Dear Blog – A Typical Village Week So Far …

A Typical Village Week So Far …

Village of the Quietly Damned!

Did you catch this particular episode – Dear Blog – That’s Entertainment Folks! That was published on Sunday 8th March. Do you know what’s famous about that post? Is famous the right word to use here mate? No, it’s not — mm, another word for famous that is more appropriate to the word you wish to use then?

Well okay, what’s the word you want to use that’s not famous then? Significant .. l think that is the word that is more distinct and correct – so let’s look for a sassier word than significant shall we?

Mm, spoiled for choice …

Ooh l do like the word ‘Rich … ooops wait a moment!

Do you know what’s famous about that post?


Who cares??

That’s right Rory …. it doesn’t matter – this isn’t a fiction tale, it’s an actual reality post – so just get on with the story and don’t drama llama pimp it up – so on that poignant note …

l have noticed a lot of that this week in the press, social media and even here in WP – that sometimes the simplest of points is being blown out of the water by over journalising! It’s a bad enough situation to be in anyway – why make it even worse?

Journo’s l think  have a lot to answer for – anything that sells the story l guess … but have you also wondered this week, how much fake news might be out there as well – certain parties perhaps adding unpleasant ingredients to the cauldron and giving it a mix the other way – just to shake everything up even more?

I mean there is enough bad news on the planet about the planet concerning the planet that it is a surprise anyone watches the news anymore –  and yet people do and are becoming very anxious about it all. Sure there is the need to keep abreast of the situation but at what personal cost?

Our stress, mentalness and our sanity?

I have stopped watching the news, l hardly read any social media, and if l see moanie posts about it all, l am like meh – fuck off! It’s an upsetting set of circumstances anyway – that’s it in the most basic form of it all – it’s bad shit! But l am done with overwatching it – enough already – all watching the news is doing is causing me stress – l have enough of that anyway!

But why was the 8th so suggestive for valid expressionism in the first place you judiciously enquire? Because that was the last time l left the house on a social event –  the actual last time l was away from the house was on the 10th for this Dear Blog – Tooth Be Told and … and in fact that was the very first and last dentist appointment l had for the time being anyway, as l cancelled the appointment on the 17th with my suspected cold. So the very last time l left the house was the 10th March now 17 days ago.

Although, Suze and l went into town  briefly last week to pick up some fish and chips – we were out for around 20 minutes door to door and collection and return to our home door. I think that was the 18th.

I don’t tend to leave the house that much anyway … on average l would be away from the house once every 11 days – so not even once a week. Therefore social isolation doesn’t effect me as is. 

This is the 5th day of the official lockdown. Suze was on holiday last week – so it’s her first week back at work and staying at home, but she is used to that anyway as her firm has a work from home policy for its employees. For me it’s just another day, in fact not even just another day, more like another long day – all days roll into one you know?

Up until Wednesday l had been involved in Project Garden, but two days ago, l really fell ill, fever, headaches, aches the lot and l was like ‘You are fricking joking me??” Wednesday was a seriously tough day in the garden, shortness of breath and the sweat was leaking out of me. Sure it was sunny, and in the sun warm, but not feverish warm!

By Wednesday evening, l had the shakes, coming over cold despite the fever and the aches and l became quite down by it all! By Thursday, l felt so ill l began the task of Will making … you see l had almost convinced myself l was dying of the Coronavirus!!

I blame the news for that  – if l was not so stressed by everything going on and overwatching the damn news – l would have had the suss to work out l was overreacting to some ‘small point!’

Yesterday was a rough day …. but today the hidden ailment has properly mainfested itself – my nose is blocked up, l have a heavy cold – it is the bloody cold as l suspected two weeks ago!

I am still achy, slight headache, fever has gone, but l am full of snot which is unpleasant by itself. But l vowed yesterday to reduce right down my news watching – l have had enough – yeah people are dying, people are ill, the world’s fucked up at present, the world is very real, and it l think becomes more real when people you know become ill … that’s not happened for me just yet – but until it does – l have to detach from this, that’s the safest way.

I am wearing my garden stuff again today, so l will be out and about pottering around. Suze and l will go for a walk this lunchtime, the first time we have been out as a couple since the 8th when we went for lunch with Batty and Aspie, that doesn’t involve twenty minutes in the car fetching fish and chips like the 18th!

The weather is still beautifully sunny, that makes everything a lot easier. It’s set to turn though from this weekend when the clocks spring forwards!


So five days in with Lockdown … who knows how many other days there are to come, is it 16 so three weeks or is it 79 as in twelve weeks?

I have lot of things to write about in the coming days with this series, however that’s enough for the moment …. how are your first few days of lockdown coming along?

Here are some photo’s from Suze’s walks this week in the Village of the Quietly Damned … our village which is spookily quiet.


Yesterday in the woods.


A fallen tree down the bottom of the road – Wednesday


The beachfront Tuesday – the deserted beachfront – normally packed!


Yesterday’s lunchtime soup – made from the pasta we ordered in fromLatino Gourmet in Poole as a result of empty shelves last week in the supermarkets.

A delivery today of fresh fruit and vegetables and eggs from a local grocers who has taken the opportunity to deliver produce to the local villages … a real blessing. Shopping online is a nightmare at present as many of my readership know only too well, and indeed a topic Grace of Broadway Matron was writing about yesterday. We managed to place an order with a supermarket here in Deal that is to be delivered next Monday, BUT we placed our order last Sunday.

Online shopping as an infrastructure is not where it should be – yes due to panic buyers but also lets be honest due to the greediness of supermarkets who should have had the sass to see this shitstorm when it started and started rationing. They have several weeks ahead, especially here in the UK to get their acts and their arses together for the coming times.

In closing … something Suze and l participated in last night was The Clap! Did you have the Clap too? Suze and l had The Clap at 8pm last night … only a few in our village did, so we clapped harder until more came out and paid a respectful salute to the NHS, but symbolically to all carers around the world – a huge bloody thank you for everything you are doing!

So on that note, l will take my leave of the first five days of Lockdown from here what l am now jokingly calling the Village of the Quietly Damned !

Thanks for reading – Catch you soon

A Guy Called Bloke Feature Dear Blog JPEG

Dear Blog ……

NB: Edit 13.45 27th March 2020 – The Walk!!

The Forward Leg



The Return Leg


39 thoughts on “Dear Blog – A Typical Village Week So Far …

  1. I hope your cold clears up soon, Rory. Potter on in your garden it’s surely the best medicine 🙂
    I’m banning myself from FB – ugh – too much stuff.

  2. Sensationalism sells newspapers. I don’t listen to a lot of news broadcasts either, just the 5pm daily update. As you say, too much listening causes panic, stress and depression. I enjoy going out for my daily exercise, and tend to try and forget about it all as I walk and instead listen to the birds singing. I think I’m already all Coronavirused out…

    1. Hey Stevie, yes absolutely sensationalism does sell papers and in today’s world, the news centres need to keep their heads above water – but yes, l am also enjoying listening to nature more.

      This crisis is impacting a lot more than just the obvious, it is finally and thankfully making the world look at itself.

  3. Yeah I have to stay away from social media myself – way too heavy for me to handle!! I haven’t used since July of 2019… except for this since November – but I love this ❤️ way better!!

    Also… you spring ahead this weekend? We already did that on Sunday March 8th… is yours different from ours?? 😮 did I miss understand? Or are you about to teach me something I didn’t know? Lol ✌️- interesting!

    Hope you are feeling better – is slightly humorous cause is spring with pollen here so if you sneeze or cough you think omg I’m gonna die – here it comes lol … and our weather has been loopy… warm and sunny and awesome in February – yay spring … and then March has been heywire with everything 🤨 rain, cold, storms – what the F is this? Lol … March definitely came in like a lion in all aspects ✌️

    My shelter in place is going ok… I get antsy without a clear directive or things to do. I am finding things – I have already cleaned til things sparkle ✨ … and I cook which is awesome… so that’s fun… but I also try to cook sparingly? Make meals last and stretch things… So I don’t have to go out.

    I do have to get out around my house and cut the weeds and make sure there are NO hiding places for rattlesnakes 😮😮😮 Oh my god! I am still learning this area… and since summer is coming – I wanna make sure there are no sneaky hiding places cause the last thing I want is a bite from a rattler Oh my god! 🐍- you actually would be able to hear me scream lol

    So yeah I have that to do which is pretty important lol

    Actually I get bored and antsy and have my moments – but then also it’s kinda of a blessing at the same time? Don’t want anyone dying… and hate that is a virus killing people … but in small ways in isolation is a blessing? And here we all are together? Ya know?

    Today we will be removing rattler hiding spots – it’s a cool brisk morning here … not the spring I ordered lol ✌️ but whatever – better to do when is not scorching hot out lol (I burn – severely)

    So yeah hope you feel better and enjoy your moments – they are just different. I do like to hear how others handle. ✌️ sometimes I relate and then I’m also curious.

    Have a great day!

    1. Have fun with the rattler removal 🙂

      March 8th, and rattlers am guessing you are Staeside of the pond 🙂 I am based in the UK and whilst ‘Spring’ is here technically from the 1st March, l am referring to the summer clocks announcing arrival of daylight saving time’ which again l think was for the States March 8th, for us 29th March – this Sunday ‘yabba dabba’ – have fun, have a lovely weekend 🙂

      Your Hello is set up for the 30th March 🙂

      1. Haha yeah not overly excited about the rattlers – but I’ll learn lol ✌️

        Yes – I am Northern California – United States 🇺🇸 … yes our daylight savings time was March 8th… thats sooo interesting that you are different from us with that!! I did not know that!!

        Have a great weekend yourself!! Stay safe and well! Hope you feel better!

        Cool – Can’t wait! ✌️ thank you! That is sooo fun!!

  4. Beautiful walking lane!! I get city streets, unless I drive somewhere. All the beaches and parks are closed with fines up to $1000.00 if you get caught. Yeah, not worth it.

    I wanna see your Shaun zombie walk😂😂

    Older Daughter (the nurse) is TOO informed, yet is she really? I think she’s getting tired of my Zen attitude regarding the “C” word. I’m cautious when I go out, but I’m not gonna freak unless/until I have something to freak about.

    1. Well in truth, let’s be honest there IS plenty to freak out about – but the problem is the data overload is becoming stifling – you are condemned if you moan about it, you are condemned if you come across too blase, you are cond …. and the list goes on … but the damage this is doing to people is profound – never mind what it is doing to front liners – we have had two suicides over here from nurses who couldn’t cope 🙁

      As said there IS plenty to actually freak out about … the Big Brother phobia is becoming annoying – l get it, l really do, but l have n’t forgotten that this government were given the heads up almost 3 weeks before this shit kicked off and didn’t act… and now they are sending out drones watching dog walkers!!

      It’s madness.

      1. Drones? Oh yeah, I read in The Atlantic about the cutbacks in police.
        UK was definitely late, and if the states had followed the Orange Idjit instead of taking matters into their own hands, the entire US would be still thinking everything is fine. The lockdown is getting stricter here because people don’t listen. There were crowds at the beaches last weekend because the sun made an appearance. SMH!
        It’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. Luckily, our Governor in California is being proactive. He has asked the military to set up Army Field Hospitals and there’s a Navy Hospital Ship headed to the L.A. area. I also read that zoosk and Vets and Vet Colleges are donating ventilators. I think California has a pretty good plan in place. Now, if people will only comply…

  5. Am I allowed to say that this was amusing? Loved all the videos (aren’t you just the cutest!) and the song cracked me up – Hey, laughing is all I’ve got! We haven’t left the house ‘socially’ in years! Groceries and doctor’s appointments – that’s our life, so this lockdown? Well, you already know how I feel about that. As for your rather dreadful cold, I can see where you might get some additional exercise jumping to conclusions. But the paranoia is real – my husband has COPD which means he coughs a lot (a lot!) so I explain ahead of time to our Uber drivers that he has a lung disease not a virus – gotta be preempt the fear!

    1. Of course you can say it’s funny – it’s meant to be read that way 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed the read .

      I can imagine how some drivers would see COPD as a problem l know how some of the drivers were over here if you sneezed let alone coughed.

      Out on the walk today a youngster was walking his dog, and he approached us, he was on the other side of the road and we were about twelve feet apart, as we were level he starting coughing and looked at us and said ‘Oh l must have the virus, bet you’re scared now?”
      I looked at him and laughed and joked back and answered ‘Only of muppets like you thinking you’re funny and clever! Way too many stupids in the world today, so welcome to their club!”

      But currently there is this thing amongst youngsters who seemingly think it’s funny to cough at people especially elderly people…. strange world.

      So yes, l can imagine you having a hard time with some drivers.

      1. And have you heard that there is a segments of the younger generation that is calling the virus “Boomer Remover”? Nice, huh?

  6. I’m an avid self-isolator too, and social distancer for that matter. Can’t blame you for not watching the news. Hopefully it’ll all blow over sooner rather than later. Have a good weekend.

  7. Get well soon, friend. You’re right too much news is enough to make anyone ill take care and enjoy the quiet! You will miss it when life returns to normal.

    1. Firstly, thank you for the well wishes, secondly an interesting comment you make here Sadje … “You will miss it when life returns to normal.” A topic l have been giving quite a bit of thought to recently ‘Life after C’

      The world we knew before Coronavirus has gone, perhaps forever. Life will now sadly never be the same as it once was – the innocence of that world – and that’s not the right word – has now disappeared.

      I think some people may not have realised that once this ‘outbreak’ passes – and when that occurs who knows because Covid-19 is now a way of our lives. This outbreak is a humankind changer.

      If the world had not have flattened the curve, the trajectories were crippling, figures of 8 million plus would have needed to have been hospitalised, the death tolls would have been staggering and mind blowing.

      People fear zombies, l joke about them, but the reality is the word zombie is purely a metaphor for this plague – Covid-19 will now never disappear – it has become a way of life until the world has immunity or an absolute cure. But if the disease continues to evolve the cure will always be a distance away.

      Your comment is a deep comment and one that shall make me think for a long time to come – thank you 😊

      I love comments that l can sink my teeth into.

      1. And your answer has made me think too. I do hope we are able to learn something from this crises and when and if we do recover , we will do better in future. Let’s hope for the best. Stay safe dear friend.

          1. I do hope so. We should not lose hope. This is neither the first or the last time human have been exposed to unknown threats of disease. There is a natural life cycle of an pandemic and it starts to die after that. That’s what I am hoping will happen here too.

            1. Very true – this one is different, this one is highly political and this one has caused a major upheaval in the trust between nations.

              A vaccine might take 18 months [might] to be created, and the whole infrastructure of the world needs to change to reflect. Social distancing is now the new norm … this is the very start to the end of one phase and the beginning of decades of uncertainty – one side of my logical coin is fascinated the other the realistic side can see this getting way, way worse before we see it ever getting better.

              Both the US and the UK are going to change and critically so l think.

              If we look at the socialite aspect of this …. how are many industries ever going to actively begin to work again and profit? Think about restaurants, pubs, clubs, nightclubs actually let’s go broader – anything that involves people….

  8. Damn mate, these are tough days. I don’t work from home not able to. I have to go to work and if we need rations I go after work to the shops people around here are not taking it seriously while others are full on panicking. Crazy times.

  9. I hope you’ll get well soon and that’s nothing more than a cold!
    Fake news are the worst…there is indeed so much going on in this world right now, I don’t understand why some people likes to go on with these fake news….so sad that others can really believe them 😞😞
    We are not in lockdown but I’ve tried to schedule my usual grocery online delivery for more than 3 weeks now and nothing….no slots available…😞
    Going to the supermarket is crazy as is full of people and empty shelves….
    I wish people could stop from this panic buying 😞
    Some sun and nature anyway can cheer us up 😉
    Stay safe both of you!

  10. Hope your cold gets better soon and that you and Suze keep safe. I thought 2019 went too quickly but I’ll be glad to see the back of this year. When this is over, I think I will appreciate things much more than I do now.

    1. Hey Clare, thank you … and greetings and wishes back to you and your family too.

      Mm, l too agree, but l think life afterwards will be very different to life before this.

  11. The cold thing is so annoying. If we are in isolation how do we get them…… I’m like you. Been in social isolation way before this started. The difference is that the news has dried up. Nothing else but the virus so don’t bother looking now. Get my news from other bloggers. Look after yourself Sir.

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