What Are You Reading Then?

What Are You Reading Then?

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Have you found,  be this in your writing style as a blogger or indeed as an author or as a reader of literature epublished or blogged, that in lieu of the current climate your behaviour has changed and that whether knowingly or unknowingly your genre of preference has shifted more to other genres?

For example if prior to where we are now in the world – have you found that whereas you may well have read certain reading types before or performed certain writing styles before that you have changed direction?

As fiction readers and writers are you still writing fiction or not? Has your style of fiction writing changed? Has your preference to reading fiction changed … that you have knowingly noticed?

Are you perhaps reading more factual, or reality fiction as opposed to fantasy fiction … do you find yourself drifting towards more escapism fiction … Are you buying more digital books or is everything currently is as it was?

Do you find that you are reading more or are you reading less. Are you writing more or less? Perhaps you have stopped the reading of literature but are now watching more visual like films or television programmes?

Have your reading and writing habits changed since the arrival of Covid-19 or Lockdown?

Let me know below … Thanks, Rory

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34 thoughts on “What Are You Reading Then?

  1. I’ve stopped watching tv altogether and I find myself reading Agatha Christie LOL There’s a lot of them and they aren’t all that popular in the ebook section of my library. Nice and light, no waiting list.

  2. I’ve still got Reader’s Block. I haven’t been able to read anything longer than a blog post or short story in months. It pre-dates the lockdown and loss of the little yellow bus. I don’t think my choice of genre would change if I could read.

    I very, very rarely watch movies and no shows. I haven’t watched to idiot box in years.

    I have changed my writing though, oh boy howdy! With my lockdown Adventures series, I’m doing over 1000 words a day. That is WAY more than usual. My ‘style’ hasn’t changed. It’s still just my brain spilling words through my fingers.

    1. Okay, your style hasn’t changed, but your habits have – that is the point 🙂 That is what l am currently researching .

      My habit has marginally changed in reaction to the current climate – subtle but reflective and that’s there are more 4th posts – this is both a marketing decision and a community spirit definition.

      I am becoming more ‘topical’ which was a move/direction l wanted to take for this year and add it as another avenue to the eclectic path of the blog, but wasn’ t too sure how to take it ..

      1. Hmmm…so this all has given you an opportunity that you were looking for in a way?
        I’m sure I’ll go back to same old, same old whenever this series ends. It wouldn’t work for any other type of post.🤷🏼‍♀️

        1. Well think about it this way …. habits are more easily formed than broken, established habits are much harder to break. The good news is that you are writing now and enjoying it too so that is a good habit.

          I needed the Topical wing in support of all the others to work on the balance … l will not always produce 4 posts per day , but l also think the 4th is a kind of therapy for me too.

  3. My reading is lacking it can takes months to finish a book. Sad I know. I love reading but I find time lacking to read and when I do I am tired and forget the paragraph I just read. I want more time to read as I have so much to get through. I know I will be right if the internet collapses and we are forced to read. I have books from Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Tom Clancy, James Patterson, Raymond E feist, Desmond Baguley, Eric Lustbader and many more that I still haven’t gotten through plus a few Carter Brown Novellas that are a fun read.
    That is just the fiction side of my books I have so many non-fiction books that I need to get through.
    The way I read is usually 2 non-fiction books at the same time and 1 fiction book. I find non-fiction needs time to digest. Too much in one go isn’t good, in my opinion, so I spread it out different topics and time to think about what the author is trying to get across. The fiction is usually depending on my mood. Do I want crime and thrillers to help with one style of writing or do I want fantasy, ninja’s, comedy etc. to help grow on my main style of writing.

    1. Hey Stephen 🙂

      That a great selection of fiction authors!

      Very very similiar styled and reflective reading to my own also. I can never just have one book open on the go, it has to be several like you to cope with mood swings or shifts in writing momentums 🙂

      Hope you are keeping well my friend 🙂

      1. Yeah they are great authors and still not the end to the list I have haha I may have to a series on them one day. Keeping well and enjoying the new site 😉 another post to come shortly

  4. Nonfiction. Well, trying. Expressive arts books. A book on writing for children by Katherine Paterson. And lots of poetry.

    1. Hey Jeanne, is that the normal reading style for you? I ask as you include the ‘trying’ comment, is reading a struggle?

      I read a lot during the day, but come night time l am unnaturally exhausted and just want to switch off.

      1. Rory, i am taking a two year expressive arts course with required reading. It helps to have deadlines to read certain books. But any book that does not have its hook set firmly in my mind, I struggle. Some books are like twisting in blankets during a horrid dream. Including my own words. I am a writer after all. I know what I like and then again, writing is often a task that requires patience. None of which I have. Just lots of squirming thoughts, screaming at me. Couple that with my meagre attention span, and I feel doomed. Cheers 🍻 J

        1. Hey Jeanne, ok, got you, thanks for the clarity – l can relate to some of that also – excellent news on the ‘expressive arts course’, how have you found that for you?

          1. Rory, Great until the virus explosion. Depression is slowly forming a cloud over my being. To have no contact with those I facilitate art with is a beast. And no possible way to contact them either. Currently I am focusing (trying hard) to focus on my personal practice. This is normally important to do and even more so in this environment.

              1. Nope. I volunteer at a women’s shelter. This is what particularly hits me hard. To know a vulnerable population is beset by social distance and no protocol in place. I find I need to push past the difficult feelings. Ive been through worse. So I will tap into the wisdom gleaned from other setbacks and traumatic events.

              2. Good motivation Jeanne – perhaps when this is finally over and life can resume maybe as a forward think tank idea, something needs to be put into place for the shelter? In case ‘this’ happens again or similar…

              3. It also irks me when politicians set aside 25 million to clean the Kennedy Center or another 75 million to PBS. 💔 Not a dime towards any nonprofits that I am aware. And I struggle beyond this, as the many who could end up part of this population. Although many companies are being creative to keep employees and stay afloat. Currently supporting our local restaurants, once a week, with dinner delivered. God bless us all. I do hope this is over soon.

  5. Trying to write, but have to ignore social media/news/tv, etc. Stil reading, have dozens of eBooks waiting for my attention – but I’m not going to read anything with ‘end of the world’ scenarios.

    1. Hey Cage, yes like you, l too have a lot of eBooks to chomp through on all genres. I watched a small mini-series a couple of weeks ago, l wish l hadn’t ha ha that was just prior to lockdown about a solar flare called Cobra [2019]

      Has your writing been effected differently by world events?

      1. Keeping busy I guess and making sure I do daily exercise. Try to avoid the news as well. I guess the stress will start to rise when I need to face the world and shop for essentials. Home deliveries are becoming impossible. Can’t wait. A friend texted that he gave up after queuing for 2 hours outside his supermarket in a Newcastle.

        1. Yes, shopping for ‘essentials’ will be the major problem, they want us to stay home, but the online retail infrastructure cannot cope with the pressures … only vulnerable and ageing people are to stay put and have deliveries awarded them.

          Interesting times – reminds me a lot of Logan’s Run in some ways.

          It’ll not be long before l feel a powder keg may ignite.

  6. I’m inclined towards the same sorts of books but I can’t seem to find the time to really get into them. The hardest part of reading for me has always been choosing what’s next to pick up 🙃 so that’s not new. And I think a nice long read would do me good at the moment if I would just make it a priority. Blogs keep me reading and engaging which is nourishing to my spirit. I do find myself trying to write something each day, to offer encouragement and a smile. When there’s so much that you can’t do right now, it’s awfully nice to make efforts towards something you can. 😊

      1. That sums it up pretty well. Oh, and here’s something silly. When I can’t read as many books as I’d like to, I love to read lists of books. 🙃☺️ the actual lists.

        1. Excellent – another List Read then … interestingly enough l have a new series starting in May that might be up your street then called The List Tinkerer’s 🙂

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