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E23 – W12

Despite being togged up ready for some action today, l had to stand down!

When l started Project Garden, l had a huge list of things to actually do ….

Dig Out Horseradish

Repair and Paint 2-Seater

Take Lean To Down

Work on the Water Butts

Plant out March Seeds

Clean up Greenhouse

Prepare April Seeds

Compost Turns

Shred Wood

Tidy Conservatory


Clean out the Shed

…. but l have been hyper efficient this season and l [and Suze where possible] have completed the jobs at hand! Rather annoyingly there is very little left to do in March. Tomorrow, Suze and l are doing some replants of seeds that technically didn’t need to be planted just yet …. my bad …. over enthusiasm!

Everything in that table above is done bar the 2-seater!

I have nothing left to do for Project Garden in March – come April, it is the start to the season officially – and it’s no longer Project Garden but simply Season 2020. This is the 23rd episode but more importantly, the 12th Week and that is symbolic to Spring or rather the start to Spring properly and the clocks going forwards which they do this weekend. From next Monday it will be week 13 and the start to the season.

So, here l am like a cat on a hot tin roof – fidgetty as hell – and also eager beaverish waiting for this month to end properly so l can start planting to soils with deliberation! l’ll not make this episode too long because you are up to date with Project Garden … l’ll just show you the last few photos of this week.

The Runner Beans were transplanted into pots and the ground as they were extremely eager to grow …

The greenhouse plants are doing pretty well considering they are well ahead of their normal times to be growing … the jury is still out on the ones planted directly to soil and protected with cloche last weekend. Time will tell on those.

Some of the other seeds were doing so well they have had to be moved, like the French beans, some of the cucumbers and the courgettes, tomorrow Suze and l will work on some of the larger seedlings and l will have a check see if there are seeds of size that need planting or l have to await soil direct plantings.

French beans batch 2 [left] and assorted veg and flowers [right] Tomorrow will be sorted through and only the strongest kept and made ready for transplant.

So, come the weekend and just prior to April, we will have some definite early starters for sure.

The new Wood Shredder is an absolute beast!!

It made short work of every single twig and branch l had and considering l had mass weight close to a half ton of assorted branched wood, for it to be reduced down to this tub was pretty impressive. I needed all the wood to be gone, so that l could finally get the Lean To down behind the main shed.

Which in turn needed to be clear to make way and room for the new water butt system for the back of the garden .. meaning the old system had to come out as well ….

Which did come out, once the water was emptied off and put into the new back up system. I opted for a different approach to the water system at the back of the garden. First our prime butts would hold between between them 500 litres of rainfall water, but should we need more, then l ordered in 4 90L black rubbish bins awarding us a further 360 Litres of storage water. I knew that it would be easy enough to simply handjob or syphon off the water from the larger tubs to the smaller bins if needs arose.

So l emptied off the blue and green tubs and whilst some water had to be destroyed as in let go into the garden as it was a little off for further and additional storage, l still managed to save 180 Litres of water.

So the back of the garden is now 100% efficient – we have a good storage area, as well as capacity for nearly 900 litres of water, a totally effective area for composting and compost storage and sieving and smooth runnings.

Below is what it was like at the start of March ….

IMG_3777 (2)

To a completely efficient bit of space … that now serves us proactively rather than detrimentally.

You may recall  on Wednesday l was cleaning out the water butts in rediness for their use at the front or top of the back garden and the two back ones were pretty filthy and took some time … but came good in the end.


Once they were cleaned out and made in better shape it was just a case of setting the system up. These three tubs can now hold between them 500 litres of water.

I find all of this rather ironic and could see that having got the capacity now for a LOT of rainwater – that we may not see the same level of rain falling now that was falling last month!!! But this was a list job that could now be successfully ticked off and in so doing it took with it several main jobs at once.

You may recall also that l finally got around to digging out the Horseradish last week …. below is a photograph of a small quantity of the harvest!

IMG_3888 (2)

Well last Monday l then had the lovely eye watering task of cleaning them up in preparation for the sauce making next month. Basically what needed to be done was scrub them up to clean, clip and cut them to size and then bag them, then freeze them until further use. [That’ll be a fun time for sure!!]

So, in all … it’s been a busy month and that’s why l have nothing really left to do … it’s bad enough that l in essence planted some of the seeds too early, but that is salvageable and as said we WILL have some early starters.

For those who are interested in one of my other charges …. as l close the post, here’s Ava the Avocado – getting ready for the 2020 season herself. It will be interesting to see how her leaves develop given the depth of the disease she had last year … but l can’t deny that she is a fighter and as l like to say anyone that gives a damn about themselves is worth giving a damn about so l will do what l can to help her get through this season too.

Thanks for reading, catch you next episode! Stay safe folks!

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  1. Being a garden lover, I must say that seeing a seed germinate and grow into a plant is the best feeling in the world 🌱🌿☘️🍀🌴

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