Grunge Puppy, Sloppy Joe or Snazzy Cyber?

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I am using this image that l first viewed on Kristian’s Post which l have linked here for your viewing and the image to as it is ‘so just right’ for this post.


Grunge Puppy, Sloppy Joe or Snazzy Cyber?

In the main l have three styles of clothing …. sloppy casual, gardening kit and smart casual wear and over the course of a given week, l will wear all styles. There is a 4th style and that is outdoor activity – like ‘walking kit’, but l tend to not wear that as a full time style – it is only for when walking.

Usually, if not in the garden l tend to wear ‘smart casual’ [Jeans or Linen Trousers, tee shirt and fleeced hoody, socks and sneakers] whilst l am in the house working the screens or writing in blog. If l am gardening or planning to be in the garden for most of the day then l will only be wearing gardening kit [sloppy old joggers and sweats] and then come around 6pm, change into my sloppy casuals. The latter being for me … a pair of light joggers and a sweatshirt.

When l am working on the blog and writing, l like to ‘dress up’ for it as this is my working from home style. I don’t work in an office or on the shop floor, so l don’t tend to have a uniform as such to adopt … but like to feel like l am getting up with deliberation to work.

Suze, normally, and by this l am referring to when she isn’t working at home full time like most of the world seem to be, wears smart office casual which is quite relaxed in consideration to what some offices expect from their employees. But when she is working from home, she then tends to adopt a more grunge type sloppy casual wear’ attire. Like today  she is wearing fluffy ‘pixie boots’ [basically around the house slippers], sweatshirt and light joggers.

For many who are now working from home, l guess the desire to not have to normalise their working day in so far as workwear is very tempting … but l wonder how many of my readership who were working full time away from home, but are now not …. are still adhering to the more conventional clothing for their work days in the home or are you not?

I mean let’s be honest your employers can’t force you to wear ‘the uniform’ when working from home and as long as you are still carrying out your work duties don’t give two monkeys if you are stark bollock naked with feathers sticking out of your ….. ears!

We are living in trying times, history is currently being re-written and l can’t help but feel that today is always going to be a future tomorrow as in, what happens today is the start to the new history we will all find ourselves living in. The future we saw in the sci-fi movies of our teens where more of the workforce living and working only from home because of the actual robotic workforce – might well have begun because of our current climate or something similar.

Who knows eh?

Is the more casual you conducive to a healthier and happier work ethic anyway? I mean dressing down as opposed to dressing up, certainly means less ironing, which is a saving grace for starters.

But what happens when this is all over …. how about the traditional get up and get ready for work regime? Will that be lost due to months of grunging it?

So tell me … whether you are working from home, or were working from home or maybe not working – what is your typical dress code for the average day now?


Have you opted to keep dressed up as opposed to dressed down?

Are you a full on grunge puppy, sloppy Joe ot snazzy cyber?

How disciplined are you today?

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24 Hour Blog Question Directory

Welcome to  Season 2

13 thoughts on “Grunge Puppy, Sloppy Joe or Snazzy Cyber?

  1. Since my only “work” is homeschooling my grandson and blogging, I dress casual. When going out for a walk, I dress in warmer clothes but still casual. I am disciplined in the sense that I keep the same hours of getting up, walking and meal times.

  2. I’ve been a hermit for almost 20 years now. When I did work, it was full on office on weekdays, casual on weekends (I worked at a business that was 24/7 so I had to work some weekends)

    Since I’ve been a hermit, I have 2 styles of clothes: Home & Public.

    Home is sweats or PJ bottoms (shorts in summer), socks & slippers or barefoot, and tank top, t-shirt, grungy hoodie (depending on temp), on top.

    Public is yoga pants, nice sweats or shorts on bottom, nice t-shirt, public hoodies on top. Sandals, flats uggs or tennis shoes.

    95% of my life is grunge. I need my clothes to be comfortable. Style doesnt change my attitude. I don’t feel ‘better’ if I’m ‘dressed up’.

    I love that graphic! That was me after work every day with my bra😂😂

      1. I wear a sports bra…cant go completely free. The girls are a little too large for full freedom, what with two children & gravity & age…they go every which way😂😂

  3. Since I am retired, I rarely dress up. However, in this senior community, people tend to go “dress casual” for dinner. But now that we aren’t going to the dining room for dinner, I sometimes wear a zip up hooded robe & boot slippers around the house all day. If I’m going out (which I usually am, to take a walk), I put on sweat pants and a top suitable for the weather. I don’t think about it looking nice or matching. And I don’t usually bother getting dressed until noon. Since I’m not sweating much, I let 2 days go by without taking a shower instead of 1.

    I’m not really very disciplined at all, and since there’s a lot of stuff I could be doing, I have to get a little more motivated. Since I know I’ll be essentially under “house arrest” for at least a month more, the days stretch seemingly infinitely ahead of me. I’ll probably get really busy the last week!! At least I did finish a photo book I had been working on for awhile.

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