Sharp Like To The Bone!

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Sharp Like To The Bone!

I didn’t see it comin! I mean who would?
Who could have?
One of those things right, never good,
… but a crash?
Should we have seen that? Heard that maybe?
Been written about for years, you know?
But who listens, who reads, who cares? See …
… it’s not like we were give the right notice!
Perhaps if the protocols were simpler …
… not so convoluted and meticulous?
So damned articulate! But just easier to mentally administer!
We might have understood the situation,
… and in so doing not be left with this eerie,
Sensation roiling about in our heads like a sordid confession!
It would have been easier to be read into more clearly!
But no, that’s not what it was or how it was done!
It was more aggressive and hostile, belligerent even!
There was simply no fun ..
It was just so unpleasant and l guess, hard to believe in!
Just not so easy to get a fix, a handle on it! You know?
No, l am not crying into the milk,
Or looking for the world’s smallest violin, so …
Just leave it be, l am not of that ilk!
Sure, lay the blame at my door, trip my wire!
… let’s blame everyone, the sharp dressed men and women,
Of politics, who should have seen this hellfire..
…before it became a thing, a thing again!
But sometimes  – that’s just aint possible..
… to predict where life might be around the corner,
Was everything chronicled?
Well, actually it’s hardly a foreigner!
Ordinarily of course, but then ….. it had been written about for years!
White papers, Ted Talks, programmes and films …
…. You name it, you think it … people have careers,
In this line or morbidity, it’s just grim…
Reading – but who does that anymore anyway?
Who knowingly addresses the supposedly unknown?
I mean that’s bad economics, bad politics right away!
No, the easiest way is to be sharp like to the bone!
Make everyone think it’s all under control…
… a little bit of fear –
– does wonders for the heart and the soul..
Just makes them remember why you are here.
Maybe it simply came from outa space,
That way everything else can be denied …
…. Perhaps it was just one of those things from another place,
Not everything in this world has to be bona fide!

© Rory Matier 2020


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31 thoughts on “Sharp Like To The Bone!

        1. Being all cryptic… I love it! I think we’ll keep our secret. It’s easy to discover if one wants to dig through the comments of posts from…what…like 2 years ago???? Maybe we could make a game of it? See if anyone can guess what JB is?😂😂

        2. I don’t think obtuse is a word l would use for you Sadje 🙂

          The nickname is something so subtle that most people unless they specifically caught the conversation and the creation of the nickname would not get it BUT would probably kick themselves over the simplicity of it 🙂

        3. That’s why I said I am not able to figure it out. I might kick myself over it when I am given the answer as it would be obvious. But till then, I am in dark!!!

  1. Wow! Great writing. Yes, it might have dropped from the sky, in a purple haze.
    Thanks for including my prompt in your poem.

    1. Ha ha – l keep seeing you write this Gary … okies – are you comfortable in what you wear day to day? Are you relaxed in your attire? If so, that is way better than being sharply dressed my friend – l used to spend days and days in comfy grunge gear, wasn’t smartly dressed, but very comfortable 🙂

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