Life After…This?

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Life After…This?

I can’t help but ask myself what life is going to be like after … this? Not just the dreaded C word, but also Lockdown. Life is already changing dramatically and for those of us involved in the early days of a restricted and curtailed lifestyle – we are first hand seeing, living and experiencing the changes this pandemic brings to humanity.

I am dedicating this question to Sadje of Keep it Alive as we were discussing this very topic only yesterday after her comment of :

“Get well soon, friend. You’re right too much news is enough to make anyone ill take care and enjoy the quiet! You will miss it when life returns to normal.”

To my Dear Blog – A Typical Village Week So Far …post.

Suze and l were engaged in this topic last night and l should imagine many hundreds of thousands of people are asking their families and themselves the very same … What will life be like after Covid-19 and the Lockdowns? Will life be the same, will life ever return to what we defined as ‘normal?’

I never imagined this in my lifetime, but as a reader of sci-fi, fantasy and horror literatures l had of course read about such things … as a reader of various ‘How To’ magazines there are always questions posed. An avid film watcher and of course disaster movies and that whole genre is a very popular one. As a gamer and a fan of Fallout 4 – once more you find yourself looking at events such as this … of sorts.

As an environmentalist and someone very hyperfocused on the shape of our world and watching the healing process in part as the world slows down to a stop – l have to then think ….okay … but what next?

The very fabric of our lives, our way of life and our lifestyle is now caught up in a web of uncertainty – literally a case of one day at a time. You make the decision to NOT watch news – great. But the problem is still out there and you know that. You make the decision to try to not actively overthink the whole mess …. terrific! But it’s still out there … as you are reminded when trying to get through the day not worrying about friends, family or loved ones, never mind trying to perform what used to be somewhat easier – food shopping.

Everything we knew and accepted as an US for us to us is now changing, has changed and will change forever – the life we led before now, before yesterday and before tomorrow has changed. It’s gone. No one is left untouched by this …. even those who may not be feeling the immediate effects of this will experience the seriouness of this change before the month or year is out.

In the world today we have global societies waking up to a new day under the rule of Big Brother and more so than ever before, we have businesses worried about their future, industries rocking under the weight of no fresh business and again what will the future hold? Economies disrupted, schooling on shutdown, the art of being social now more distanced than ever before …

Covid-19 is a world changer – the event that conspirators have for years thought would happen just not sure how has arrived …. okay, so what now?

For sure, what happens today will shape the very core of our tomorrows – it will change the way we view everything – from entertainment to worship, from business to travel and holidays, to trusting and to simply living our lives. Everything is now going to change … never mind how we walk amongst people again OR if we trust democracy and governments still?

Earlier this week in That’s a bad habit ….. or is it?  l wrote about habits  – strangely enough Covid-19 will become known as a huge habit creator and changer alike – it doesn’t take us long to develop new habits – indeed habit forming can occur in as little time as a few weeks and whether we want to or not … we are already starting to change our daily habits.

Suze and l were looking to embark on a career business this year jointly, we still will, but you cannot help but review that and ask yourselves very deep questions as to how will consumers be after … this?  What will their focus be? Will not just their habits change but their views and opinions and values on life as we, they and them know or knew it to be?

One thing l also ask is how will this change our emotions towards community not just digitally, but physically and emotionally – the ol concept of ‘United We Stand, Divided We Fail!”

This is a subject that fascinates me as well as worries me .. we simply don’t know what lies ahead, but for absolute sure ‘Life after … This’ is set to change everything.

However this is just my opinion, my musings and observations …


What do you think?

What will Life be like after …. this?


Let me know your views and opinions below in the comment section – cheers Rory

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Welcome to  Season 2

28 thoughts on “Life After…This?

      1. I certainly feel that some daily changes will evolve from all of this. Which ones will stick around and become norms. New and different ways of communicating. A longterm change in education. A return to food delivery. I hope we’ll see a resurgence of The Victory Garden 😊

        1. Hey Suzanne, l think those things you mention are indeed changes that could well become a very strong possibility – perhaps many changes will come about personally from people … but l also think that we are going to see some huge global changes, people’s viewpoints and thinkings will change – some will be out of their control, like so much is now.

          The governments ordered us into our houses ‘for saftey’ and we complied for health reasons …. we made ourselves compliant and controlled under the guide and guise of health – there is a danger here.

          We now have a new Bill called The Coronavirus Bill – sure it is to be reviewed after three months … but this is a form of control – no?

          Slowly over time, governments will control more and more of us and more so than they currently do already.

          1. Ok, yes I was thinking in more daily personal terms I guess. All the things you point out are certainly concerns to keep watch over. Thank you for sharing the link. It’s good to know what’s going on and stay as informed as possible. Take care ☺️

  1. Have nothing to say. First I thought it would be back to where we left but as the time is passing, I have stopped thinking about it. Hope it is better for nature and humans.

  2. You are making some valid points Rory. But as you said we will have to see it through to know what impact it leaves on us as individuals and as society. If we learn a few valuable lessons from it all the more better. I will wait it out before trying to predict anything.

  3. Ah dang… my whole long comment dis-a-ma-peared😡

    Short version… I hope the boost the planet is getting will continue.
    I hope the divisiveness we’ve seen previously will end as people realize we are ALL interconnected and share more in common than differences.
    I hope people will think more about the repercussions of the governments they choose. Basically, I hope…


  4. I don’t know what will happen next. I think all I can live in right now is the now. The present. And that will have to be good enough right now.

  5. People don’t change. They will return to their stupid ways immediately unless they are forced not to by burdensome regulation or taxation. Look at the US. For five minutes, it appeared our moronic Prez was listening to scientists and doctors and doing the right things (however late), but now he’s returned to his horrible cruel petty childish self. And guess what? People approve of him! Ugh

  6. Nothing will change for the better, at least in the US. Greed will be even MORE the flavor, “hurray for me, the hell with you” will become even more ingrained.

  7. I try not to think too far ahead.
    The end of this crisis seems nowhere in sight. Living one day at a time, hoping and praying for the best is the only thing left for us to do.
    Living like this is very difficult for me since I like to plan ahead.

    1. Hey Tanya, yes living like this is very difficult indeed – many people like to plan ahead and of course that choice has been taken away from them – nw it is so literrally a case of one day at a time.

  8. Well I think… you come out cautious… people be leery… no one wants to be going through what we are walking through now… ever again!

    So at first… caution and unsure-ness

    Hopefully we learn lessons – like better hand washing… that’s a good one.
    – I hope the unity stays – I like that.

    I think it will always be in everyone’s mind for awhile even after. But I think people are really wanting life back?

    With the loss of jobs and the economy – I really don’t know what to say / am at a loss for words on that one.

    But we all in the same boat at this moment. That’s gonna be difficult though.

    Time will tell I guess – day by day. ✌️

    I do imagine worldwide cheers when they find something that helps! I can only imagine that day!!

  9. I think some people are in for a shock. I think the old world has gone we are moving into a new normal. Hopefully more us, us, us and more sustainable. But it could go the other way and barriers go up. But we are going to have to adapt to change.

    1. Hey Gary, yes, you are quite right, Suze and l were discussing this at length – people are in for a huge shock and that is right across the generations from young to old … of course like you l too would like to see a more climate friendly and sustainable world … but the money talers in this world – the real culprits – well ….. they don’t understand change.

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