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Have a great Sour Sassy Saturday folks  – – greetings to you all to Stay safe, healthy and sane from both myself and Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mind


Season 10 – Series 6

What is your favourite decade between 1930 – 2020 – 90 years of music.

“Hey Rory, l would love to hear five songs from the 70’s with a quote topic of Mystery!” [As an example]

 The Hello is a dedication post to the “Morning Guest Star!”

Don’t be shy – you can have as many dedications as you wish – we have a whole year ahead of us filled with lots of days!

Many thanks Rory


1930 – 2020 – Which is your favourite decade?

What is your quote topic choice?

Happy Guest Star Day V4 PNG

Suzanne of All My Heart Sees


5 Songs from the later 70’s


“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Rob Siltanen


Hey Suzanne, here’s wishing you a totally awesome saucesome Saturday and if not that, then of course there is always Melanie’s Sour Sassy Saturday! Here’s five songs from the later 70’s and a bonus!


Universal Greeting PNG-5

Have a totally awesome day folks!

Be safe, sane and healthy!


Later on today ….. new 24 hour blog question.

24 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. Awesome saucesome Saturday Rory ☺️ I love the quote and the sweet tunes 🎶 Thank you 🍀☺️ Maybe I’ll get to paint today…🙃

      1. Thank you Rory – officially got the Stay at Home order here. Our county judge specifically changed the wording for our county from Shelter in Place to Stay at Home. If it doesn’t rain too much I’ll be outdoors. You too ☺️

  2. Sour and Sassy… yep! I like it😁 We’ve got sun, but it’s still too cold for this time of year. How’s your Saturday? Are you sour or sassy today? That Meatloaf song is excellent!! All the songs and the quote and the Guest Star are excellent today!

    1. Hey Grandma, not sure we have overcast weather today, might rain, might not sort of day – glad you liked the morning line up :0

      Have a a Sassy saturday 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for the nod, Rory! Sorry I didn’t comment when this was posted, but I wasn’t here on Saturday (not much anyway). Lovely! <3

    1. Hey, that ‘s okay Melanie, l believe it or not experience the same issue as you do – l lose a lot of my comments – l spoke to WP about it a couple of weeks ago, they said there wasn’t a problem … but l know there is, hey ho – we have to manual each other – that just sounds wrong], but l wanted you to see your banner as it was really nice 🙂

  4. I’m sorry, apparently unless I go directly through the Reader, I can’t comment on your blog, nor do I get any notifications (well one or two at most). I’ve missed a LOT of your posts which look intriguing and which I’m going to write about today (Monday). Thank you so much for the nod too!! I’m here and I’m reading as much as I can! Stay safe Rory! You’re AWESOME dude!

    1. Here’s a classic example, this comment wasn’t in my quick reader, l have found it in my detailed comments section – perhaps l am going to have to be in here more often 🙂

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