distanced. I remind myself daily that we’re one day nearer this being over. I have my bad moments but so far I’m pretty good at staying upbeat.

    1. Hey Britchy l am pleased to hear this … strange – do you remember last year a small conversation we had about what happens if people don’t post how do we find out .. well l had that conversation in mind when creating this also 🙂

      Yes, that’s got to be seriously hard having the family so widely scattered. But l am pleased that your ‘English’ discipline makes you cook 🙂 I am also pleased your humour is still there and that you have Daisy.

      Suze and l miss Scrappy terribly, it’ll be three months this Sunday and her companionship is sorely missed, and yet we are grateful that she is not here, because of the absolute uncertainty of day to day living now.

      Thanks for commenting, l am always glad to hear and read from you 🙂

      Oh yes, we all have our bad moments, l had mine on Monday ha ha l can laugh now, l wasn’t laughing then.

      Chin up, we are all here for each other 🙂

  2. Great idea Rory. You said it, even though most of do not actually know each other, we have become a sort of family, and we all watch out for one another. There are plenty of times when I feel more connected to my blogger friends than I do with people in the real world.

    We are all doing well here. All of our 4-legged children are loving having both of home all the time, especially Vinnie. Vinnie is getting to go out or daily walks around the lakes. Stay safe and stay well everyone. 🙂

    1. Hey Jeanne, great to hear from you and l am truly glad you all as a family, skin and fur alike are all keeping well and looking out for each other 🙂

  3. I am doing well, thanks for asking. I am happy that I have the company of my daughter and grandson in this time of isolation.

    1. Hey Sadje, excellent l am glad too for you to have the company of your daughter and G/son 🙂

      Are you with them, or are they staying with you or living close by?

      1. I am with them. I came just before this whole thing boiled over. My daughter wanted some help with her son as she is nearing the end of her PhD program. I came for a couple of months but now am planning to stay as long as needed.

  4. What a wonderful idea, Rory! It is so nice of you to think of checking in with us all! Thank you!

    My life hasn’t been changed much because of the mandatory restrictions being placed upon us. I have been working through physical challenges for a couple of years that have curtailed many of my previous activities, so have reconciled to staying home most of the time. However, it has been somewhat difficult for Bud, since he is normally involved in many outside activities. He is so good at making adjustments, however, so is managing quite nicely. Fortunately, both of us love to read and have a wide variety of interests. I just can’t imagine either of us ever getting bored.

    Noticing your new (to me) email address makes me wonder if you still use the Doodlepip one? I had it in my address book from the post about Lulu and sent an email to that address awhile back. Just wondering, since I didn’t get a response.

    Thank you so much for checking in with us! I continue to hold you and Suze in my Heart, wishing you well. Please know how very much you are appreciated! 😊💞

    1. Hey Betty,

      I have just pulled off your email from the 21st. Sadly since Scrappy’s demise l hardly visit her email. It was set up for her specifically. But l now have a hard copy of your email which l shall read and reply to you from the ‘guycalledbloke’ email which is the main private one l use for the blog.

      Sadly the Big C is causing all kinds of Chaos around the world and it is now coaxing us into very different lifestyles – but l am truly glad that you, Bud and the featheries are well.

      It’s excellent however that you both enjoy reading, it is such a wonderful activity to be engaged with 🙂

      I will write back soon, so on that note – thank you for your email 🙂

      1. I understand about Scrappy’s email address. Please, no hurry on a response. It is so good of you to take the time from your busy schedule to do all that you do to keep everyone perking along, Rory! Thank you so much for all you do! 🙂

  5. I am trying to stay strong. I am physically just okay. I threw out my back about 1 1/2 weeks ago and it is still painful but getting better every day. George is okay..keeps busy in his models shed. The anxiety has been really bad since this virus outbreak..it doesn’t help that one of my sons has tested positive….he’s at home so we’re hoping it is a very small case for him. Thank you so very much for asking…..you are the only one to do so and really wish for an answer……so Bless You my friend. and stay safe and healthy!

    1. Hey Suze.

      Dang l am sorry to hear about your son, here’s hoping that it is just a small case and that he is fine.

      I remember reading about your back and wondering how that was coming along, that’s the annoyances of our backs, when they are thrown out, they are like strange ghosts, they keep coming back to haunt us when we creak – so l hope that each day your improvement gets much better, that really is the last thing you need now on top of existing anxiety.

      It’s excellent that George has his models to keep him occupied, that’s what we all need, something to keep our minds busy … the gardening helps me here when my mind is too scattered to think about creative writing. It’s a physical activity that doesn’t really require a lot of intellectual deep thought and that is just right for the climate.

      Keep well Suze, regards to George and son 🙂

  6. Remarkably, I am maintaining my Zen. Even with the loss of the Glorious Little Yellow School Bus, I’m being silly and taking each chaotic moment as it comes.

    I have extended my offer of a ‘listening ear’ or any other help too. I’ve been extremely blessed by an outpouring of help when we first went into lockdown, and I want to pay it forward. I’ve sent out emails, and kept quiet Blog Buddies in my thoughts…

    I’ll be by the back fence if you need me, JB😉💌

    1. Hey Angie, l have been reading your series today [strangely enough on my iPad everytime l have been to the toilet ha ha yeah yeah TMI, but it’s true. The iPad is great for reading, it’s not connected to WP though as in signed in, so when you see me hit like on a lot of the episodes shortly – that’s why.

      But as l was reading the episodes, l had an idea that l wanted to run past you, so will email you in the coming days 🙂

      1. Very good! I think my series is perfect for bathroom reading😂 Besides, it’s where I go to hide😉 It’s all connected.
        Will watch for the email. I replied to the yesterday’s. Was it yesterday? I don’t even know anymore…🙄🤦‍♀️😂😂

  7. What a lovely idea Rory. ☺️ Thank you for asking. I have pulled out the sewing machine and raided my fabric stash. Sewing up cloth face masks to give to anyone who might need or want them. Couldn’t resist ordering some AC/DC fabric online. Those should turn out cool. Be happy to send some to you and Suze if you should need one. Take care! 😊

  8. It is a bizarre time. Not particularly frightening personally, more like an unsettling dream world. It’s strange we often seek isolation and confinement, but not when it’s seemingly imposed on us from a far. Much much more frightening for the kids and those who need routine/stability. But we have food (might not be the usual stuff), we have fun stuff to do at home, we have a garden, a bit of nature comes to us and I have friends in WP and son has his toys. So we are doing ok. With your promoting might even get the garden sorted. Sending you a manly hug sir.

    1. Manly hug received my friend and always back – excellent to read that everything is aok in your neck of the woods.

      It is all very surreal … the frightening aspect has gone – it’s all very worrying of course – but now my fascination is cutting into the … future of our todays tomorrow.

  9. Such a nice thing to do, Rory! I always wonder how everyone is doing, too. Glad to hear y’all are getting along in this unsettled time. We are doing good here, too. I’m used to staying in all the time anyway, and the mister goes to get groceries every so often. I’m glad spring is here! Just keeping busy with month long blog challenges keeps me busy – that and reading. Hope this scary time is long gone soon. 🙂

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