DON’T YOU Touch Me!!

“”DON’T YOU Touch Me!!””

It’s no laughing matter,
I’ll have you know…
… to be dressed up like this – like the mad hatter,
Isn’t just for show!
I actually have somewhere to go!

Problem is, l don’t actually want to,
But needs must,
Now’s the time to be brave, see it through..
… it was discussed!
With my partner Sue!
It’s something l just have to do!

It’s not just me of course…
…. we are doing it as a couple…
It’ll not end in divorce,
… if l don’t go nor will there be trouble!
But l said l would, and my word is my bond!
… anyway,  now there’s no time to abscond!

This damn virus with all its evil ways,
…. our lives now curtailed and filled with restriction!
Big Brother Rules, regulations,  new administration and bizare policies..
… is very real, no longer fantasy or surreal science-fiction!
It’s causing me stress and constriction!
… Never mind what it’s doing to my afflictions!

My Asperger’s is in overdrive, my autism through the roof,
… I shit you not, this is serious and not a spoof!
This is NOT a drill!
…. this is not exciting, joyously funny or even fabulously brill!
I am now going out there, no longer allowed to be aloof!
…. Going to be front line, l speak the truth!

I am togged up to the eyeballs literally,
… no swine’s going to breath or cough on me!
My hypersensitive and over stimulated brain is on fire!
…. Keep away!! My hearts over beating – damn, l might even expire!
This is a nightmare … but we need to get food and supplies!
… to venture out into the lands of yesterdays civilised societies!

Finally ready,  now is the time to exit my bubble and do this ..
Silly creepy plastic gloves that make me sweat,
… Overly bobbled Wally hat and scarf,
Tied around my head and all the way up my neck!
Loose clothing for ninja escape rolling and of course comfort,
Solid and stout boots, woolly socks – ready for transport!

Wish me luck, l am now walking out the door …
…. not sure when l’ll be back or even if l will…
If l believe the Internet press and the news media – l’ll be gone for ever more!
Because this is our life now, this is NOT a drill!
Life is now one crud filled plague bacterium sea…
… and here’s my warning to society …
Literally …

DON’T YOU Touch Me!!

© Rory Matier 2020

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13 thoughts on “DON’T YOU Touch Me!!

        1. Masks and the UK? Not really – getting hold of them is a major problem … the NHS is currently understocked, pretty much like the USA for PPE Kits as is.

          There is also so much controversy as to whether it is good or not good to wear them as a regular Joey anyway – experts says yes, experts say no …. either way – getting them is the biggest obstacle most buyers face even with Amazon.

        2. A recent study showed that countries where ordinary people are wearing masks, the spread of the disease is slow.

        3. Yes l read the same article or one very similar – the jury is still out – from a personal perspective l would say any facial covering is still better than nothing and as long as you were not being deliberately coughed on, then a mask will partially assist.

          If you are just walking around [not that we are allowed to do that anyway unless it is essential] freely with lots of people and there is safe distances, then masks are not a requirement.

          If you are in close contact with people then as said a mask will slow the chance of contagions passing – so great for the carer industry – but ordinary people technically don’t need them if practising safe social distance.

          I didn’t know what to expect when l went out as there had been tales of all sorts – however when we went to the shops, it was very orderly unlike some other places in England where it is very dangerous just to be on the streets.

          For me personally – it was really the Asperger’s overthinking the situation and because l think in pictures mostly – l didn’t have any pictures to pull up for locally … now with today’s experience l have different images to the ones l had before/

          I don’t need a mask at this current time because of the very nature of how the shops are going ‘lines wise’ as our isolation continues however and stocks dwindle and things heat up differently and food shortages may present themselves a mask may well be an item to have.

          However, masks are selling out very fast when they are available and then you might be able to order them online, but they’ll not be delivered till May … bit defeatest then as well.

        4. The utility of a mask is that we cannot touch out mouth and nose with our unwashed hands. And that really helps. But as you said, they aren’t freely available so it’s a moot point anyway.

        5. Very true – but also we are not supposed to touch our eyes… l am always touching my face, l think l touch my face more than most people …. as a youngster l suffered with facial tics [that was the Aspergers] and even today l can feel tiny itches all over my face – so it is very difficult for me to not touch my face and l am always touching my eyes.

          But quite right, moot because of a lack of availablility .

  1. I don’t know why but that reminded me of a Biathlon world championship event on TV. It was super cold. -20. All the athletes were dressed like you apart from the chap brought up in Siberia, he was in a T-shirt.

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