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Grey Issues: Part 1#

Bring, bring phone rings and l can see it’s the landlady. I answer with ‘Got text messages, will do. Was in Shower and toilet!”

‘You Aspergic people can be quite rude you know, where is the Hi, how are you?

‘Oh, right then, hello how are you, got the messages will do job now’

Whatever ‘ and she hangs up.

So l am rude because l don’t do the idle and banal social chit chat?

Kind of rich coming from a person who tampers with my postal mail and pays her son to  invade my private space at every opportunity!!!

Rory Matier – 2010


“Such an impolite person. He is honest with everyone.”

Ljupka Cvetanova


In a million Sunday’s l will simply never understand some people!

Rory Matier – 2010


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